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HANGIN TUFF! Is a new music variety show in a hot tub boat! Featuring the best up & coming indie artists from every city!
Bobbi Rich
SEATTLE, Washington
United States
1 Team Member

Ahoy buds! And thank you for taking the time to stop by our fundraising page. 

Let's start this out with some quick questions: Remember when MTV actually played music and interviewed bands? Remember when you could switch on your TV and instantly be apart of dance party? Dancing in your living room with the styling cats on Soul Train or those freaks on The Grind? Remember GOOD MUSIC? Remember watching shows like Muppet's Tonight and seeing Alice Cooper being silly with a bunch of puppets? Remember Grace Jones showing up in a box on Peewee's Playhouse? Or what about when Kurt Cobain wore a giant banana gown to MTV Headbangers Ball? Man those days were fun. WELL BE EXCITED, for we are here to bring it all back in our own unique way. We're Hangin Tuff with the best up and coming new artists... in a hot tub boat... AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!

THE SHOW:  Each episode we feature a new band, most of the interview portion of the show is held in a Hot Tub Boat, on the water, in the middle of one of the worlds most musically creative cities, Seattle! We also incorporate fun stylized shorts, creative editing styles & graphics, hilarious stock video footage, and even a mermaid. Hosted and lead by Seattle based DJ, Bobbi Rich, and her wild pack of buds.


Interview with Fly Moon Royalty in the Hot Tub Boat. This is when our character "Kraken" the know it all fact filled sea creature, from our segment "What's Kraken" floated up.

Along with the interview & fun we have with the band, the bands also preform a small set. We feature a wide variety of music genres, we try to incorporate different & creative activities and settings to match the vibe of each band.  Sometimes we'll invite a large crowd to party with us, sometimes it's more laid back. Like this picture below, from our second episode. The artists are a two-piece indie rock band named Half-Breed playing on a tug boat, at sunset for a few people. It was magic.

This amazing image was from our episode featuring Half Breed, playing on the Isswat.

The filming portion for the first 5 episodes has just wrapped, yay! Now, we're asking for your help to put ALL the pieces together. 

Why we need your help: We saved and spent every last dime we had, alas... it was still not enough to see this thing through (tears). And we are way out of favors! There's a lot involved in shooting out on the water! Paying the crew, boats & captains, safety squads, sound equipment rentals, film equipment rentals, generators, props, feeding cast & crew, LOTS of special equipment to make sure we don't miss the magic racks up.  

Now we're faced with a ton of footage to edit, animate, sound mix, color correct, and at last promote. This takes hours and hours of time and $$$. Our current editors are swamped, and as they do this for a living, and we can't ask them to work for free. Also we're on a tight timeline nearing the premier date (February 6th), we need to make sure they are compensated for their hard work, as well as we're in dire need to hire additional help!! 20,000 may seem like a lot but it goes really, really quick! If you break it down that is only 4,000 an episode. We are trying to do it for less (around 3,000) so we can have extra budget to help promote and pay for additional gear as well.

Bobbi living the Tug Life.

Admittedly, we are perfectionist, and want to bring you the best little music show ever. We have lot's of creative new ideas, the editing and wizardry of all of our fun animation, editing, green screen funnies, after effects, sound mixing, and scoring costs some big bucks. These folks have already put in some real hard work and long hours, and we still have a lot more to go to ensure we make this pilot series the best it can be.

We're working our little buns off so we can have a finished product to present to the world, create a following, and shop to potential networks & online magazines etc. 

Finding a home for the show is important so we can continue to film at this level. We dream of having our talented friends at Seattle Hot Tub Boats build us our own tricked out Hot Tub Boat. So we can achieve the goal of taking Hangin Tuff & our boaton the road to other cities as well.

Here's a little outtake from a HANGIN TUFF! BBQ Party on Lake Union. Bobbi hula hooping while eating ice cream on top of a pickup, it's how she got the job... and many others.

THE BANDS: We were lucky enough to have the most amazing first season of artist sign up to be on our little show. Please go check these artists out and share with your friends! Having the opportunity to work with them, we can honestly say that not only are they all amazingly talented, but they are all some of the best folks you'll ever meet. We had so much fun filming with these buds.


Episode #1 Fly Moon Royalty

Episode #2 Half Breed

Episode #3 Halloween Special La Luz

Episode #4 Jarv Dee

Episode #5 Season Finale Don't Talk to the Cops

****Featuring special guest Hollis Wong-Wear

This is an outtake of Bobbi and friends, Lisa & Anna, out for a cruz in between shots on the Isswat, a beautiful old wooden tug boat. 

ORIGINAL MUSIC: Our show strives to bring you the best new bands and original music from every city, we go hunting for new original artist, the up & comers, and the underdogs! There are so many mediums for getting music these days, it's almost to much, we know. And you're constantly being fed the same bands/music, the ones with BIG money behind them. We want to be that place you turn to to see something different, where you hear about the band first, or if it is a band you've heard of its the place where really get to see a different side of the artist, enjoy "hanging out" with the band in a whole new way. Mainly have fun with them, get to see them in a new light. 

Scoring: We are STOKED to have an amazing sound track. We use as much music as possible from the band itself laced throughout the episodes, along with original scoring from our Team Tuff music crew.

Bobbi has teamed up with djblesOne as acting music director, who has scored some of the episodes with his original works as well as tracks he's produced for his band's Don't Talk To The Cops! and Mash Hall. The show also features local musician FOX HUNT who has scored original works for intermitted skits and vignettes. Both have provided original music for these episodes and helped set the stage for the show.

Behind the scenes with djblesOne, filming a green screen surfing skit.

There's a lot of moving pieces to this show... literally. I think it best we review in these bullet points:

1)What? The Hot Tub Boat being our staple of the show, but also the quality and focus on new original music, our sense of humor, and our stylized editing. We strive to feature these things as apart of our signature for the show.

Bobbi Rich and her first mates filming a mock boating safety video for one of our vignettes.

2) WHERE: The show is based in Seattle on Lake Union, Seattle being a mecca for music and creativity we think this is a great home base for the show. BUT we plan on taking Hangin Tuff on the road to other cities, bringing you the best local acts that city has to offer. Imagine us, in our Hot Tub Boat, on the water feature out front of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas? Pretty awesome. Or in the Hot Tub Boat on Lake Austin, TX during SXSW, interviewing the top new faces, with your help it's all possible!

Shot from our Halloween Special episode featuring La Luz. Playing their song "Sure As Spring".

3) WHO? HOSTS & CHARACTERS: We've had guest hosts, special surprise guest star performers, and silly campy nautical characters stop by on the show. The drunken mermaid being one of the favorites, as well as a information-guru-computer-like Kraken have stopped by the boat. Being silly, having fun with the bands is another piece of what this show is all about. GOOD sketch comedy, funny vintage stock video, campy characters, and stylized vignettes & shorts, are all laced in the show. 

3)THE MUSIC: Each episode features a new band, they perform a small set on the show. Sometimes for a large crowd, sometimes in a quiet unique setting. We've done pop up show tweets and Facebook invites for these free shows, we'd like to keep up that tradition as we've received awesome feedback from fans about these fun free shows. We feature music from the band featured in that episode as well as works from our own talented music team. We'd like to keep an open door and encourage fans and other musicians to submit original music and scoring samples as well for the show.

This shot is from our Halloween Special on location at Maris Farms with Seattle Surf Rock Sweethearts "La Luz".

5)OUR (((VIBES))): We are working on incorporating some fun vintage 70's / 80's / 90's style custom graphics, stock video and animation on the show. The intro to the show and all of these little touches are being worked on now and need desperate help funding. Also, we are working with some local artists on original hand drawn designs for our t-shirts and gear.

6) INSPIRATIONS: This show is inspired by many iconic music & variety shows i.e. : Midnight Special, local cable access talent shows like Stairway to Stardom ,1960's PlayBoy After Dark, Early MTV (Beach House, Yo! MTV Raps, Head Bangers Ball, The Grind ) Amateur Night at the Apollo Sonny & CherMuppets Tonight, with a hint of Pee Wee's Playhouse!

7) THE EASY BAKE COVEN: The Easy Coven is a female driven creative collective and film production house. They are the crazy witches behind all this, along with much help and hard work from our extended film crew, editors and of course the bands. The EBC is directed by Bobbi Rich and Brit Zerbo. Hangin Tuff! was created, written and produced by Bobbi Rich. Currently the EBC is also in the works on a short film, mini doc, and other web series

8) YOU!!! You my dear buddies are who we made this show for! We are asking for your help to finish and see this thing through. We need $$$ to finish up all of the post costs, promoting costs, and everything else that's piling up! We truly believe in this show and know it has HUGE potential. We already have lot's of media interest! Help us by donating what you can and most importantly sharing this link!

That my friends is everything! Please share us with your friends and donate what you can! Feel free to contact us with questions or comments! Thank you sooooooooooooo much!








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    2 tickets to premier + party pic with Bobbi & Crew at the premier, all the custom designed goodies in the PARTY PACK above, NAME IN THANK YOU CREDITS, Official Hangin Tuff Cap-sac, DJ Bobbi Rich will make you a mixtape (or CD) including some music from the show. JAMZ.

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  • $1,000USD

    Have a most TRIUMPHANT Pizza party with Bobbi and Hangin Tuff's very own "Drunken Mermaid". We choose the pizza place you choose the theme. If you're local we'll even delivery the pizza and bring the party to you! Also we'll hand deliver you all the official Hangin Tuff digs: tank, socks, hat, stickers & buttons *Must be in Seattle or Portland, otherwise we'll send you the Hangin Tuff gear, order you a pizza and Skype pizza party?!

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    Bobbi will write you you very own customized song in your genre/theme of choice: Hip Hop, Punk, 70's Rock God, Slow Jam style R&B, or Ol' Timey Country. Also you will receive all of the Team Tuff Gear, your name in the "Special Thanks" portion on the credits, PLUS 2 free tickets to the premiere.

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  • $5,000USD

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDITS! You just bought your way to the top bud! PLUS++ HOT TUB BOAT RIDE FOR 6 (must be in the Seattle),You will also receive all the gear: Hat, Tank, Socks, Buttons, Sticker Book + party favor extras. AND Bobbi Rich is your DJ for a day! That's right, she'll fly out to any where in the US and DJ your life for a day! Or just your party, your breakfast, your breakup, whatever works. + 2 Free passes to the premier with invites to the after party, with cast, crew and bands.

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  • $10,000USD

    You will be over-nighted Bobbi's bottled tears of joy. It will be hard to repay your generosity but here's a start: CO-PRODUCER CREDITS on ALL first 5 episodes, 1 US flight + 2 night stay in Seattle + 2 tix to the premier at Central Cinema, VIP treatment - w/ every fancy thing we can think of, & after party with bands, cast and crew. HOT TUB BOAT RIDE FOR 6. The Gear: Hat, Tank, Socks, Buttons, Sticker Book. PLUS + DJ Bobby Rich will fly to your city and DJ any special event of your choi

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
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