*Head Up Heart Full* Documentary

Set on an reservation in Ontario, Canada, "Head Up Heart Full" is not just about a struggle with cancer, but what it means to live life to the absolute fullest!
Jeffrey Brant
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
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Short Summary

My name is Jeffrey Brant. I’m a 25 year old, aspiring filmmaker from the Nashville, TN area. Although I’m a very happy resident of this city, I’m also a full-blooded Native American of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation Reservation in Ontario, Canada.

 In early January of this year, my Grandmother was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. The doctors have only given her a couple months to live. It’s a difficult time, but I’m reaching out to you guys today to ask for your help.



My mother and I took a trip over Christmas break at the end of last year and the biggest take away from that visit, was a conversation I had with my grandmother discussing the journey she was about to undertake.

Her biggest regret was feeling a sense of deprivation…that maybe she hadn’t lived the life she intended to up to this point. Now at the time, the cancer wasn't official yet, but just the thought alone causde me to rethink my everyday routines back in Nashville.

 Now I think the biggest flaw in our world today, is the lack of understanding of the human relationship. My goal, with this project, is to tell her story. Forget the financial debts, forget the petty arguments, and get back to what's real. Get back to what really matters in this world...each other!


What We Need & What You Get

We’re looking to fund the purchase of equipment and cover the costs of travel and lodging for a small film crew, including myself, to move to our reservation in order to tell the best story possibe

Our approach is simple. We want to highlight the beauty of our Native American culture, as well as combining a heart felt story that screams to be heard.

What we need and where exactly your funds are going 



Funding Needs

With the $20,000, we will be able to ensure the following:

  • All preliminary filming
  • Production crew labor
  • Equipment and space rental
  • Travel expenses for location shoots
  • Graphic design and promotion materials

Equipment (Exact purchases will be based on amount donated)


-Second HD video camera ($5,000-$8,000 alone)


(2) additional Canon EF's ($1000-$2000 a piece)

Audio gear 

-(2) h4n Recorders ($500-$600)

-(2) lavalier mic kits ($300-$400)

-(2) Rode Mics ($150-$200)

-shotgun mic ($300-$800)

-boom pole ($300)




(2) LED Lite Panels plus stands ($1000-$2000)

External Memory

(4) External Hard Drives ($400)

(2) additional CF Cards (32 gb) ($100-$300)

(2) additional card readers ($150)


Miller Compass ($300-$1000)

Shoulder Rigs

(2) - ($300-$1000)

Miscellaneous ($10-?)


Make sure you look to the right to see all the rewards for contributing to the film. 



Now Not only does the funding cover costs of Equipment, but also the cost of post-production as well.

While most of the editing will be done by myself, we have to pay to have the music scored for our film. We've enlisted some of the best to come on board with our project but of course, this can be costly.


Distribution - "Where do I get to see the finished product?"

We are looking to make this our first contribution to the film festival world. Our goal is too submit it to all major film festivals upon completion of post-production.

In order to so, again, costs money. Entry fees and festival fees add up quickly, often times into the hundreds. Our hope is that enough people donate so we can see our finished product in movie theaters and not just typical online formats. 


Your funding also provides the costs of the actual website and maintaining it's domain throughout the production process. Progress and pics will be constantly updated via our Twitter and website (coming soon).



Meet the Director and Producer




The Impact

Now you might ask what makes my Grandmother’s story any different from those all over the world that deal with the same illness…and to be honest…it’s no different at all. No matter what ethnicity you are, Cancer really has NO creed other then pain and suffering.  I think the main difference IF there had to be one, would be that we have been blessed with accumulating some of the best young and open-minded storytellers in the Nashville area. A lot of people don't take advantage of being able to video and film their loved ones in their remainings days, not necessarily because they don't want too, but because they might find it too hard to ask for help to make it a reality...but that's what we are doing. We're just taking it a step further and making the vision heard 'round the world!


As I stated in the video up top, I don’t think that I have the power to change the world. But I do have faith in the human cause. I believe our society has forgotten the power of relationships and human emotion through too many non –benefitting factors like jobs, social networks, social media, but I maintain my faith in humanity.

This is our attempt to sort of take a stand and give hope back to the human spirit and the human condition. This is my attempt to tell a life story that hopefully will change the outlooks of others and help us reevaluate what’s really important within our own circles. This is our hope at helping the healing process. 

I think one of the biggest opportunities we have with this project is the amount of underlying stories such as the community itself, that will play a part into it as well. You get a first hand look into the Native American world...a side seen first hand with the interaction of me, my family, and the 1600 or so that make up our reservation. The beauty and energy alone will make for a visual appeal that can only add too, not take away from, the overall message. 


That message being...regardless your race...cancer is something we all deal with...it's how you manage to fight back that defines your character. This is our way of fighting back...of restoring the faith in all that come across this film. This is for YOU!!!


Other Ways You Can Help

SPREAD THE WORD!!! Forget your $7 cup of coffee today and donate $10 to a cause you can be proud of. People pay monthly for XBOX and NETFLIX subscriptions that cost more then the bare minimum we are asking for! None of this money goes into our pockets, all of this money goes towards the project!



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