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Grandma is inspiring us to be happy even when faced with life's toughest challenge. Let's support her by making all her days happy ones.
Friends & Family Of Grandma Betty
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Jeffersonville, Indiana
United States
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This campaign is to give back to a selfless woman with a lot of heart and even more to give. The world's grandmother, also known as Grandma Betty, is inspiring others to be happy even when faced with life's toughest challenge.  

Raised in the church, Betty Jo Simpson was taught never to deny anyone in need. This lead her to adopt and raise three children, caring for them and loving them as if they were her biological family.  She worked 12 hour days to support the family, and retired when Zach was born to care for him while Hope and Dave (Zach's parents) worked.
Grandma lost her husband, Clarence, to cancer in 2006 then her daughter Billie to cancer in 2011, and now she has been diagnosed with cancer herself in 2013 but remains happy and optimistic.  When asked what keeps her so positive, she said “life is about making others happy and there is no other way to live.”  

The adorably, darling Grandma Betty has made a splash on Instagram by dancing, being happy and a lot more dancing. With miles of smiles at every turn, Grandma Betty's has become “The World's Grandma”, all while documenting her days fighting Cancer. Grandma Betty's beaming message of positivity has inspired thousands to live happily.


As a way to document the rest of her journey, Zach, her grandson, started an Instagram account for her: @GrandmaBetty33

In three short months, Grandma's positive posts have inspired over 500,000 people to be happy, love each other, and do good to those around them.

Grandma has done so much to inspire the world by fighting life’s toughest challenge while keeping a smile on your face. We want to give back to her.

With $25,000 we can help Grandma with her medical bills freeing her to focus on what she loves: "making others happy." Every dollar raised above will help Grandma check off items from her wish list below. 

1. Post on Instagram!

Use the hashtag #GrandmaBetty to help Grandma inspire a larger audience.

2. Tell everyone about Grandma Betty!

Share the link to this site with your friends and family.

Q. If my question is not answered here, who can I ask ?
A. Just email Grandma Betty's Team at hi@GrandmaBetty33.com

Q. When will my items be delivered ?
A. Everything will ship on April 20th, 2014 and you will receive a tracking number via email. Delivery with the United States is 5-7 business days and international delivery will take 7-10 business days.

Q. What is my money used for ?
A. The money will go to help Grandma pay her medical bills and grant her wish list.

Q. Is there a warranty ?
A. The watch comes with a 1 year warranty and the t-shirts can be exchanged at anytime if they have never been worn. Click here to see the t-shirt size chart.

Q. Is the watch waterproof ?

Q. Are there any additional shipping charges ?
A. No, the perk prices include the shipping cost.

Q. How can I contact Grandma Betty ?
A. You can email her at Grandma@GrandmaBetty33.com

Q. Can I buy more than one perk ?
A. Yes you can buy as many perks as your heart desires.

A. Using the share link above you can share this campaign on your facebook, instagram, and twitter. Thank You for your kind heart and for supporting Grandma. :)

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This campaign ended on May 23, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Grandchildren of Grandma Betty

    Become a Grandchild of Grandma Betty! Your photo and name will be listed on Grandma's website for the world to see (GrandmaBetty33.com). We will also put your name, photo, and a short message in a photo album and print a copy for Grandma to keep close to her heart.

    76 claimed
  • $25USD

    Get the official Grandma Betty T-shirt + above perks.

    230 claimed
  • $45USD
    1:Face Watch

    Change the world with Grandma by supporting the 1:Face Watch. Proceeds from this perk go to the American Cancer Society to support cancer patients.

    19 claimed
  • $75USD
    Watch + T-shirt + Grandchild

    Help Grandma support cancer research and look cool doing it! Get both the 1:Face Watch and the Grandma Betty t-shirt + become a Grandchild.

    16 claimed
  • $100USD
    Grandma Betty will follow you!

    Have the coolest Grandma in the world follow you on Instagram + 1:Face Watch + T-Shirt + become a Grandchild.

    20 out of 1000 claimed
  • $500USD
    Chat with Grandma Betty

    Grandma will personally thank you with either a video chat or phone call + Follow on Instagram + 1:Face Watch + T-Shirt + become a Grandchild.

    1 out of 100 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Dinner with Grandma Betty

    Grandma's favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel. Enjoy a delicious meal in person with Grandma + Follow on Instagram + 1:Face Watch + T-Shirt + become a Grandchild.

    0 out of 5 claimed
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