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Action Adventures Through Time! .... An action packed award winning webseries for all to enjoy!
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Short Summary

Hello everyone and welcome to the world of Have Sword,Will Travel. My name is Robert Lento and I am the Writer, Director and Producer of H.S.W.T. In one way or another I have been involved in Music or Film Production "Show Biz" my entire life. Please let me guide you through the story of my award winning webseries that has been featured on Channel 5 "Good Morning Show" and also other various televison shows, scifi online interviews, newspaper articles, music videos, motion picture and web productions for the last 15 years. With over 80 episodes shot with only a DV Camera and no budget, H.S.W.T.  continues to refine and manifest into a great adventure series for all to enjoy either on film or live. H.S.W.T. has a cast of actors from all over the world coming from as far as Japan, China, Australia, Italy, Romania and England to perform for you.. We also feature music from around the world and locally, featuring selections from Poison Dollys/ New York, Sizzling Cell/ L.A., LoveBone/ Florida and Maxine Petrucci/ Detroit. SciFi acting legend Vernon Wells (Road Warrior) from Australia has been featured as bad guy Ruby Slayer as well as Enrico Ganino from Italy. Master Shi Yan Hui, Shaolin Master from China as Agent Woo guest stars as well and his deciples from the American Shaolin Academy in L.A. and China. H.S.W.T.'s live show performances have been seen by thousands at local and state fairs and Scifi conventions across the country including Xena/Hercules and Star Trek and is currently featured in interviews from SciFi Online magazine and also Directors interview from SciFinal.com. H.S.W.T. was the winner of the Arizona Film Festivals "Best T.V. Pilot Award" 2008.

 Not just another Zombie or Vampire series.These adventures take place in exotic locations with brilliant costumes for each time period. We want you to feel the heat from the desert winds and hear the sounds of gallant knights riding in to save the princess or the power of WWll tanks thundering by guns blazing. We do however kill allot of Zombies and sometimes a Vampire or two. Oh yea, we wouldn't want you to miss the blistering sounds of swordsmen dueling with swords or battle axe to the death in the magical forest or feel the warm kisses from beautiful Amazon Virgins.....

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could travel back in time?...Recover a lost love, see someone who has passed, Go back to high school? Perhaps walk through a casino with Sinatra or hang out with Elvis or actually witness the Civil War? Please contribute to our fund and we will promise that you will be a star on our show and we will write and episode just for you so you can live or relive your wildest Fantasy.....Time Travel Fantasy that is. Become a Producer and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem....Help us make the show better.... Don't be afraid. Come with me now on an adventure you will never forget.......Do you have the courage to join me?

Have Sword,Will Travel begins in the year 2036 when a brilliant scientist named Dr. Ocularis accidently figures out how to Time Travel. Soon afterwards the Doctors computer data banks with this knowledge are hacked and the Time Teleportation files are stolen and sold to the highest bidders, mostly the rich and powerful on the open Black Market. The T.T.R.C. (Time Travel Regulation Commitee) is formed to regulate this knowledge but to no avail. It has already fallen into too many of the wrong hands. Time Teleportation is now being used by bad elements for their own greedy and demented ways disrupting and manipulating our history as well as stealing whatever they wish. Starcom, a military organization of professional soldiers and scientists are ordered by the T.T.R.C. to travel anywhere in time to capture or relocate the criminal elements and set history back on line. Colonel Hawk, now retired from Starcom is ordered back into service to help with this overwhelming task. Colonel Hawk, a master swordsman as well as experienced soldier puts together a team of talented agents from the Academy and proceeds on to bring justice to those who use Time Travel for evil. These are their adventures. .......


 What We Need & What You Get

Now, Why we are here. We basically need a High Def camera. I have shot over 80 episodes with an old DV camera with absolutely NO BUDGET. The rest of the money we earn will go towards materials for costumes, feed for the livestock performers, locations, lights, food, professional talent and possibly an up grade in editing software.  We basically wish to upgrade the production quality and take this webseries to another level and perhaps pitch for a television series in 3D. I personally would like to do something special for the cast of H.S.W.T. for the outstanding efforts they all have put towards the show filming long hours in all weather conditions and even on holidays with or without Rattlesnakes only asking for a smile in return. We also can bring employment to out of work actors, crew and stunt performers which is so badly needed. We first will make a High Quality/ High Def 30 minute pilot in which we could earn more money which would enable us to keep this wonderful and exciting series going. I could really use some help also since I write, direct, produce, film and edit the series. I make the props, sets and costumes, do the make up and all the while acting and doing stunts.....I NEED YOUR HELP!... HEY? if I can do all this without a dime, Nada.. zilch....Then think of what I could do if I had just a minimal amount of funding......Please...It just takes one person with a brain to see the potential this show has....Look at some of our episodes on the links I have provided and see that this could be huge!...Have some vision and realize that it wasn't easy for me to make 80 episodes to show you my ideas with no budget.Try and read between the lines and say "Hey, This show would be great if they just had some money"....See the potential and what we can do together..............I believe  "There is a piece of the pie for everyone"..... Please help if you can. "Rather light a Candle than complain about darkness"


Other Ways You Can Help

Ok, I know our perks are not that great but we are very sincere....You all mean a great deal to us and so does your money....Hey, if you cannot contribute we still love you and you are still very much in our family as well as our hearts....I know if things were better for you, you would contribute if you could....You could however help us out in other ways like promoting us when you can. Watch our show and smile. Help tell everyone about us and Indiegogo. Maybe you could direct people here to show support and to make it easy, Indiegogo provides great "Share" tools for you all to use and I have provided links to our series.......Remember, You will always be with us and from everyone here at H.S.W.T. we send our blessings and gratitude. But most of all, our respect and Thanks.......


And that’s all there is to it.

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