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The HeadWatch is the next generation of smartwatch which is detachable and convertible in a headset. *Patent pending
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When design and technology fit together!

A technology mutation has created a completely new way of interaction between the human being and smartphone.

UPDATE (11-MARCH-2014):

HeadWatch, a headset or a smartwatch!?

If you usually use a headset on a daily basis, you will perfectly catch the HeadWatch concept. If you don’t use, probably is for the same reasons that the persons that use don’t like to use them, so the HeadWatch is for you too.

When you think on headset, two types of images pops up: messy wires everywhere or broken wireless headset. None of these images? Well, probably you lost your headset, which is also common.

Well, it doesn't need to be like that, HeadWatch solves perfectly your problem! HeadWatch combines headset and smartwatch, so you will get all the notifications and interactions of a smartwatch with the great advantage to pull out the headset and fit on your ear.

Yes, you understood it correctly, because… receiving calls on smartwatch and talk to your wrist… is not so attractive and convenient!

HeadWatch gives you all the comfort of a smartwatch combined with the practical features of a headset for making calls. Be also aware that your smartphone is growing, literaly! Handling the smartphone is becoming trickier, probably it is not in your pocket!   Convinced? Check the video presentation!

What is the HeadWatch?

HeadWatch is a smartwatch composed by a wrist strap and a watch which could be detached and used on the ear as headset. The patent pending HeadWatch technology was created by engineers with design thinking soul. The problem to solve is simple: how can we improve the experience of the headset avoiding the situations faced by every user of losing it or just broken. The best answer was to augment the watch that we know and really create a smart watch with the design and technology capabilities to enable both usage as a smartwatch and as a headset.

Last years some new technology interactions were created and the human being evolved by their usage, example given the finger slide on the screens has just few years.

We are looking for funding to help us to make this amazing smartwatch a reality and contribute to the humanity evolution introducing a new way of interaction and the movement of sliding a technology brick from your wrist till your ear!

How does it work?

Headwatch is a smartwach that pairs with your smarphone and extends the interaction to your wrist. The Headwatch also could be detached and used on your ear as a wireless headset. You will do not need to deal again with the mess of wired headsets or loose and break your wireless headset. 

A set of features are also onboard to augment your environment through sensors to capture movements, ambient and object temperatures and luminosity sensor. RGB strip lights for notifications could be configured at your flavour to fit your own style.

The simplicity of the interface is such that the HeadWatch is button less, all the experience is though the coloured touchscreen. 

The HeadWatch is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

UPDATE (19-MARCH-2014):

HeadWatch and the App(lication)s

The HeadWatch nature opens a new concept of integration of features that apparently has no relation but are closely related.

The HeadWatch is provided with a common applications set which includes the smartwatch notifications interface and agenda, the headset facilities and the temperature sensor that enables to measure either ambient as object temperatures.

The applications for messaging and social networks (facebook and twitter) are also onboard as the settings face for your profile customization.

The Slide show application is also included on the default applications set in addition to the visual smartphone pairing and basic Activity tracker.

Check out the HeadWatch campaign stretch goals to see the additional Apps that could be included on the default HeadWatch Software.

The 3rd parties applications development for HeadWatch is also promoted through the HeadWatch SDK that will be made available.

Under the Hood


Here are some sketches of the HeadWatch in the early phase.


The funny moments of prototyping…

Development and production phase

This is the timeline to get your HeadWatch on your wrist or on your ear!


Take a look on the available rewards:

Stretch Goals

HeadWatch intends to be disruptive in terms of design and usability but also to include technology that enables the usage grow in different frontiers. We real believe on the HeadWatch as an ecosystem for wearable technology evolution, for that we have the following stretch goals!

Our goals go beyond that but we need to start by somewhere!

Risks and Challenges

The technology adopted for HeadWatch is recommended by all the manufacturers for new designs, which means that even new technology is validated! We are in close contact with the electronics suppliers managing the procurement and hardware design review.

The disruptive mechanical design is quite mature after many engineering iterations and usability tests as smartwatch and headset. We are still working on finding the right balance in final version of the enclosure of the watch and headset conversion.

The power management is highly dependent of the software, we are still improving the HeadWatch Operating System and the Software Apps for better power optimization without performance decrease.

We think that the tools availability for new software apps creation is a key for product improvement, we are working hard to provide a set of useful and easy usable tools for third-part apps creation.


The HeadWatch is a smartwatch or a headset?

The HeadWatch is a smartwatch which is detachable and convertible in a headset that fits your ear. Easy and clean design that enables you to do this with just one hand.

The HeadWatch has no buttons, how can I control it?

The HeadWatch interaction is by the touchscreen and movement.

How to switch ON-OFF the HeadWatch?

The HeadWatch is always ON since has battery. When the battery drops to a minimum charge, the HeadWatch is automatically switched OFF. When connected the charger, the HeadWatch will automatically switch ON again.

What is the Bluetooth visual pairing?

The Bluetooth pairing with your smartphone is just needed once on the beginning, our technology enables you to with your smartphone take a picture of the HeadWatch and automatically pair both devices. The HeadWatch will be displaying a QR code image with the necessary information to smartphone perform the pairing.

Shipping costs?

Shipping will cost an additional $15, please add them to your contribution. If you have already ordered and didn’t add $15 for shipping, we'll confirm the amount and address with you before we ship, and make any adjustments if necessary.

Will be HeadWatch confortable to use on the ear?

The HeadWatch design takes into consideration all the requirements for ergonomy of an headset. The slim design and light weight are our main focus, soon we will release the final mechanical specs. For the moment we are working hard on the best balance of functionality, design and confort. The results are very promising!

What is the information displayed while using the HeadWatch on the ear?

The face information that is presented while using the HeadWatch as headset is configurable, even to switch OFF the LCD to maintain your privacy.

Is the HeadWatch waterproof?

The HeadWatch is designed to enable the user to enjoy without any constraints on the daily life, so you can submerge up to 1 meter. Even so, we are working to increase the water resistance.

How is the HeadWatch battery charging process?

The HeadWatch battery charging is through an USB cable that could be connected to any USB charger or to your laptop.

How long does the battery last?

The HeadWatch battery is designed to last at least two days with a mixed usage as smartwatch and headset.

How many color bands has HeadWatch?

The HeadWatch will have five different colours at launch, at the end of the campaign the contributors will be involved on the fifth colour definition. For the moment we can advance the four colours already defined: black, gray, red an orange!

Are the HeadWatch bands replaceable?

The watchbands are easily replaceable. Separate watchbands will be available to you to customize your HeadWatch at your daily flavour.

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