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This is the first in a three part mini documentary series designed to help finish the rest of the nearly completed episodes, as well as funding a Feature Length Film that WILL be shown in theatres, mainstream venues and film festivals world wide and YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT HAPPEN!  The world is ready for the truth and this endeavour is meant to help finish this feature length film, as well as achieve the widest audience possible!

What We Need & What You Get

This is one of two films I've been working on for about 4 years now.  I have largely self funded my projects, I have been helped by some generous friends along the way, who have helped with gear, time, and expertise.  

This campaign is meant to help achieve a number of goals; completion of a feature length film, gear to continue documenting and creating, and mostly, time to work.  I've been in the industry for 13 yrs, and the time, resources, and energy for professional production and post production have an enormous cost.   

This film is done on professional image, sound, and editing gear, and so far, I've personally invested modestly over $50 000 in time, gear, resources, etc., in this film alone.  Much more, if you include my other film, "Canada's New Oil Men", that is still in production stage, and that's probably the understatement of the year.  Others have helped also with thousands $$ in cash, professional gear and time.  

Now that THE STORY IS NEARLY COMPLETE the people can stand up and fund this into something that can be shown in THEATRES AND TELEVISON around the globe.  In other words, you get to see it for free, but it wasn't...very generous supporters and I, paid for it and now it's out there and getting better every day.  Now it's up to the people of the planet to bring this to the next level.  I need GEAR and RESOURCES to finish the film.  I also intend to get this film ENHANCED and MASTERED! 

Help Rick Simpson get his important story and work to the public, and Chris Harrigan create more films on this subject and others!!!

Just like a song on a radio, all tv shows, and features have to also go through a mastering process called an "Online", (nothing to do with the internet).  This standardizes the product to be able to be played in all venues.  Airwave standards are very precise.  Also there are multiple standard platforms, such as NTSC, PAL, SECAM etc, that have different frame rates, and Y IRE standards blah blah blah...Long story short, no online, no important film festivals and tv.  So LET'S GO!!!  Wouldn't it be better to leave your name on this film than just about anything else.

 I've given everything up for the calling of spreading this info.  It seems everyone's behind it, but even through seasoned producers who were certain it was a sure thing, we weren't able to sell it to broadcasters...and if we had, you'd be waiting years to see it with the buraucracy and copyright laws that would keep it from the international scene for a number of years.  I wasn't willing to let that I just went and kept grinding with all the resources I had.

I've spent all I can at the moment, and greatly indebted myself for the sake of this film with financing, time away from my career, family, and not to mention myself.  

I've literally brought this to the end where the lights are barely on, there's very little in the fridge and the computer is now down and badly needs repair.  That was pretty much the sign it was time to step back and give the people an opportunity to engrave their name on what will certainly be a HISTORICAL FILM!!

An OPPORTUNITY for YOU or your BUSINESS to show your SUPPORT and say:


Someday when all this is said and done and the people have won,...when someone asks you "where were you in all this?"  you will be able to say, "I was a part of the solution right there!", and forever more!  Your grandchildren will even know, if we make it that far.  For this impact what I'd like to offer is an opportunity to have your name in the credits as a supporter!!!  So that you can prove it!!!  FOREVER!  THIS MAYBE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU COULD DO WITH YOUR MONEY!  YOUR NAME WILL BE ADDED WITHIN DAYS OF YOUR PLEDGE.  YOU WON'T HAVE TO WAIT.

The Impact

The three part mini series will stay online forever with your name potentially written on it.  The world will never be denied Rick Simpson's story.  A greatly enhanced and extended version will be created for theatres, and other popular mainstream avenues.  

Let Your Business be Seen Out In the Open!

I would like to offer business' who support this film and it's content, to use FULL PAGE supporter credit with a full screen, or partial screen along with others, BILLBOARD of your business logo.  Get your business viewed outside of obscure magazines, to something that will surely be seen by millions of viewers online.  Advertising sells, and this is the place to do it.  CANNABIS HEALS BABY!!!  All logos will be on screen for a minimum of 10 seconds.

If you have any questions regarding this perk, please contact me at

This episode is not completed and will change before your eyes with periodic updates.  The other episodes will follow with there own campaigns as soon as I can get them finished.  If everything goes well the computer will be up and running in no time and the editing symphony will be continue!   

THE CREDITS WILL BE UPDATED ASAP on a regular basis, AND AS A PRIORITY DURING THE CAMPAIGN.  I want everyone to see their support at work, and to be a part of my creation as it happens.  The three shows will stand on their own forever online with your supporter name engraved.

Also, I will design the credits in a way that all individual names WILL BE SEEN.  

I was able to enhance the film from a standard television length documentary (45 min), to feature length due to new additions I was able to find and acquire over the last few months.  Now there is potentialy a great way to bring Rick Simpson's story to the mainstream, and get this info to the people who need it.

Help Us Change the World!

I've given up making television to sell commercials.  I now want to promote health and help heal the world.  Won't you join me, and keep the movies coming and help Rick Simpson AND I get his message out to the world!!! :)

If you would like to be a campaign editor on this campaign, please contact me at


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    My Rock Lighter in the Air!

    My undying thanks, and the knowledge you're helping to share this information forward.

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    Episode 2 rough cut screening!

    You will receive via email 24 hr access to a rough cut version of episode 2.

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    Anonymous pledge

    Because this is sensitive subject matter, you can rest asured that you WON'T be mentioned in any way, anywhere regarding this...and you may help save lives :)

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    You'll get a shout out from the producer Chris Harrigan on the official "Healing Cancer with Cannabis" Facebook page, and the knowledge you are helping the completion of this film.

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    A shout out from the Producer C.T. Harrigan on the official Healing Cancer with Cannabis: Episode 1 Facebook page, and AN DIGITAL HD COPY OF AN EXCLUSIVE EXTENDED VERSION OF THE FEATURE LENGTH!

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    You'll get all of the above, plus YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS AS A SUPPORTER FOR THE WORLD TO SEE FOR ALL TIME, FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!! Plus a great big Facebook shout out on the official page!

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    LOCO for your BUSINESS LOGO!

    Your business logo along with others, maximum of nine on a full HD screen at full quality always. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND LET YOUR BUSINESS BE SEEN online FOREVER!

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    A QUARTER PAGE WITH OTHER BUSINESS'. A perfect place to advertise your business outside of the magazine community. Your LOGO will BE shown in all it's GLORY and IN YOUR FACE in the credits FOREVER! Plus a great big Facebook shout out on the official page!

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    YOUR OWN FULL PAGE LOGO! A perfect place to advertise your business outside of the magazine community. Your Logo will be shown all IN YOUR FACE and everyone else's FOREVER!

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