Halloween Spirit

This is a film just in time for Halloween. But this is not a scary story, this is not about ghouls and goblins. This is about a child, and his Halloween spirit.
Justin Connors
Orlando, Florida
United States
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Halloween Spirit

Pure, nearly incomprehensible imagination. This is the only way that I can explain what Halloween is like for a child. It's not the poorly spray painted cardboard box that makes them a robot, or a sheet with holes cut into it that make them a ghost. It's their imagination, their Halloween Spirit. I want to capture that. That excitement, joy, just what the Halloween Spirit can mean to someone.

My name is Justin Connors - an independent filmmaker in Orlando, Florida. I have experience as an director, producer and editor on both high and low-budget films. Here is a small glimpse at some of the work that I have done:

In addition to my work above, I'm also releasing my recent short film "Actress" just in time for the spooky side of the season. You can watch the trailer below.

Now I am all for the creepy aspect of the season, which is readily apparent in the Actress trailer above. However, for this Halloween I am out to create something different. I want to show both sides of the widely celebrated Holiday, which is where IndieGoGo comes in.  I have written a short film that gets to the fun part of the season, the essence of being a child, and what the Halloween Spirit can achieve on the most magical of holidays.

A Bit About The Story Line

The story is about a young child going trick or treating with his peers. While having the time of his life, he constantly notices a house at the end of the street, a house without decorations or a light on - the sign of someone not interested in the holiday. With hope, the young child goes to the door, with intentions to show the people what the Halloween Spirit and its magic can mean for them, and what that could be is not what you would expect.

I am looking for contributions from the people who love to see something different from the Halloween film season. I would love to showcase not only the exceptional talent I have the privilege to work with, but also provide the crew with the opportunity to use the tools and resources needed to produce the finest quality product. My goal is to have a finalized product that everyone will not only be proud of, but feel good watching and sharing with their friends and family during the holiday.

What We Need & What You Get

I've seen the power of Crowd Funding and how it has changed independent filmmaking. Though project have come and gone, I wanted to wait until I had written something that I was confident that people would be proud to say "I contributed to that!" as much as I would love to say, "look what you helped create!" I really feel that I now have that project, and all I need now is you!

We made "Actress" on a extremely low budget. We stretched that budget to the fullest to provide the style, look and feel that we were looking for and were able to get more bang for our buck. For Halloween Spirit I am looking to do that again, and with my talented crew, I know its more than possible. Our goal of $3,000 will allow us to go far beyond what we were able to accomplish in Actress, which we are extremely proud of. I have a set date of October 18th, which will allow my crew and I the time to shoot and edit the short film to be released during the week of Halloween.

With each donation, you will be given the admiration and Special Thanks that your time and money has provided the project with your name in the credits. For $25 you will be provided the Special Thanks in physical form as well, with a set photo or film still with the "Halloween Spirit" logo and thank you letter from myself. For a donation of $100, you'll receive a customized, signed and laminated one sheet specially thanking you for your contribution, that will have unique items on it showing behind the scene photos, storyboards and shots from the film so that you have something personal and unique for yourself as well as a thank you letter. For $200, you will get a Blu-Ray (or dvd if you prefer) copy of the project (with Behind the Scenes and a photo montage included if budget allows for the crew.) on top of the customized laminated one sheet and thank you letter.

Below is the basic breakdown of where the contributions will be allocated.

$650 will go towards cast ( Multiple children and Adults will be required as well as the means to take care of them.)

$1600 in Production (Gear, generator, camera and lens rental, crew costs and the means to feed and take care of them.)

$750 in Art Direction ( Costumes - I plan to buy a completely unique hand man mask of Etsy for the main child actors costume - Set Decorations, including creating a wonderfully majestic Halloween street.)

If I go over the goal, I would love to hire a Behind-the-Scenes Crew to document the project, which will provide a fun video showcasing what it took to create the project, further adding to the enjoyment of the contributor. Though I have all intentions to creatively make this Halloween film work here in Florida, if we far surpass our goals, this project could be moved north to further add to the look and feel, and be shot in an area where the fall season is more naturally apparent.

If we do not reach our goal, I will aim to use whatever provided to create the best visual product that I can.

In the end, my goal is simple. I have set out to create something that shows the kind of heart you don't normally expect from a Halloween video. I want to do this with a beautiful film and a touching story, and I want you to join me.

Other Ways You Can Help

Can't provide any funding? That's okay, you can still be a huge help! Please utilize the IndieGoGo Share tools, and do what you can to spread the word about the project! Any help provided is more than appreciated!

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