Half The Road: The Passion, Pitfalls & Power of Women's Professional Cycling.

Half The Road started out as a documentary about the world of women's professional cycling. Then it turned into something bigger: a film about equality.
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Film Synopsis HALF THE ROAD:The Passion, Pitfalls & Power of Women's Professional Cycling


 Modern society has long believed that women hold up half the sky in terms of equality and progression. So when it comes to the sport of professional cycling, why aren’t women receiving half the road?


HALF THE ROAD is a documentary film that explores the world of women’s professional cycling, focusing on both the love of sport and the pressing issues of inequality that modern-day female riders face in a male dominated sport. With footage from some of the world’s best international UCI races to interviews with Olympians, World Champions, rookies, coaches, managers, officials, doctors and family members, HALF THE ROAD offers a unique insight to the drive, dedication, and passion it takes for female cyclists to thrive.  Both on and off the bike, the voices and advocates of women’s pro cycling take their audience on a journey of enlightenment, depth, strength, love, humor and best of all, change & growth.

 In addition to the international race footage and athlete interviews, the film also follows director/athlete Kathryn Bertine’s quest to make the 2012 Olympics during her first year racing professionally for Team Colavita. Bertine, a three-time national champion of St. Kitts and Nevis, explores the issues faced when smaller nations try to make strides in a sport that has no history of tradition (or fiscal support) within their culture. The documentary's title, HALF THE ROAD, comes from a segment of the film where the president of a small cycling federation quotes the old adage, "Women hold up half the sky" in reference to equality. Our documentary explores the idea that, If women hold up half the sky, then the women's peloton deserves 'half the road' of opportunity, growth, support & equality within professional cycling.   

Featured athletes include: 12 Olympians, 20+ nations represented, development riders, world and national champions, a U.S. Surgeon General, Ironman and Marathon champions, pro team directors, major sponsors and UCI officials. A detailed list of athletes, teams and activists will be on our website.


Director's Statement - Kathryn Bertine


About a year ago, I did something crazy. I actually listened to the little voice in my head that kept whispering, "It's time to make a documentary." The thought found it's way to my vocal chords, and then slipped out into the world with a frightening and bold proclimation: I am going to make a documentary. Once the words were on the loose, there was no turning back.

After a 15 year career in sports journalism, including columns on ESPN and espnW, the publication of two sports memoirs All the Sundays Yet to Come and As Good As Gold, and currently in the midst of a career in professional cycling, I wanted to try a new medium within media: documentary films. I had long worked with words, and was curious to see how they looked in motion.

While it was clear to me that the fascinating, untold world of women's professional cycling was the story I wanted to share via film, I had no knowledge of the cinematography side of the business. Luckily, I found someone who did: Kevin Tokstad. He signed onto the project in a leap of faith, trusting my story line and willing his cameras to do the same.  

Now, over a year later, we have finished filming and we are awestruck at the content and caliber of the interviews and footage. In the next six months, we will transform the footage into a feature length documentary (~80 min) and show the world the intricate side of women's professional cycling. About halfway through the filming process, I realized we were not making a film about cycling. We were making a film about equality, society and growth...simply told through the medium of kick-ass female athletes. 

While we don't want to give away every wonderful angle of the film, we will say this: In terms of passion, strength and humor, our subjects gave us more that we ever expected. For a full director's statement and if you'd like to see more about the fascinating people, nations & events featured in the film, please visit our website and follow us on twitter (links are below).


What We Need 

Kevin and I started this film because of our passion for sport, equality, storytelling and videography. Every dollar earned went/will go to the film itself, as it is our professional goal to make films that matter. We were able to complete the initial filming for less than $10K, surviving on meals purchased at gas stations, bedbuggy motels, and the generosity of strangers. It was a glorious adventure with stellar results. We'd do it all again in the same manner.

Yet making a film and getting it out into the world are two different ventures. In order to produce, distribute and get HALF THE ROAD into the world, we need help with the following expenses:

* Funds for distribution (DVDs, streaming, etc), posters, mailings, ads, etc.

* Funds for setting up screenings & premieres in the U.S. and abroad.

* Funds for entering film festivals.

* Funds for traveling to the film festivals that love and accept us.

* Funds for rights to Olypmic footage. Which is ridiculously pricey.


What You Get

Now, we're all for mutual benefits! If you can give to us, we'd like to give back to you. Take a look at our stellar prizes and incentives listed in the PERKS column. Please remember, no donation is too small, we are grateful for every dollar. 


The Impact

Your generosity in donating to HALF THE ROAD goes far beyond the expenses and price tags associated with filmmaking. Every dollar donated can make an enormous impact on our society, by sending the following messages:

* That women in sport should be treated equally to men in sport.

* That Title IX is great, but we must strive for our "Title Next."

* That you believe in every athlete--male or female--that has ever scraped by, taken a chance, chosen the pass less traveled, and dared to try.

* That gold medalists and developing athletes have messages of equal greatness.

* That--if you have a mother, sister, wife or daughter--you believe in what they can achieve. 

* That you're a sports fan and you just really like anything to do with sports.


Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help!

In addition to raising funds, our biggest need is generating awareness. You can help by...

* Using the Indiegogo share tools via Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc. 

* Sending the link to people who you think can help

*Sending our link to your local media outlets. Perhaps they'd be interested in our story.

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