Healthy Home Harvest Kit for Backyard & Community Aquaponics Systems

Bring Healthy Food Into Your Community & Help Fight Global Hunger!!! Bring healthy fish, shrimp, and organic fuits and veggies into your community and home!

The Healthy Home Harvest Kit serves as an instructional resource for anyone looking for a no-details-spaired, step-by-step guide to building, operating, and maintaining an aquaponics system scaled to suit your needs.

The Healthy Home Harvest Kit will include four scalable aquaponics systems of different sizes. The smallest of the four sizes will be perfect for school project experiments with a simple design and small footprint. The next three aquaponics system designs will increase proportionally in size, up to an aquaponics system with production capabilities of approximately 200 pounds per month (2,400 pounds per year). The kit will also include the following: System Layouts, Equipment Checklists, Construction Instructions, Outputs, Growth Methods, Harvesting Techniques, System Maintenance, System Scaling.

Video Tutorials

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The video tutorials will begin by guiding kit users on how to construct and assemble the aquaponics systems from start to finish. The other video tutorials will include guides on planting, feeding, growing and harvesting your chosen system outputs. Lastly, the HHH Kit will provide video tutorials on maintaining and scaling your systems if you so desire.

None of these goals will be possible, however, without potential contributors like YOU stepping up and saying along with us that you want to make these visions a reality! You can support our efforts by contributing to this Indiegogo campaign, and any dollar amount, no matter how small or large or in between, is as appreciated as the next!

***Shipping cost will be calculated separately.

Aquaponics is a new branch of environmentally safe and self-sustainable agriculture that has seen its popularity explode over the last decade. Aquaponics is a soilless food production system that combines traditional aquaculture with hydroponics in a closed-loop environment. Simply put, the waste accumulated in the aquaculture is recycled and used as fertilizer in the hydroponics system allowing for the healthy, efficient growing and harvesting of fresh fruit and vegetable produce and fresh fish simultaneously! The fruits, vegetables, herbs and fish raised in an aquaponics system are 100% organic, chemical/pesticide free, GMO free, and, most of all, of the highest possible quality.

The Healthy Home Harvest Kit will not only prepare and teach you the general growth practices involved in maintaining an aquaponics system, but will also provide the proper methodologies for growing the most common and successful outputs. For instance, below is a list of outputs aquaponics systems can produce.

We started our company with a mission to improve the quality of life by addressing the world's food issues and attacking these issues in an way that is economical and healthy for households, farmers and companies. The management team remains steadfast in providing an aquaponics solution that is both economically viable and environmentally sustainable.
The team of engineers and scientists at Global Aquaponics Inc. have conducted a number of feasibility studies for aquaponics systems all over the world and have also built a number of aquaponics systems in the U.S. Our systems can produce 250 tons of fresh produce per acre, benefiting from over 40 years of our expertise and design refinements. For more information on our current systems and an in-depth look at the science and technology behind the aquaponics process, visit our website at globalaquaponicsinc.com.

We believe current small-scale aquaponics systems, while good, could be vastly improved upon with various across-the-board improvements in methodologies, techniques, materials, design and engineering. In short, we are relying on this Indiegogo campaign to finance the R&D necessary to bring an entirely new class of aquaponics systems into the backyards of millions. Current aquaponics is still in the days of the smartphone prior to the advent of touchscreen displays, voice recognition and dedicated, highly powerful operating systems. Just as these developments changed the smartphone industry, and every smartphone user's life, forever, we at Global Aquaponics Inc. are determined to advance aquaponics beyond its current elementary state in order to deliver the future of aquaponics technology to YOU, today!


What we at Global Aquaponics Inc. intend to do with this Indiegogo campaign is research, develop and distribute an aquaponics system for the average citizen that is safe, affordable, easy-to-use and maintain, easy-to-understand, energy efficient, cost effective and scalable, all while delivering to the owner the freshest produce in their neighborhood. No more trips to Wal-Mart for your fresh produce... yours will be both cheaper and of much higher quality! We plan to do this by taking our current, proven designs and refining them even further for two key things: a smaller, more efficient and compact size; and increased scalability options above and beyond what we currently can achieve so that each new system will be fully customizable from one size option to the next without hindering system output. We want to see an aquaponics system realized that can fit within any family’s budget and within any family’s backyard all while maintaining the ability to add on or take off tank modules as the operator sees fit.

This brings us to our goal of $250,000. Why such an ambitious number? Well, what we have figured out already is how to design and manufacture an aquaponics system that is unquestionably top-of-the-line, affordable and efficient. What we have not figured out yet – and need the funds to research, design, test, build prototypes for, redesign, and finally roll out – is how to do what we already do in a much smaller space in a way that ensures our systems our suitable for the average family without increasing in affordability or decreasing in efficiency. 

Finally, we would like to film, produce and distribute a multilingual instructional Healthy Home Harvest Kit that gives every single aquaponics operator and prospective operator a no-holds-barred, no-details-spared, step-by-step guide to acquiring, operating, maintaining and getting the most out of our state-of-the-art systems. In addition to the traditional support tools of an online FAQ and forum, 24/7 live customer support hotlines and technical support maintenance crews, we believe this instructional kit will make it possible for anyone to use an aquaponics system, even if they do not have a “green thumb” or a familiarity with engineering or mechanics.




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