Halo: Safety for you and your iPhone

Halo is the world’s most advanced personal security accessory for iPhone.
Shane Smith
United Kingdom
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Personal security alarm, Theft/snatch alarm, Battery boost, Speaker boost, Incoming message alert

Around the world, theft of smartphones is on the rise and personal safety is always foremost in our minds. With this Indiegogo campaign, we’re starting  the pushback to reclaim your safety, and security of your iPhone. While Halo is the first smartphone case designed to prevent theft, it also incorporates invaluable features to enhance your iPhone, including a battery boost, external speaker, ergonomic grip and styling, and more.  After successfully crowdfunding the resources for initial concept and design in April 2013, our team has spent the past six months developing and prototyping the Halo for iPhone and we’re excited to share it with you.

The Halo Ring is the world’s first proximity-based alarm for phone theft prevention. You decide on the distance to set via the Halo app, and the Halo Ring will trigger an alarm capable of producing 115 decibels when separated from your device.

Designed to provide security for everyday use, Halo minimizes the risk of theft and provides you protection when you need it most.

The Halo Ring will also protect against damage to your device from an accidental drop.

Halo’s standard alarm may also be triggered by briefly holding the emergency button in the event you need to draw attention to yourself. Or, you can set up personalized alarms like “Help” or "Emergency”, which you can trigger with your own, secret, gesture control.  Simultaneously, video recording can be triggered, a text message with GPS coordinates and a pre-set, personalized message can be sent to designated emergency contacts.

Halo boasts a 20mm speaker so you can improve the iPhone’s audio output.

A silent, subtle LED alert system advises you of incoming calls and push notifications.

When you’ve been out and about all day, Halo has you covered with a extra battery boost to increase your iPhone’s usage by an estimated 40 percent.

Shane Smith, CEO, and Karen Griffith, Design Strategist and co-founder, continue a history of innovation in a partnership that started in London in the 1990’s, spanning software platforms, email services, research products and investor communications.  Karen and Shane have both been directors of a company listed on London Stock Exchange.  They are supported by an expert team of technical and design professionals that make up the Halo Family.

Gesture control and alarms
Activation and de-activation:
There are two primary activation methods: by gesture, to quickly activate a customized alarm; or by pressing the emergency button, for occasions when your phone is concealed in a pocket or bag and you may not wish to reveal it. Once activated, only you know how to de-activate it.
Ø  Record motion alarm activation gestures for customized alarms
Ø  Record motion alarm de-activation gestures
Ø  Choose emergency button activation for standard alarm (e.g. two short presses; or one long press)
Ø  Choose emergency button de-activation for standard alarm
Ø  Enable de-activation by fingerprint
Ø  Enable de-activation by PIN

Recording/selecting alert:
Ø  Record custom voice alert
Ø  Download pre-recorded alert

Configuring the Halo Ring:
Ø  Set maximum permissible distance for Halo Ring
Ø  Enable de-activation by return of Halo Ring within proximity
Ø  Enable de-activation by fingerprint
Ø  Enable de-activation by PIN

Audio play-out:
This feature is great for social listening.
Ø  Tilt left to increase volume
Ø  Tilt right to decrease volume

Power management:
The Halo case and your iPhone charge together, through the single lightning connector located at the base of the Halo – so it’s always charged when you need it.  If your phone battery is exhausted, you can use Halo as a back-up.
Ø  Activate battery boost to iPhone

Push notifications:
Associate four currently-enabled push notifications with LED’s. Example: 
Email – Red
Skype – Blue
Line – Green
iMessage – White

Personal safety controls:
Ø  Enable video recording when alarm is activated
Ø  Send image files to nominated recipients when video activated
Ø  Capture GPS location when alarm activated
Ø  Pre-define phone numbers to send emergency message
Ø  Record customized message associated with each phone number
Ø  Enable each phone number to receive GPS location, image files

Case design:
In addition to the software features, the case is designed to be held comfortably and securely. Combined with robust and high quality materials, the Halo protects your glass screen when placed face-down, and the case takes the brunt of the shock on those occasions when dropping is unavoidable.

We’ve had great feedback on the project so far and hope you like it too. Thanks for your time and please check out the pledges on our page. We look forward to sending you your very own Halo iPhone case in Summer 2014.

We’ve put together the best team possible to design, build and deliver this advanced product on time and on target. The primary risks and challenges are in manufacturing logistics. For example, there might be unforeseen problems with tooling and equipment. We may also face unexpected delays in obtaining the necessary certifications. These challenges are common to all projects involving new technology, dedicated manufacturing and mass distribution. While there may be manufacturing and production delays outside of our control, we promise timely and transparent communication throughout the process.

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Why not give your loved ones peace of mind and security. Order the Halo iPhone case now and we will send a gift certificate personalized for the recipient in time for Christmas.


Personal security alarm, Theft/snatch alarm, Battery boost, Speaker boost, Incoming message alert










2つの主要な起動方法があります: カスタマイズされたアラームをすくに起動するためのジェスチャー; 非常用ボタンを押すことによって、電話中ポケットやカバンにあることを画し明らかにしません。一旦起動すると、あなただけが停止するやり方を知っています。
  • カスタマイズされた警報によりレコードモーションアラーム起動のジェスチャー 
  • レコードモーションアラーム停止のジェスチャー 
  • 標準的なアラームの為に緊急ボタンの起動を選択する (例 2人の低いプレス; 1つの長いプレス) 
  • 標準的なアラームの為に緊急ボタンの停止を選択する 
  • 指紋によって停止を可能とする 
  • PINによって停止を可能にする

Recording/selecting alert:
  • Record custom voice alert
  • Download pre-recorded alert

  • ハローリングの最大許容距離を設定する 
  • 近くでハローリングのリターンによって停止を可能にする 
  • Enable de-activation by fingerprint 
  • PINによって停止を可能にする

  • 左への傾きはボリュームを増します 
  • 右への傾きはボリュームを減らします

ハローケースやIPhoneはハローのベースに位置している単電コネクターを通してチャージします。- だからあなたが必要なときいつでもチャージされます。もしあなたの電話のバッテリーを使い果たしたら、あなたはバックアップとしてハローを使用する事が出来ます。
  • iPhoneの為にバッテリーの増加を起動させる 

電子メール – 赤
スカイプ – 青
ライン – 緑
iMessage – 白

  • アラームが起動している時ビデオの録画を可能とします 
  • ビデオが起動している時候補者に指名された写真ファイルを送ります 
  • アラームが起動している時GPSの場所をとらえます 
  • 緊急メッセージを送信するために電話番号を前定義します 
  • 電話番号と関連したカスタマイズされたメッセージの録画 
  • GPSの場所や写真ファイルを受け取るために番号を電話出来ます 






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Early Bird
特別なearly bird場所でハローiPhoneケースを受け取ります。 - - $99のRRPからかなりの割引で。標準的な色が利用可能です: 黒、白、クロム。
$99のRRPからかなりの割引でハローiPhoneケースを手に入れてください。標準的な色が利用可能です: 黒、白、クロム
Gift a Halo iPhone Case to your loved ones at Christmas and we'll provide a personalized gift certificate to be redeemed as soon as the Halo is on general release in Summer 2014. Available in standard colors: black, white and chrome.
限定版を受け取ります。特別な色がハローiPhoneケースで利用可能です。あなたはハローチームから排他的なアップデートを受け取り、ハロースティッカーやティーシャツを受け取ります。限定版の色は利用可能です: ピンクと金
家族や友達を3つのハローiPhoneケースで安全に保ってください。標準的な色が利用可能です: 黒、白、クロム
始めの2年間無料でハローアップグレードを受け取る事が出来ます。いつもiPhone安全装置を最新の状態にしておいてください。標準的な色が利用可能です: 黒、白、クロム
CADの限定版引き出しと共に1か月前にハローiPhoneケースの限定版を手に入れてください; そして製品を高めることを支援するエリートユーザーグループの一員になってください。

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    Family Pack

    Keep your family and friends safe with a pack of three Halo iPhone Cases. Available in standard colors: black, white and chrome.

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    My Phone is My Life

    Receive all Halo upgrades free of charge for the first two-years. Always have our most up-to-date iPhone security device. Available in standard colors: black, white and chrome.

    2 out of 500 claimed
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  • $500USD
    Elite User

    Get your limited edition Halo iPhone Case one month prior to general release along with limited edition CAD drawings; and become a member of our elite user group helping to drive product enhancements.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $10,000USD

    We will fly you from anywhere in the world to meet Halo’s team in London to receive your limited edition Halo iPhone Case in person. We will also provide you hotel accommodation for three nights so you can explore London’s historic streets and sites.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
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