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Final Days

Thank you to everyone for your support.

As Canada's only crowdfunded journalist, I'm honoured by all the support I've received as I work to build a new business model for journalism that's puts high-quality transparent news gathering and analysis first.

Your support enables me to focus on producing news with link-baiting or other methods of drawing readers to feed an click-based business model. I don't have to troll you with sensationalist stories at City Hall - I can focus on working each day to better inform you and advocating for more transparency in local government.

If you haven't given yet, your $30 contribution will go a long way to supporting my work and making it even better.

Thank you,



Live Local Journalism, Where and When News Happens ... made even better

Thank you for visiting my crowdfunding campaign page and supporting my work as an independent journalist in Hamilton.

The Summary:

This campaign is to raise funds to support Joey Coleman's high quality independent journalism in Hamilton. Joey is Hamilton's best source for real-time news.

The goal of the campaign is to reach 300 contributions to ensure Joey can further improve Hamilton's journalism community, including applying for accreditation at Queen's Park to ensure Hamilton's issues are covered in Toronto. 

If you can contribute $30, please do. Your contribution can be kept private by choosing the "undisclosed" option after making a contribution. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Note: Buttons and hugs will be available on March 9th during Joey's Birthday/Crowdfunding success party. Details here. 


Since the last successful crowdfunding campaign, we've seen what is possible when our community comes together to support public service journalism.
We've seen the positive impact upon our civic affairs of having all public meetings at City Hall streamed, I've been able to livestream from Toronto when Metrolinx announced Hamilton was a priority for transit investment (the only Hamilton media to attend), brought you the Mayor's State of the City address from Winona, the Mayor's address to the Chamber of Commence from the waterfront, was on scene at the large fire in Dundas that happened in the middle of the night (again, the only local media to bring you a live update from Fire Officials during the emergency), attended the police budget town hall in Stoney Creek, stream School Board meetings, and brought you the first ever livestream of a regular Police Services Board meeting.
We've also seen what others can do with the equipment when it's been lent to the McMaster Silhouette who livestreamed a debate for the McMaster Students Union election.
In total, we've been able to livestream over 1000 hours of public meetings in Hamilton the past few months.
It's not just livestreaming, my journalism also includes publishing agendas the City won't - such as the Accountabilty and Transparency committee, publishing open data, providing updates about what's happening in Hamilton right now, assisting fellow citizens with freedom of information requests, answering your questions, and much more.
I hope you can contribute to this assist in keeping this momentum moving forward.
300 contributors at $30 will reach the goal. Even if you can contribute a small amount, it helps.
I'm applying to the Provincial Legislature to get credentials at the Queen's Park Press Gallery and one of the primary criteria is a large number of paid "subscribers".
A small contribution will go a long way to assisting with that goal.

A little about myself:

Born and raised in Hamilton, I've lived in nearly every community in our beautiful city. I loved each one (admittedly, Dewitt Rd was a challenging bicycle ride) and now live Downtown in the Beasley community.
Today, I'm Canada's first crowdfunded journalist - I answer to my community.
I've been a professional journalist for six years starting my career at Maclean's. I've worked for The Globe and Mail and numerous other newspapers. For the past three years, I've been independently covering Hamilton, often being the only reporter covering local stories.
Today, I cover our city in partnership with you.
In November, thanks to you, I became Canada's first crowdfunded journalist and cover our city 24/7. No matter when news happens, I'm there.
You can read more about my journalism achievements and proven experience below.

Why this crowd funding project?

I need to raise funds to continue producing the high quality 24/7 journalism you've come to expect from me.
$9,000 is what is required to fund my journalism at the present time.
Every City Council meeting, every City Council committee, every City Council sub-committee, School Board meetings, Public meetings, Local Events, Art Crawls, Town Halls, and more - that's the journalism your contribution supports.
The minimum amount includes equipment to improve productivity and improve the stream. I also will experiment with audio-only streaming to save you, the viewer, on bandwidth. My current computer is four years old and not able to handle video editing nor will it be capable of audio streaming.
I will also be purchasing a USB 3.0 video streamer to give me the option of choosing different livestreaming providers with the desire of having picture-in-picture as an option in the future.
The remainder is to cover operating expenses of the journalism I produce. No other outlet provides more coverage of City Hall.
It's the best value in journalism anywhere.
If I can raise more than $9,000, I can make more investiments in equipment to further improve the journalism I provide.
Among the improvements I will achieve above the minimum for status quo - purchase lightning and sound equipment for regular interviews. I seek to interview Councillors, Staff, and Citizens about issues in front of Council so we can be better informed as citizens.
No matter what you're doing, you'll be able to stay connected and informed.

Proven Track Record of Local Journalism Excellence

I've covered Hamilton news for three years. During this time, I've achieved many firsts including:
  • First (second, third, and fourth) live stream of Hamilton City Council meetings
  • First Livestream of a School Board meeting during the school closures votes
  • First live poll-by-poll results map of a federal election.
  • Only live coverage on Twitter of the Municipal Election results
  • Continuous live coverage on Twitter of many breaking news events in Hamilton
  • First liveblog of a City Council meeting
  • Hamilton's first free open data workshop - teaching how to use web tools and open data to inform our community

With the funding raised in November, I've done the following:

  • First HD broadcast of Hamilton City Council
  • First stream of a City Hall subcommittee - including livestreaming of the "Accountability and Transparency" committee.
  • First livestream of the Hamilton Police Services Board
  • First livestream of a town hall in Hamilton with police budget town halls
  • First livestream from a fire scene in Hamilton when I brought you live fire officials briefing the community on the large fire in over a decade in our city
  • Live from the Casino town halls
  • Lent the equipment - at no charge - to the McMaster student newspaper to hold an online student presidential election debate
  • and more

The Future

I'm committed to producing high quality journalism and will provide the most comprehensive coverage of the 2014 municipal election.
Already, I'm looking ahead to what innovations I will do next.
I continue to focus on building a non-profit news service in Hamilton focused on improving civic dialogue and engagement.
In 2014, every municipal council candidate will get cover, and their ideas will be heard.
The long-term vision is simple, Hamilton will have a group of local journalists covering local stories as part of Canada's largest non-profit investigative news service.
Hamilton journalism, accountable to Hamiltonians.

Other Ways You Can Help

Financial contributions help, but you can help even more by supporting non-profit journalism in Hamilton by: 

  1. Sign up for the Hamilton News Roundup Newsletter
    • gives you a concise round-up of Hamilton news, links, events, and a preview of what's going to make news that day.
    • includes a banner advertising space that assists coverage.
    • is delivered to your inbox every morning.
  2. Tell your friends about this project and how they can get the latest news
  3. Continue to be awesome

Thank You!

Thanks for your participation and consideration. And please, would you share this crowdsourcing project with your social media friends or email list?
If you do, we'll send you a signed limited edition button designed by Matt Jelly.
Your contribution will go a long way to making non-profit journalism happen in Hamilton!
No matter when or where the news happens, we'll be there.
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