Handheld Stories: Mumbai, India

Dharavi Slum was featured in Slumdog Millionaire and now you can help the children of Dharavi shoot their own movies.

Handheld Stories – India 

Handheld Stories is a volunteer-based, educational and media-arts collaborative that provides media creation tools and training for at‐risk youth worldwide. Handheld places an emphasis on working with underrepresented, marginalized communities where planning a secure and stable future is compromised by political, social or economic circumstances.

Handheld Stories provides the equipment, the volunteers, and the curriculum for a wholesale video training experience. At the culmination of these workshops, Handheld trainees have acquired the skills necessary for semi-professional video production and broadcast.

Dharavi Slum, located in the heart of Mumbai, is home to nearly 1 million people living in an area roughly 1 square mile in size. That’s about 18,000 people per acre, and many exist with no running water, electricity health care or educational opportunities. By contributing to this project you are accomplishing 2 important goals, you will be providing a unique educational opportunity out of the reach of many of these children as well as bringing to light the situation in Dharavi as told by the kids who live there.

This is an awesome opportunity for these kids. A fundamental aspect of any Handheld Workshop is the legacy project – meaning the equipment, and the skills to use and transfer those skills, remain with the students.

Where the money goes.

  • Cameras and Laptops that stay with the children.
  • Travel and accomodation expenses for our all-volunteer staff.
Many Ways to Contribute

Please tell your friends, colleagues or anyone you think might be interested in funding this campaign.  Even if you can't contribute you can still help us spread the word! Share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and anywhere you hang out online. Every bit makes a difference!

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