Hank Williams Museum Commemorative CD

Our goal is to record an album featuring songs about Hank Williams' life & death to be exclusively available at the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.

     The idea for this project came about when I stopped by the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, and saw on display there the lyrics of the first Hank Williams tribute song ever written and recorded, simply titled ”The Death of Hank Williams.” The lyrics capture the immediate reaction of how people felt upon hearing that Hank had died and tell the story of Hank’s fateful last ride, in his baby blue Cadillac that is the centerpiece of the museum’s collection.  

     The goal of this campaign is to raise money to record and produce an album that will feature a new recording of "The Death Of Hank Williams" and other songs  relating to his extrordinaire life and tragic death.  The album, once completed, will be available exclusively at the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery with all monies generated from it's sale going directly to the museum.

     Joining me on this project will be artists Arty Hill, Jake Penrod, David Church, Rachel Brooke, Andy Norman, and Bobby Tomberlin, all of whom are avid Hank Williams fans and supporters of the museum; Together we will create an album featuring original material as well as new recordings of songs like “Midnight,” the last song Hank ever sang; “Death is Only a Dream,” Hank’s favorite song according to a 1952 Country Song Roundup interview; and “Rockin' Chair Daddy,” recorded by one of Hank’s earliest musical heroes and friends, Braxton Schuffert. 

      Those who support the project will receive reward packages with exclusive Hank memorabilia from the museum’s gift shop including everything from stickers, books and calendars to lifetime memberships and limited edition prints, with an exclusive charcoal print of Hank being created especially for this project by Kentucky based artist Kenneth Marr. If our funding goes over, we will use the money to press more copies of the album, and if it goes substantially over, release the album on vinyl.

     By contributing money to this project you can not only play a part in making sure that the Hank Williams Museum is available for people to enjoy for years to come, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the museum that embodies the life and legacy of Hank Williams.



- Joey Allcorn






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