Halley Elwell's debut jazz album, LAST SPRING

From Hallowell, Maine to San Francisco, these jazz tunes have come a long way. Help my debut album make a strong finish!
Halley Elwell
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{ Visit http://halleyelwell.com to buy or listen to the album! Thanks so much for your support, friends!}


WE DID IT!!! Thank you all for your support!

Now your only job is to help me celebrate by coming to my cd release party at 50 Mason Social House on Friday, August 19th from 7-10. See you there!



Check out the front page of the Maine Kennebec Journal's Women's Quarterly Summer 2011 issue!

My Indiegogo campaign and album are mentioned! Thank you to Nancy McGinnis @ http://www.communicado.us!


The Story of Last Spring

After I graduated from college with a music degree, I figured the only way to productively pursue music without being swallowed whole by my student loan debt would be to get a day job and gig at night. Well, the day job changed everything, including my musical goals. I ended up recording for free at a student-run studio at the art school I worked for, and that's how Last Spring was born. It was premature and not very well planned, but in the months since the recording sessions went down, this baby has gotten healthy and much stronger. It's busting out of it's 6-12 month clothes and wants to run!

Made up of 5 original songs (one of which just won an ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award) and three of my favorite standards, the album features some of the Bay Area's best musicians, including saxophonist Dayna Stephens, flutist Gerald Beckett, guitarist Jack Riordan, bassist Jesse Cafiero and drummers Jimmy Gallagher and Brandon Etzler. It has been mixed by engineer Gary Hobish, who will also master it. Jazz vocal sensation and my mentor Kitty Margolis has arranging credits on this, and a surprise producer has just signed on to do some final pro bono work to ensure this album sounds stellar. We're not going to let you down!

The Impact

Last Spring was recorded last year and has since been funded mostly by my administrative assistant salary. It is in it's final stages of production, but it needs your help! I have already had some phenomenal photos taken for the album cover by San Francisco photographer Veronica Weber (as seen on this page), but am still finalizing the artwork. From there I will need to package and distribute the album, pay royalty fees, and pay for continued promotion (radio, print, web, etc.). 

On a broader scale, this album is significant because it's new, original work by a young group of jazz artists in the Bay Area. It is notably lamented that many talented young jazz artists of the Bay Area move to NYC for better work. This album is proof that there is still a scene and still musicians working hard to keep jazz alive in San Francisco. By supporting this album, you are also supporting this fact.

What We Need & What You Get

I am asking for $2,500. This will cover studio fees for extra sessions with the producer that graciously offered his time to make this album sparkle. Additionally, this will cover mastering costs, album artwork fees, cd duplication for a run of 300 cds, and payment of royalties. I do not anticipate left over funds, but in the event there are any, they will go directly toward promotion.

There are some cool incentives to this donation process if you're in the mood to give! I'm excited to share them with you. If you love the idea but cannot make a monetary contribution, no problem! Just by stopping by you have shown that you care, which means the world to me. If you want to stay in touch and hear about my musical endeavors, I hope you will sign up for my mailing list (which you can do while simultaneously downloading one of my songs for free! See below).

Other Ways You Can Help

Here are some other ways to help this campaign:

Spread the word via facebook, twitter, your blog or email (or some other social networking site I know nothing about) with a word or two of acknowledgment. My hope is to have many donors contributing less than $50. The coolest part of the crowd funding phenomenon is that it's community based. No one needs to put themselves out to contribute. Also, with Indiegogo, you don't have to sign in and make a new account. I have made contributions on this site for other deserving artists and like how quick and easy the process is.

Spread the word at work and drag your co-workers out to my next happy hour gig! By the time the cd release party rolls around, we'll all be good friends.

As promised, as a thank you for stopping by today, here is the link to download my song, 'Nobody Bothers Me' from Bandcamp for free! I recorded it back in 2008 for a demo with Larry Dunlap, an incredible Bay Area pianist.


Sincerely yours,

Halley Elwell


Kitty Margolis

Dr. Alfonso Montouri

Nancy McGinnis

Gary Hobish

Veronica Weber

Angela Snyder

Cassie Bouton

Heidi Agustin

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  • $5USD
    Postcards from San Francisco.

    Get a personal thank you from the songstress herself on a special 'Last Spring' promo postcard mailed to your home!

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  • $10USD
    Digi Digi Wha Wha?

    Gets you an early digital download of the album before it is released AND a postcard expressing my deepest thanks.

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  • $25USD
    It's getting serious.

    A classy compact disc (remember those?) featuring the beautiful photography of Veronica Weber and the lyrics and liner notes we've all come to miss on our itunes playlists. I am running a limited number of these cds, so once they're gone, they're gone. You will also get one of three album posters I have designed and plan to post in and around San Francisco for upcoming gigs.

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  • $50USD
    More more more. And a hug.

    A signed compact disc, 2 digital album downloads to gift to your jazz loving friends, 1 signed concert poster on high-quality paper.

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  • $100USD
    A family affair.

    A signed compact disc, a signed concert poster, 3 digital downloads to share with the fam, AND a set of two brilliantly crafted House of Bouton tea towels. The significance? Cassie Bouton, founder of H of B, co-wrote one of the best songs on this album, "Tell Me a Story." That will be your story to tell at your next cocktail party when you're bragging about your beautiful towels.

    8 claimed
  • $250USD
    Totes Magotes

    A signed cd, 3 digital downloads, 3 posters, 2 tea towels, and a lovely tote from Nouveau Abode to hold it all (this would be from my other talented sister, Angela Snyder, whose great designs can be found at Urban Bizarre in San Francisco!). It's quite apropos that Angie's totes are holding these gifts together, because that is the supportive role she has played in helping me make this album a reality.

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  • $500USD
    I'll write you a song.

    All of the gifts below and the grand slam of this is that I'll write you a song (or someone else you designate). This will include an hour-long meet and greet on the phone or in person to determine what you are looking for. Let's make some magic! You'll walk a way with a live recording of the song in a San Francisco nightclub and the sheet music.

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  • $1,000USD
    My sugar somebody.

    At this point this is going to make you my sugar daddy/momma. Proceed at will. You get all of the perks of the $500 mark, but you will also get special thanks in the liner notes as my sugar somebody in the cd booklet. Tread carefully, friend. Don't do it unless you really mean it!

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