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GoBe is the first and only wearable device that automatically measures the calories you consume and burn, through your skin.
George Mikaberydze
Identity Verified
San Francisco, California
United States
7 Team Members

The Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™

GoBe is the only way to automatically measure calorie intake—through your skin. Simply wear it to see calories consumed and burned, activity, hydration, sleep, stress levels, and more, delivered effortlessly to your smartphone.

Everything else is just a manual calorie tracker. Only GoBe precisely calculates calorie intake, burn, and metabolic rate during any activity, with no logging, tracking, or guesswork.

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GoBe doesn't require you to keep a food diary, scan bar codes, or take photos of your meals. It automatically measures calories consumed through your skin. Only GoBe uses Healbe FLOW™ Technology to combine a unique algorithm with measurements from the body manager's pressure, accelerometer, and impedance sensors to show you calories consumed; metabolic rate and calories burned during any activity; hydration; sleep; and stress.

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How does Healbe GoBe™ work?

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History & Technology

Dr. Vladimir Leonidovich Emmanuel Provides His Expert Opinion on the Technology Behind GoBe and FLOW.

Throughout the development of GoBe, Healbe™ consulted closely with Vladimir Leonidovich Emmanuel, M.D., chief of the Central Clinical Pathology Laboratory and Medical Laboratory Diagnostics Department within the Molecular Medicine Department at Saint Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University. Dr. Emmanuel is a medical doctor and professor. He is also the vice president of the Russian Medical Laboratory Diagnostics Association; a chief expert in clinical pathology with the Federal Service for Healthcare Administration for the Northwestern Federal District; and a member of the Metrological Academy.

Regarding GoBe’s method of automatically measuring calorie intake*, Dr. Emmanuel concluded:

  • The concept of the suggested device is coherent with contemporary ideas about the physiological processes taking place in the human organism in the course of energy accumulation and consumption.
  • The presented description of hardware and software shows that it is the only system capable of such long-lasting monitoring of glucose concentration in blood.
  • The presented version of the hardware and software system is coherent with contemporary ideas about physiological processes taking place in the human organism in the course of carbohydrate accumulation after a meal.
  • The accuracy rate of glucose concentration calculating methods that this hardware and software system’s computing model is based on (15-20%) are quite enough, in my point of view, for implementation of a device intended for day-to-day applications.

Click here for more information on the testing and validation of the technology behind GoBe and Flow.

Healbe™ Partners

MicroArts Creative Agency

“Over the past 25 years, MicroArts has facilitated the launch of more than 300 brands. We have been honored to work with some of the largest and most reputable companies in the world. We are proud to be a part of the Healbe™ team and the launch of both GoBe and FLOW Technology – innovations that we feel are truly game changing in the wearable fitness category. Having worked closely with Artem and his team, I am confident GoBe has a very bright future.”

- Brian Blanchette, President of Microarts Creative Agency.

Levin Consulting

“Since 1988, Levin Consulting has specialized in helping consumer electronics developers build sales strategies and distribution networks that ensure innovative products get into the hands of consumers. We are excited to be working with Healbe™ on the GoBe 100% Automatic Body Manager, which marks the next evolution of wearable health technology.”

- Bob Marcantonio, President of Levin Consulting

The Patented Technology Behind GoBe

We’ve received several patents for the technology and hardware behind GoBe.

  • On November 22, 2013, Healbe™ received a favorable decision granting the company a patent for its invention, “A Method of Human Blood Glucose Concentration Measurement” (patent application № RU2012106461).
  • On February 12, 2014, Healbe™ received a patent for its invention, “Sensor for Measuring Impedance of a Human Body Area” (patent application № RU2012155821).
  • On March 12, 2014, Healbe™ was granted the patent for an invention, “Method for Measuring Human Organism’s Calorie Intake during a Meal” (patent application № RU2012155819).

See GoBe in Action

Pavel Mussel, Head of Mobile & Internet Services at Healbe™, gives GoBe a test drive.

Fits Your Life, Beautifully.

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Sleek, Stylish Design

Created by Jozeph Forakis, the product designer who led the design team for the iconic  Motorola V70™. GoBe is waterproof, so you can wear it all day—in the shower or for a swim.

Simple digital display gives you instant access to your body's data.

Plug it in, and GoBe You

Easily charge your Healbe GoBe™ in one hour. Your body manager stays charged for three days of typical use.


Effortless Connectivity

GoBe's wristband sensor uses Bluetooth® to transmit your information to your smartphone, where you can easily track your progress with the body manager's app or get more information on your computer via the Healbe™ web portal.

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Smartphone App

All the information you need to find your balance, transmitted from your body manager to your smartphone automatically via Bluetooth every time you activate the app.

Set goals, earn badges, and get suggestions for improving your health.

This is more than just data. GoBe's mobile app and web portal tell you everything you need to stay in sync with what your body wants—so you can simply wear it, and GoBe You.

Balance of calories consumed and burned

Hydration level

Sleep phases

Stress level

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Frequently Asked Questions

Healbe FLOW Technology FAQs

Q: How was Healbe FLOW™ Technology developed?

A: In 1999, a St. Petersburg-based company called Algorithm set out to develop a model of how glucose is used within the body, with the hopes of developing a device that could monitor glucose levels non-invasively. Algorithm applied the methodology of TRIZ, which is a Theory of Inventive Problem Solving that brings together multiple disciplines to focus on a common problem.

The initial working group included an endocrinologist, a physician, a mathematician, and a TRIZ analyst. At later stages of the project, the team expanded to include clinical diagnosticians, engineers, and programmers. Development of the basic technology was completed by 2003, including more than 500 internal tests.

In 2012, Healbe™ acquired Algorithm’s technology and set out to adapt it to automatically monitor calorie intake and burn. We developed a stream of mathematical models that allowed us to apply the basic technology to a range of physiological processes. The final result is Healbe FLOW™ Technology.

Currently, Healbe™ has five separate research groups, each working on perfecting a specific solution within the overall technology: Automatic calorie intake and hydration; calorie burn; continuous heart rate monitoring; sleep; and stress.

Healbe GoBe™ is the first product to leverage FLOW Technology.

Q: How does Healbe FLOW™ Technology automatically measure calorie intake?

A: FLOW Technology uses an algorithm to analyze data from the Healbe GoBe™ 100% Automatic Body Manager’s three sensors. To calculate calorie intake, FLOW uses readings from an impedance sensor, taken four times per minute, to measure the body’s “glucose curve” throughout the day.

After you eat, insulin triggers your cells to absorb glucose and release water. The Body Manager’s impedance sensor measures these changes by sending high and low frequency signals through your tissue to determine the fluid volume of your cells. FLOW uses this information about your cells’ changing glucose concentrations to calculate calorie intake.

Q: What is the glucose curve?

A: After you eat, carbohydrates from your meal are converted into glucose in the blood. Insulin triggers your cells to absorb glucose, which is used for energy. In the process, glucose displaces liquids in your cells, and the Body Manager’s impedance sensor measures these changes in cellular structure by sending high- and low-frequency signals through your tissue to determine the volume of the liquids.

FLOW evaluates how quickly glucose is absorbed into your cells, and how long cellular glucose levels stay elevated, to calculate the glucose curve. Fat in your meal changes the speed of absorption of glucose, and hence the shape of the glucose curve.

Q: Does Healbe GoBe™ measure blood glucose levels?

A: No, GoBe doesn’t directly measure the amount of glucose in the blood. It uses an impedance sensor to measure the flow of liquids in and out of the cells, and uses that data to calculate how glucose is being absorbed into cells in the body’s tissues.

Q: Can a person with diabetes use GoBe to automatically measure their calorie intake?

A: GoBe is not designed to measure glucose in the treatment of diabetes, and it is not a substitute for regular glucose monitoring. However, a diabetic who uses insulin properly to control his or her blood glucose levels would be able to use GoBe to automatically measure calorie intake.

Q: Does FLOW Technology measure the amount of fats and carbs consumed?

A: Yes. FLOW Technology measures how many fats and carbs you consume, and the Body Manager’s App provides insights into the macronutrient breakdown of your food. When you eat, carbohydrates and fats from your meal are converted to energy, using two separate physiological mechanisms.

The relative proportions of fat and carbohydrates in your meal effect the shape of the glucose curve. Generally speaking, carbohydrate-heavy meals cause rapid uptake of glucose by your cells. Meals containing more fat lead to a slower absorption of glucose. FLOW uses a sophisticated mathematical model to analyze the dynamics of your glucose curve and determine the percentage of calories you consume from carbohydrates vs. fats.

Q: How accurate is GoBe’s automatic calorie intake measurement, and how has it been tested?

A: Healbe™ has conducted multiple tests to determine how accurate GoBe is at measuring calorie intake. During the tests, subjects wore GoBe while eating precisely measured meals, and we compared GoBe’s readings with the known calorie content of the food consumed. Currently, the margin of error for calorie intake measurement is 15-20% compared to calorie counts on food labels. This level of accuracy compares very favorably to the estimation and guesswork of manual calorie tracking—and it’s groundbreaking in terms of measuring calorie intake with no user input. 

Q: How accurate is GoBe’s calorie intake measurement compared to wearable devices and apps that require users to manually log what they eat and drink?

A: Trying to track your calorie intake manually can be very inaccurate for several reasons. First, there’s user error. Unless you precisely weigh or measure every bite you eat (including ingredients in prepared meals), you have to rely on estimation. It’s very difficult to correctly estimate the amount of cheese on a particular piece of pizza, or the number of chocolate chips in a cookie.

Second, even if you only eat food that comes in a package that provides a calorie count, the actual calories you end up ingesting will differ based on how the food is prepared. For example, the calories in a serving of pasta could vary from 135-320 calories, depending on how well it’s cooked—so if you’re manually tracking your calories, your accuracy can vary greatly.

Finally, because of individual differences in metabolism, two people eating exactly the same type and amount of food might actually process different amounts of calories from their meals. There’s no way to account for these differences in metabolism using manual calorie tracking.

Q: How will Healbe™ continue to test and improve the accuracy of FLOW Technology’s automatic calorie intake measurement?

A: FLOW Technology’s automatic calorie intake measurement depends on a sophisticated model of the glucose curve—that is, how glucose and water are absorbed and released by your cells in response to calories consumed. Our future efforts will be aimed at increasing the accuracy of our glucose curve model. We are also finalizing a more accurate method of estimating the amount of calories coming from protein in food.

We will continue to conduct internal tests of the product over the next 2 months for the first version of Healbe GoBe™, with external testing planned for May-June.

Q: How accurate is GoBe’s measurement of calories burned, and how has it been tested?

A: GoBe measures calories burned during any activity by combining accelerometer data with continuous heart rate monitoring. We’ve tested the calorie burn measurement by asking subjects to wear GoBe while performing typical exercises such as running or walking. We then compare GoBe’s data with standard calculations based on the subject’s height, weight, and gender—the same type of calculations a treadmill uses to estimate calories burned during a workout. Currently, GoBe’s calorie burn measurement is 90-95% accurate, compared to these standard calculations. We are working on expanding the types of activities GoBe can accurately measure, and on improving the overall accuracy of FLOW Technology’s data.

Q: Does GoBe measure blood oxygen levels?

A: No, GoBe doesn’t measure the oxygen levels in your blood.

Q: How does GoBe track heart rate? How frequent is the measurement taken?

A: GoBe uses a piezo pressure sensor to measure your heart rate several times in a minute.

Q: Does GoBe measure body temperature?

A: No, GoBe doesn’t measure internal body temperature.

Q: Can GoBe measure calorie intake for someone following a ketogenic or low-carb diet?

A: Yes. If you’re following a ketogenic or low-carb diet, you can use GoBe to automatically measure your calorie intake by adjusting a setting in the Healbe™ Body Manager app. However; currently, FLOW Technology provides a more accurate calorie intake measurement for carbohydrates and fats, so if you’re following a low-carb diet you will see a decrease in accuracy. We are working on improving FLOW Technology’s ability to measure calorie intake from protein sources.

GoBe Product FAQs

Q: Is GoBe waterproof?

A: Yes. GoBe is waterproof up to 3 meters. It can be worn in the shower or for a swim.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The body manager will operate up to 3 days on a single charge during typical use. The battery can be fully charged in approximately 1 hour.

Q: What color is the band?

A: GoBe is available in black. We anticipate that different colors will be available on the Healbe™ website starting in July.

Q: What physical activities can GoBe track?

A: Healbe GoBeTM combines accelerometer data with continuous heart rate monitoring to calculate calorie burn and metabolic rate during any activity – jogging, swimming, cycling, weight training, and more.

Q: How soon after eating does GoBe calculate your calorie intake?

A: Approximately 15-20 minutes after you eat, glucose concentrations in your blood start to rise. GoBe detects those changes and uses the information to calculate the calories you consumed.

Q: Can GoBe be used as a glucose monitor for someone with diabetes?

A: GoBe is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition, and it doesn't replace standard glucose monitoring for diabetics.

Q: Does GoBe track blood pressure?

A: Yes. GoBe uses a piezo pressure sensor to measure pulse wave and blood pressure.

Q: What smartphones does the Body Manager’s app support?

A: The app is compatible with all phones running a BLE-enabled iOS or Android operating system.

Q: If my phone’s operating system doesn’t support the app, will I be able to use all the features with the website?

A: No. A user must have a compatible phone so information can be delivered to the website.

Q: Can I sync my body manager’s data with third party apps?

A: At initial launch, GoBe will be compatible only with the body manager app. In the future, we hope to enable many popular third party apps to analyze GoBe data. 

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Meet the Healbe™ team—the pioneers behind GoBe and FLOW Technology. We all bring unique expertise—from medicine to product design to rocket science. What unites us? Quite simply, a desire to help people find a better way to manage their diets and take control of their health

"I want to make health and fitness effortless, so people can simply live and better understand their own bodies in every moment."

Artem Shipitsyn, CEO, a major developer of market solutions and new products for global brands such as Rostelecom, Sberbank, L'Oreal, Valio, Reebok, Hearst Shkulev, Discovery Channel and more.

George Mikaberydze, Managing Director, brings 10 years of experience in marketing, management and business development. Innovated new business marketing and strategy for Hearst Shkulev Media and RBC Media Holding, a major holder of magazine, television, and web publishing ventures.

Stanislav Povolotskiy, Head of Sales, has been managing sales teams since 1997, with a track record of exponential sales growth.

Jozeph Forakis, Product Designer, is the creative force behind Motorola V70™ and multiple Swatch® products.

Michael Rubin, Chief Researcher at Algorithm, a subsidiary of GEN3 Partners. Master of TRIZ, a problem-solving and analysis tool developed by the Russian inventor and science fiction author Genrich Altshuller.

Eugene Sokolov, Chief Scientist, applies his background as a rocket scientist to global innovation.

Pavel Mussel, Head of Mobile & Internet Services, has more than a decade of experience in digital production and brand strategy development.


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Why Indiegogo?

We've developed something that will make people's lives happier, healthier, and easier—every day. It only makes sense to invite everyone to get involved, so GoBe can do more, faster. We think the concept behind GoBe and FLOW Technology—effortless health, fitness, and balance—is something everyone can get behind. It takes wearable technology to new places by empowering people to simply wear it and be their best selves.

We've set a goal of $100,000, which will allow us to begin serial manufacturing and make GoBe widely available as soon as June 2014.

Development status and use of funds

We unveiled our working GoBe prototype and fully functional software app to a select group of retailers at CES 2014 as part of Levin Consulting's meeting place, located at South Hall 25168. Every dollar raised through Indiegogo will go directly to software improvement and manufacturing of GoBe devices.

Future Plans

We are continuing to develop and refine our technology for a wide range of applications.

Apart from regular patent research, we are conducting studies in order to forecast the future of human health monitoring systems. Currently we have both short-term and long-term (to 2030) plans for the development of FLOW Technology.

Continued development of our technology will focus on improving the accuracy and reliability of measurement, and improving the accuracy of our models for evaluating human health parameters. Our research activities are divided into three types:

Study and development of long-term concepts

Research on improving the operational value of our most promising technologies

We are also extending the list of parameters monitored and how we use these sets of parameters, and we plan to develop products for groups such as athletes, children, and seniors. Next year, we expect to introduce fundamental changes to the wristband’s design.

We like this work. We want to surprise the world. Dreams should come true. The most mysterious and interesting thing in the world is related to ourselves, our life. People still know little about the human body. We are sure that with your support, and the help of those who have been involved in the Healbe™ project, we can solve many mysteries of the human body and human health. 


We love talking about GoBe! 

Contact gobe@healbe.com to request press information.

Delivery Timeline & Refund Requests

Healbe™ is working diligently to ensure that all GoBe perks are delivered to Indiegogo contributors on time. That being said, delivery of rewards are subject to best efforts and are not guaranteed. 

While Indiegogo terms of use state that all contributions are non-refundable, Healbe™ is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of those who have supported our GoBe campaign.

To request a refund please forward your contribution confirmation to gobe@healbe.com and indicate why and how you would like to receive your refund. We can either issue you a refund via PayPal immediately or via check once the campaign has concluded. Make sure to provide your PayPal account or mailing address when requesting a refund. It should be noted that we cannot transfer funds back to your credit card directly, because we do not have access to card information and only receive a total contribution amount from Indiegogo upon the conclusion of the campaign.

We will honor refund requests through the end of the campaign.

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    Club Pack

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    Be Our Guest

    Enjoy a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, for two. Includes airfare and hotel for four nights. Spend two days with Healbe™ designers and engineers, and enjoy a celebration dinner in your honor; plus get two Healbe GoBe™ Original 100% Automatic Body Managers™.

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