HDScores answer the question for consumers "How clean is the restaurant you are about to eat in?" Across the US, CA, & UK - 2.5 Million Establishments.
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We are HDScores, a Baltimore, Maryland based Startup founded in 2012, focusing on Food Safety, Data Transparency, and Data Distribution to get this important data into the hands of concerned consumers. 

Our App can tell you… “How clean is the restaurant you’re about to eat in?” 

HDScores wants to democratize health department inspection data on scale. Our Goal is to create the world’s largest health inspection report database, and make this data available in an easy to read, search and understand format for concerned consumers.

Some of the Application's Features:
Search by Location, Type of Cuisine, Hours of Operation
Save your Favorite Clean or Dirty Establishments
See How all Restaurants Compare to each other in Any Jurisdiction
See Featured Restaurants
See Recently Viewed Restaurants
Share Scores with your Friends via Facebook and Twitter

Our app was developed by a team of people Who Love to Eat Out... Led by a Chef and Few Talented Serial Entrepreneurs... We understand there are many factors in your choice of dining establishments. HDScores feels restaurant inspection reports put into an easy to read, search, and understand format will help you make better informed decisions. We see this as a chance to help you avoid restaurants with bad health inspection reports and highlight the good ones.   

With Your Support By Selecting a Perk on the Right Column, Together we can make the HDScores App a Reality.

What are HDScores Indiegogo’s Primary Goals?

iOS App with inspection data from around the United States at $5,000
- (Expected Delivery in June 2014)

What are HDScores Indiegogo’s Stretch Goals?

Android Version at $15,000 - (Expected Delivery in July 2014)
Windows 8 Phone Version at $20,000 - (Expected Delivery in August 2014)
Adding Additional Jurisdictions to the App in Launch at $30,000 
- (Expected Delivery in June 2014)

What Jurisdictions will our App be launching with?

HDScores App will be launching (currently) with the following Jurisdictions. 
(More may be added)

San Francisco City/County, CA
Marin County, CA
Sonoma County, CA
Napa County, CA
Solano County, CA
Sacramento, CA
Contra Costa County, CA
Alameda County, CA
San Joaquin County, CA
San Mateo County, CA
Monterey County, CA
Santa Clara County, CA
Fresno County, CA
Kern County, CA
Santa Barbara County, CA
Ventura County, CA
Los Angeles City/County, CA
City of Pasadena, CA
San Bernardino County, CA
Orange County, CA
Riverside County, CA
San Diego City/County, CA

Yavapai County, AZ

Clark County, Nevada - (Las Vegas)

Adams, CO
Arapahoe, CO
Broomfield, CO
Denver, CO
Jefferson, CO
Pueblo, CO

Albany, WY - (Laramie)
Laramie, WY - (Cheyenne)

Entire State of Kansas

St. Louis, MO

Entire State of Iowa

Summit County, OH - (Akron)
Huron, OH
Franklin, OH - (Columbia)
Clermont, OH

City of Kent, OH

Lake County, OH
Licking County, OH
Seneca County, OH
Warren County, OH
Wood County, OH

Genesee, MI
Bay County, MI
Central Michigan, MI

Milwaukee, WI
Kenosha, WI

Cook County, IL - (Chicago)

Travis County, TX - (Austin)
Hays County, TX
Williamson, TX

Entire State of Louisiana

Entire State of Florida

Entire State of Georgia

Entire State of Tennessee

North Carolina
Entire State of North Carolina

West Virginia
Monogalia County, WV
Jackson County, WV
Kanawha County, WV - (Charleston)
Cabell, WV 

Entire State of Virginia

Montgomery County, MD

Entire State of Delaware

Entire State of Pennsylvania

New York
Entire State of New York

Rhode Island
Entire State of Rhode Island

Middlesex County, MA
Norfolk County, MA
Suffolk County, MA  - (Boston)

This is 40% of the 1,500,000 establishment and represents 43% of the population; 135,000,000+ people in jurisdictions that we have data for.  

Why Does HDScores needs so much money to build an our application? 

When you include the cost of all of our rewards, we have only an average 33% margin, including Indiegogo’s fees and Payment Processing Fees. While our cost for design and development is low, this is the financial model a Indiegogo campaign. Rest assure, we reviewed our costs and fees to make sure we can complete our project for our backers.

App Specs

Our app will support iOS 7 - (Expected Delivery in June 2014)

Stretch Goals

Android 4.x and Higher (Jelly Bean and Kit Kat) - (Expected Delivery in July 2014)

Windows 8 phone - (Expected Delivery in July 2014)

We Need Your Help!

We currently have a prototype of the HDScores App, and continuing to aggregating inspection data. We're also working on finalizing our design to make sure it meets our own and customers standards for a production ready scalable application. The funding from this Indiegogo campaign will allow us to finish designing developing and to distribute our complete application to our backers and the world.

Your funds will help us:

Finish development of the mobile applications.

Hopefully Hitting our Stretch Goals.

Aggregate more Inspection Data, Faster.

Get HDScores App in your Hands!

Meet our Team
HDScores has assembled a team of serial entrepreneurs with various backgrounds and the vision to change the way everyone works with inspection data, effecting public health and food safety. 

CEO/Founder – Matthew Eierman • Johnson & Wales University Alumni • Chef/Pastry Chef turned Serial Entrepreneur • 8 years Restaurant Industry • 4 years B2B Financial Services Company Management • 5th Startup

Co-Founder – William Sanford • Merchant Marine

CFO – Sanford Richardson • Old Dominion University Alumni • University of Virginia, MBA • Former CFO at JAVA, Taken a startup through all phases of an IPO, Eventually negotiated all JAVA Assets to Sun Micro Systems. • Managed contracts directly with Microsoft, Dell and DOD.

COO – Matthew Fleischer • CEO at Hook and Ladder Brewing Company•University of Maryland College Park, Smith School of Business,MBA • University Of Mary Washington Alumni

CTO – Andrew Phillips • Marquette University Alumni, (BS) in Electrical Engineering • Certified Scrum Master • 10 years Experience in Hardware, Software, Web and Mobile Development.

Data Analyst Intern - Arianna Brown • Towson University Student • Applied Mathematics/Computer Science Background • Working on Trend/Pattern Analysis and Data Visualizations for HDScores. 

Advisory Board
Data Scientist 
–Sean Murphy 
Sanitation Expert – Edward McKeown 
Sanitation Expert – Karen Recker 
Technical Writer – Aaron Sichel
Hospitality Advisor – Keith Rogers

Board of Directors Member – Mike Kavis 

Every Restaurant is required to have a health department inspection annually to be allowed to sell food to the public. 
However, every jurisdiction handles this data differently… all 3100 jurisdiction each have their own data formats, polices, procedures, and established laws for working with data. We understand this. HDScores has developed many innovative solutions to combat these challenges.

What does a Health Department Inspection Report Look Like? 

Inspection reports vary in every jurisdiction, but here is just one example from Washington, DC. Unless you have the time, and expertise to find and understand this form you will not gain any value from the existing government interface. 

Washington DC Health Inspection Report

The Same Data an Early Prototype of our System

We have a system that Geo-Locates each piece of data, creates an (HDScore) our Proprietary Scoring Algorithm and puts Regulations and Violations into an Easy to Read and Search Format regardless municipal borders. A simple search can include a search area, type of establishments, cuisine, and type of violations. 

Our App can tell you… “How clean is the restaurant you’re about to eat in?”  

HDScores will be the World's Largest Health Department Inspection Database, The only source needed to look up inspection data, no need to go to multiple government websites to find this important information anymore. 

What does is the example of a closed Restaurant for Sanitation Violations? 

This establishment is an extreme example and has been closed three times for critical violations; the owners have been fined, and banned from owning a restaurant ever again in that jurisdiction.

Mold Build up in the Refrigerator (Above 41 Degree Fahrenheit)

General Filth, Black Mold on the Walls

Black Mold Office Sign

Dead Mouse, Mouse Droppings

Mold in the Ice Machine

Know Before You GO!!! How Clean is the Restaurant you are about you Eat in?

The Last Major Innovations with Inspection Data happened around Y2K! 

Think about the computer you were using in 1999. Now try adding 150,000,000 inspection reports, with hundreds of unique data fields on each report; spread across 3,100 Jurisdictions each using their own format. All while standardizing this data using only CSV Files, PDF’s, Access, or MySQL Databases. This is still the current technology used by almost every government agency or private company working with inspection data. 

The Access, Aggregation, Processing, and Visualization of the Inspection Data is Everything. 

HDScores has access to 3100 jurisdictions health departments’ inspection data, while we have not currently aggregated everything. We have the ability to handle and aggregate both digital and paper formatted data at reasonable costs. We know where the data resides, and how often the inspection data is updated. HDScores can bring this data to consumers in real-time.

HDScores uses a modern technology architecture, which enables concern consumer’s complex searches while still getting results back fast and in an easy to read, search, and understand format. While we have a complex back-end, for consumers our front end is simple, if you can click on a pin on a map then you already know how to use app.

No other inspection querying system allows our level of search granularity, and the existing, less-precise queries are generally quite slow, stemming from others' inappropriate technology and architecture for solving this problem. With existing competition not thinking large enough: from the beginning, our system has been designed and built to accommodate, process, and distribute hundreds of millions of records.

HDScores wants to SHARE THIS DATA!
Our goal is to create a secure, trusted, and transparent, platform for concerned consumers to view health department inspection data on scale, without having to become a trained Chef, Data Scientist or Health Inspector. We do not require the health department to do anything different, we only worked with the finished publicly available data unlike other inspection systems.

How does Food Borne Illness affect Consumers?

47% of every food dollar spent is in a dining establishment.
56% of all sporadic Food Borne Illnesses occur in Restaurants, Schools and Hospitals.
The Food Industry in the United States is 4% of GDP, and employees 10% of the entire workforce. 
The annual economic cost to the US Economy caused by Food borne Illness is $77,700,000,000. From lost productivity, medical expenses, waste, and premature deaths due to foodborne illnesses.

48,000,000 People have a Food Borne Illness annually
(16% of the US Population or 1 in 6 Americans)
People at High Risk Susceptibility to Food Borne Illness Annually 
13,000,000 Chronic Secondary Complications resulting from Food Borne Illness annually
3,800,000 Doctor Visits related to Food Borne Illness annually
128,000 Hospitalizations related to Food Borne Illness annually 
 3,000 Deaths related to Food Borne Illness annually

The average food Borne illness related death costing $7,000,000.
For every foodborne illness case that is reported, as many as 40 more illnesses are not reported or lab-confirmed.

More than 30 million people in the United States are likely to be particularly susceptible to foodborne disease. Very young, elderly, and immune-compromised persons experience the most serious foodborne illnesses.

Chronic, secondary complications resulting from foodborne illness occur in 2-3 percent of all cases.

How common are food safety violations?
32% of Food Service Professionals believe that food safety violations could cost them their professional and/or restaurant’s reputation.

30% of consumers worry about getting a food borne illness and/or food poisoning.

56% of all sporadic Food Borne Illnesses occur in Restaurants, Schools and Hospitals.

In New York City in 2012, there were 273,999 fines for food safety violations.

35% of Schools in Chicago have failed at least one health inspection since 2011.

61 Restaurants were closed in Los Angeles in the last 3 months.

How will this make restaurants cleaner?
According to historical trends, when data is made transparent and publicly available. Sanitation scores and restaurant sales increase in cleaner establishments. In historical trends, both high and low income, urban and rural communities increase across the board when inspection data is made available and used.

There will be 3 types of restaurant owners:

Those who care

Those who fix enough to stay open

Those who do not care and repeat violations

If a consumers and health department uses data analytics like HDScores, you can better mitigate risks of food borne illness.. We see this causing less friction between Restaurant Owner’s and the Health Departments in the future.

Who currently reports restaurant inspection reports?

Government Agencies & Health Departments release data not necessarily in a consumable format.

Newspapers – Generally on put as many inspection reports as they have space. Saving Inspection reports until, they are ready to publish these reports. When data is available. 

Internet Companies - Various companies are distributing data, there are lots of local companies, very few work with multiple jurisdictions on scale.

TV News/Media stations in the top 40 Media Markets do 3200+ dirty dining segments annually.

6,500,000 people watch restaurant disaster shows on a weekly basis. (Food Safety issues are a common issue).

Does HDScores have Competition?

Yes, HDScores is not the first company to think of this idea; we have seen a number of companies fade in and out over the last two years. We are one of the few companies working on scale, using modern technology and have multiple relevant domain expertise (Food Service, Sanitation, Technology, Data Science, and Business). HDScores is also working to solve the data distribution issue in jurisdictions that does not currently have this problem solved.

YELP – Launched the LIVES Standard in January 2013 to a lukewarm reception. Which links five linked CSV files together to share the data, Yelp does not use their powerful API for inspection data. Sharing health department inspection data currently in five cities (SFO, NYC, Louisville KY, Wake County NC, Part of Los Angeles CA) not the original planned cities (Boston, Chicago, and Philly) that were supposed to launch by the end of the first year. They have only gone into jurisdictions that already have this data and problem solved or found someone to convert the data to their format.

Dinesafe – Currently in beta, they are largest inspection site to date, prior to HDScores launching with 270,000+ establishments, spread across seven US States and six Canadian Providences. With a less then friendly search and user interface.

HDScores Data Access

HDScores has great digital data access, and the ability to handle paper only jurisdictions in a cost effective, timely manner.

HDScores Data Access

In the US

HDScores has digital access to the data for 1718 Health Departments of the 2550 Health Departments/Agencies. (Some Jurisdictions share Health Departments) in the US.

Currently HDScores has digital access to 67.37% of all the Health Departments in the US.

Encompassing Health Departments with data for 77.62% percent of the total US Population. (239,651,212 people according to the 2010 Census Data)

HDScores will expand data access to as many jurisdictions as possible, rolling out new jurisdictions in a timely manner.

Expanding Internationally

HDScores already has a detailed understanding of the inspection data in Canada, and the United Kingdom. The economic impact of food borne illness in the UK was £1.5 Billion and $1.1 Billion in Canada. We have 100% data access in the UK, and 76% data access in Canada. While rules are slightly different in each country, we have already mapped out our path towards our expansion and have data access. We are aware of several other countries we can expand into next in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

HDScores Future

Over the last 2 years, HDScores has explored a number of Business Models with traction we will be able to develop some of those plans in the future. HDScores has plans for the creation of Free Public API Portal for access to historical inspection data for the public, non-profit, and academic use, and deployment of a Universal Sanitation FICO Score in the near future. HDScores is starting here, with our App and we need your help.

What others say about HDScores?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

How does the HDScores Work?

HDScores aggregates health department inspections across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom into an easy to read, search, and understand format. Each jurisdiction has their own policies, procedures and laws for inspection data. HDScores understands and respects these standards. While aggregating, processing, storing and visualizing data for easy consumer consumption.

What is the HDScores App Function?
To answer a simple question for concerned consumers, HDScores can tell consumers “How clean is the restaurant you’re about to eat in?”

What Jurisdiction does HDScores have in the application?
Unlike other food safety and review sites, HDScores will not sticking to only Major Metropolitan Cities or Jurisdictions that have already solved this problem. HDScores will be launching our app in the following Jurisdictions listed above.

What if you can’t contribute? Are there other ways you can help?
Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help.
We are asking our supporters to get the word out and make some noise about our IndieGoGo campaign.

What is the money being used for?
To cover the cost of the rewards, app development, design and server costs, plain and simple that is it.

What Technology Does HDScores Use?
HDScores use a number of modern developed computer languages, frameworks, and hardware such as solid state hard drives and CDN's. We do development in-house for all of our applications, data aggregation, processing, and distribution.   

What is the Revenue Model?
HDScores has opted for a real time bidding display ad model in our consumer apps. All the data will be free for all jurisdictions, once aggregated. We will be using Search, User and Demographic Data, to increase the value of Targeted Real-Time Bidding Ads and User Profiles.

Why so many charge for their Restaurant Inspection Apps?
The Average Paid Restaurant Inspection Application Gets 4,000 Downloads and must split that revenue with the application platforms. Only Generating Revenue a one time from their applications. HDScores makes more money as more people use our applications. 

Why is the HDScores App Free? 
We will never charge consumers for free publicly available government data.

What benefits does HDScores bring to Consumers?
When concerned consumers have access to accurate, easy to read, search and understand format, they trust that data more. In jurisdictions that inspection data is widely distributed food borne illness outbreak drop, and restaurants get cleaner.

What benefits does HDScores bring to Business?
According to historical trends, when data is made transparent, sanitation scores and sales increase.
We also have a separate B2B offering.

What benefit does HDScores bring to Government?

HDScores has figured out the complicated standardization, normalization and visualization problems of working with inspection data on scale.
We also have a separate Government offering.   

Who is HDScores, Inc?
For full team and advisor bios please visit: http://hdscores.com/our-team/

When was the idea of HDScores conceived?
On January 21st 2012, while helping 2 friends open their dream restaurant.

What has HDScores been doing Since 2012?
We recruited an amazing team and advisory board. Built out at least 3 early prototypes in various technologies, market and user testing, along with brand development on various media platforms. 

What has HDScores done since then?
HDScores has solved a number of complex data, technology and business development issues to build a system that works locally and will scale internationally. We have access to 3100+ jurisdictions (2.5 Million Establishments) across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. HDScores has the mission to be the World’s Largest Health Department Inspection Database.

Tell us what your own financial stake is?

The Founding Team of HDScores, Inc has spent 2 years growing the concept of HDScores all bootstrapping on sweat equity. We do not currently have any investors in HDScores.

Hey I’m a member of the press, how can I get intouch?
Email the CEO – Matthew@HDScores.com

HDScores as seen in the media:
HDScores has been seen in a number of local and regional tech, business and food safety publications, from Technically Baltimore, to the Washington Post, and Food Safety Talk.
To see our full media coverage please visit: http://hdscores.com/news-media/

HDScores recognized by:
American Public Health Association in April 2013.
The CEO/Founder was nominated as a White House Champion of Change for Public Health and was recognized by Health and Human Services HHS in Sept 2013.
Open Data 500 a joint program by NYU Governance Lab and the Knight Foundation. 

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    Restaurant Owners be Listed as a Featured Establishment in the Application for 6 Months. Have your Logo, Establishment Name, Phone Number, Inspection Scores, Brief Description and Links to your Sites and Social Media. * Normally $250.00 per month.

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    Dinner for up to 4 people and HDScores founding team, at amazing restaurant with a great inspection score in Baltimore, MD, Annapolis MD or Washington, DC. *Backer must supply their own transportation to the Dinner* **Dinner will be scheduled with Donors. Plus Reward 1,4,5,6

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    The HDScores founding team will come to your location (Continental US Only) and cook, and serve you and up to 8 friends a dinner, sides and dessert. You even can help plan the menu… The CEO is a trained chef/pastry chef with 2 degrees from Johnson & Wales University (Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry Arts) and 8 years restaurant experience. *Dinner will be scheduled with Donors. Plus Reward 1,4,5,6

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    Personally Curated Dining Experience - 3 Days/2 nights in NYC, Dining at 2 Chefs Table Events for 2, at restaurants with a great inspection score. Accommodations and travel expenses covered (From the Continental US, Major Airport). *Event will be scheduled with Donors. Plus Reward 1,4,5,6

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    Personally Curated Dining Experience - 3 Days/2 nights in San Francisco, Dining at 2 Chefs Table Events for 2, at an establishment with a great inspection score. Accommodations and travel expenses covered (From the Continental US, Major Airport). Plus Reward 1,4,5,6

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