Haterville is my final NU sponsored project; I'm near the end, and could use a little help from my friends to finish the film. Any donation is appreciated!
Michael Schultz
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Hi Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Indiegogo page. I'm currently a Senior at Northwestern University and last spring I was accepted into Northwestern's Senior Directing Sequence based on a script I wrote and submitted to a faculty board. 

I'm writing  to reach out to family and friends to help cover the cost of some of our expenses, from grip trucks to hardrives. My crew and I would truly appreciate any help you could provide and we are also offering a few fun incentives that you can find on this page. Any left over money will go to film festival submission fees, which is equally as important.

We are about halfway through post-production and I cut together a quick trailer  to provide you with some insight into the work we put into the flick, as well the outlandish tone of the project. I'm really excited with what we have so far!

Thanks for taking the time to watch the trailer (warning there might be some foul language - its about a rap music video after all) and reading the short narrative about my project below.

Your support is in invaluable!

Thanks again,

Mike Schultz


The script is called Haterville and it is loosely based on my experiences shooting hip hop videos in Chicago when I was a freshmen and sophomore. The experiences I had making those videos always stuck with me and I feel show a kinetic and creative side of Chicago many are unfamiliar with. I always would tell friends some of the crazy stories I had from making these videos and then one day it hit me that this would make a hell of short film.

So I wrote a draft that was part truth but mostly fiction and submitted it to the school. I was ecstatic when I was accepted into the program but was immediately terrified that I was in over my head since my script featured a ton of music, outlandish characters, and complicated set pieces. Fortunately, I was able to form an incredible crew of great people that offered their time and skills to help me realize my goal. Most notably Steph Noonan as my amazing producer and Tim Reilly as my delighful and talented Director of Photography. I couldn't have done it without them and will always be grateful to how wonderful they were to work with and be around. Through a persistant effort, I acquired two incredibly talented hip-hop artists from Chicago to act and rap in the movie.

Northwestern gave us $500 dollars for the movie and that took us a long way. I always kept in mind the best ways to film this movie as cheap as possible and because of that we had one of the smallest budgets in the class - a fact I was very proud of. However costs stemming from Uhaul rentals, car mounts, actor fees, food, gas money, hardrive's, and other necessities continued to pile up and crew members and I had to front most of the money ourselves.

But we did it and we were able to come away with some really great footage and what I think is shaping up to be my best work yet.

Thank you for considering my project!

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