Happy & Clean Web Series

When failed Australian Comedian Marty Murphy chokes on a New York hotdog, he makes a deal with Death to stay alive and make a hit talk show.


When failed Australian Comedian Marty Murphy chokes on a New York hotdog, he makes a deal with Death to stay alive and make a hit talk show.



Happy & Clean is a surreal comedy web series about the making of a no-budget talk show made by Australian Comedian Marty Murphy, a monster named Denzel Truffaut and the Grim Reaper. The eight episodes will be shot on location in New York City in early 2013 and will include a series of six full interviews with International Celebrities.



The Larry Sanders Show meets Flight of the Conchords meets Meet the Feebles.



We know what this looks like! Three Australian filmmakers wanting a free trip to New York City.

Well, you’re right.

No you’re not.

We are making our own way over there. The $30,000 is what we need to complete two full weeks of shooting, and two weeks of pre-production in The Big Apple. That city aint cheap you know. We are looking to schedule the shoot like a mini feature film so that we can shoot it in one block, and then get out of there before we go rocketing to the poorhouse, get thrown out of the country or taken by Death.

Your money, in essence, allows us to physically produce the web series – a concept too crazy and out there to be on traditional television. With your help we can make the series so the whole world can see it.



When failed Australian Comedian Marty Murphy arrives in New York City he discovers his one-man show has been cancelled. Disappointed and hungry, he chokes on a hotdog and dies. Then, embarrassed and desperate, he makes a deal with Death to spare his life as long as he produces his own hit talk show before his visa expires. Befriending a large hairy creature named Denzel Truffaut, Marty sets out in search of celebrities and a studio. Denzel comes on board in return for help on his film school application. Death agrees to record sound until they can afford to pay a crew and they slowly build an online presence with a series of offbeat interviews in a barbershop. Marty hopes his talk show will be picked up by a cable network and will run indefinitely. Death hopes to be a special guest and not just be remembered as “that guy in the hood on the old AIDS ad”. In New York City life is short. Talk is cheap. And if you can cheat death there you can cheat death anywhere.



Marty Murphy

A failed comedian in his early forties who has spent the last twenty years appearing in fringe festivals, and transgressive cabarets in which he made a name for himself by not taking his clothes off. After realising a lifelong ambition of playing in New York City, he arrives in Brooklyn only to find his show has been cancelled. After choking on a hotdog he has to make a deal with Death to get his own talk show up in order to stay alive. Classically trained as an actor at the Wangaratta Academy of Sport and Performing Arts, Marty majored in mime and Shakespearian wit. He wears his Grandfather's three-piece suit except when performing his Human Dice routine for which he is naked and painted white with black dots. Born in the regional city of Yadonga, Marty vowed never to return until he had done a guest appearance as a criminal on a police procedural TV series or got his own talk show. To date neither has happened.



The original Grim Reaper, Death has a vanity that threatens his productivity. Death loves TV and has always wanted to be interviewed on a talk show, which makes Marty's mortality problem an ideal opportunity. With ambitions for the stage and screen, Death wants to be known as more than "just that guy in the hood in the old AIDS ad."


Denzel Truffaut

Denzel is a big hairy monster in a Marilyn Manson t-shirt who wants to be a film student one day. Denzel, born Dean Lacey, went to school at the Henry Kissinger school for gifted creatures and took electives in music and intermediate screenwriting in Newark, NJ. He does not want to direct movies as much as be a film student because he is attracted to the idea of campus living, and sitting in cafes talking about the sort of films he would make. He refuses to watch television as he believes it bakes your brain, both literally and in terms of your "intellectuality..." Denzel takes up the chance to shoot Marty's talk show because he is desperate to make something for his film school application and has no ideas of his own.



Happy & Clean is being made by Marty Murphy, Luke Eve and Adam Cantley.


MARTY MURPHY: Writer, Performer and Executive Producer

Marty Murphy is a Filmmaker, Writer and Comedian with a cult following for his one-man shows Happy & Clean, Mr. Stripey Suit and Speedy Mustard. Originally trained as an Actor, Marty graduated from AFTRS as a director and shot stunt sequences for Water Rats and US TV series Beastmaster. He directed the horror feature film Lost Things in 2004. Marty appeared with Flacco in Double Exposure at the Sydney Opera House in 2005 and again at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival in 2006.  In 2007 Marty became a regular speaker for the Art After Hours talks at the AGNSW. In March 2008 his underwater adventure for ABC Radio National went to air, My First Book Of Strange Fish. In 2011 Marty toured Happy and Clean with Flacco throughout regional NSW and was attacked on stage in Griffith by crickets.


LUKE EVE: Director and Executive Producer

Luke began his career as a freelance photographer. Armed with a strong visual aesthetic and a keen eye and talent for dramatic comedy, Luke has the unique ability to capture great performances in a visually exciting style. Luke graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School in 2005 and in the same year won Tropfest with his film Australian Summer. He has directed five short films which have garnered over twenty different awards worldwide. He has also directed three television series including this year’s landmark documentary series Great Southern Land for ABC and Cordell Jigsaw Productions. He directs high-end commercials for Sydney production company Jungleboys and music videos for his own company More Sauce. He has a number of feature film projects in development including The Truth About Jack which is slated to shoot in 2013. 



As a Producer, Adam has had an extensive progression of creative skill building throughout his career. He has over 10 years of experience in Creative media that ranges across, Illustration, Design, Advertising, Film and Interactive platforms. He has worked with a wide spectrum of clients over this time, which has included international labels and brands as well as local companies and charity organizations. With this experience he takes on a real hands on approach to filmmaking and has an excellent insight into every aspect of the production process. Filmmaking brings together so many different creative disciplines and that’s what Adam enjoys so much. Working hand in hand with other like-minded individuals to produce quality content that audiences can enjoy.



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