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  • $10USD
    Basic Backer

    Backers who pledge at least 10 dollars receive the current-state Alpha build of Hauntlings when the campaign reaches its financial goal.

    Estimated delivery: June 2013

    1 claimed

  • $20USD
    Backer's Delight

    Backers who pledge at least 20 dollars receive a digital copy of the Hauntlings soundtrack, including voice packs and sound effects. In addition, as a 20 dollar backer, you will also see your name in the Hauntlings credits. These rewards will be dolled out at the game's final release day.

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    0 claimed

  • $60USD
    ERG Fan Back-age

    Backers who pledge at least 60 dollars receive a custom burned DVD with all of Eric Ruth's past projects, including Alphas and Betas that the public NEVER got to play. Supplies are limited to 50 DVDs due to expenses, and all of those are available with custom autograph or message. Provided we meet our Hauntlings financial goal, these will be mailed out by the end of summer, 2013.

    Estimated delivery: September 2013

    3 out of 50 claimed

  • $100USD
    Beta Backers

    Backers who pledge at least 100 dollars receive access to closed beta testing and balancing. These backers will also have their names added to the QA credits. Beta will not be available to these backers until late this year at the earliest.

    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    6 claimed

  • $500USD
    Creative Backers

    Backers who pledge at least 500 dollars receive the opportunity to work with Eric on creating a Hauntlings character to be used in game play. Your created character will be balanced to work within the game's universe and play style, and as a result, may not reach its release state as you had originally planned. This reward will not take effect until final release.

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    0 claimed

  • $1,000USD
    Ultimate Backers

    Backers who pledge at least 1000 dollars receive the chance to fly out to Virginia and meet with the creator personally, as well as receive tutorial lessons in game development on YoYo Games' Game Maker Studio. This person will also receive a custom Hauntlings T-Shirt and get a chance to record some voice acting for the final product.

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    0 out of 5 claimed

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