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Hope can be found in the strangest places, sometimes it is sitting right beside you...
Isla Ure
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London/ Cardiff
United Kingdom
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Halcyon Heights - a new British feature film

Thank you for checking us out...find out more about the film and everyone involved below


Plug It In Productions was formed back in February and first screened with their short film 'Passengers' at The Ritzy, Brixton and then The Picturehouse, Hackney. They won Best Actor at the Underwire Festival and were nominated for the BFI Future Film


'Passengers' was made on £50 (a donation to our lovely DOP.) We made it on one day with the second half having to be done in one take (due to the guerilla filming on the bus and unfortunately one screaming baby!!) The joys of low budget film making!

We used a pretty basic camera and a microphone gaffa taped to a pole! It was very much an 'off the cuff' project which had simply a lot of love driving it. Imagine what we could do with an actual budget!?


"A charming onscreen romance, with great performances and confidently directed. I almost felt that there were really classical cinematic overtones that made this film feel almost timeless in contrast to the drab surroundings and muted colour palette. Poetic and thought-provoking."

Ravi Aramatunga, Channel 4 on 'Passengers'

"This is an excellent film, really well written and very well shot too. The characters are so engaging and the piece is filled with a great metaphor for life. I was compelled to watch right to the end."
Plato Films on 'Passengers'


About this film...

'Halcyon Heights' is kind of a sequel/adaptation to short film 'Passengers'

'Halcyon Heights' follows the lives of two misfits as they routinely get on the same packed bus every day. They  are opposites in many ways, Lucy having had a pretty steady upbringing so far, while Shane has been an orphan and a roamer all his life, having to fend for himself. Not willing to connect with others on the well trodden commute, them and their fellow passengers spend the journey keeping to themselves. Until one day, one of them takes actions to discover more about this mysterious character that they have watched closely and fantasised stories about. An unravelling of their lives begins and it would seem impossible for a friendship to form; however, they realise that what you think you know about someone isn't always right. And sometimes in the process you can learn a lot about yourself.

I think a lot of writers draw from their own lives, people they know and situations they've been involved in - and that is exactly what I've done here, consciously and subconsciously. After I wrote the initial script for 'Passengers' and after we'd shot it I found myself still writing scenes with them in - learning more about them through different scenarios and challenges, so it became clear to me that there was still a story to be told. What makes these characters addictive to write is that they are similar in many ways and both hiding a lot, so finding ways and reasons for them to reveal themselves is a really interesting process. 


For 'Halcyon Heights' I've teamed up with 'Just A Little's' John Brown and Danielle Harvey and 'Fiddy West's' Victoria Brittain and it will explore further the lives of these two protagonists; their relationships with their family, themselves and each other and show how sometimes you can find strength and solace in the most unlikely of places.




A charity film...

Should we get a distribution deal and make some money from this film... do you know what? No! WHEN we get our distribution deal we will be putting all the profits into The Tommy Fund!

The Tommy Fund

It was set up in March 2013 after the sudden death of our best friend Tommy Vine. Tommy plays the original Shane in the film 'Passengers' and 'Halcyon Heights' is the legacy he leaves behind. He was an astonishing actor but beyond that he was a truly beautiful and inspiring human being. When he died suddenly, so many people were hit hard by his loss, not just because he was too young to go, but because everyone who met him fell in love with him immediately. The amount of times I've heard 'I want him to be my best friend!!' Well we were the lucky ones that got to share a portion of his life with him.

He was an incredibly supportive partner and friend and I know I would never have had the confidence to go for this if it wasn't for his constant support and now the constant little voice I have in my head going "Come on Ure, you can do this, I believe in you"

'Halcyon Heights' was always a story about loss and longing but now these feelings are that much more prevalent.

We have already raised over £3000 for The Tommy Fund through fundraising, cabarets, selling books, playlists and making hundreds of badges!! We have run through rainbows at The Color Run, we're selling Tommy inspired t-shirts and there is a music and film festival set to take place in summer 2014!

Things are moving fast and we are already open to submissions through Ideastap and NSDF, offering two bursaries of £500. We invite any artists who need a boost or a helping hand for their craft and hopefully we can get some people achieving their dreams! This way such a tragedy can create some good. Check out the brief below:


Also keep up to date with all our Tommy Fund fundraising events at:www.facebook.com/TheTommyFund  and pick up your Tommy T at: http://www.justletitflow.co.uk

What We Need & What You Get...

Even though we're asking for a huge amount of money... in film terms £15,000 is micro micro budget as I am sure you know. But we are passionate and determined to make this film and know that it can all be possible with this amount. We are so lucky that we will be working with amazing cast and crew that will be giving us their time and talent for nothing but the love of the script and for the all important Tommy Fund of course. 

In return we hope you will enjoy some pretty cool perks - the raffle is one we are particularly excited about with some incredible donations from some lovely people...I quite want to enter myself! There are also some more personal touches like the poetry book - it's so nice to share the talents of this wonderful young man.

And your own pre-release soundtrack will surely tickle your fancy! We are incredibly excited to have Dems doing an original soundtrack and score for the film!!

If you haven't heard them yet, quickly go to: http://d-e-m-s.com



The most important thing however is that in the end you have a film which looks great and with that moves, inspires....and may make you cry but also make you smile.

We have extremely high hopes for the film and are looking to some amazing festivals in the future so for us that means that we want to use the best camera and equipment that we can get our hands on. The ultimate goal would be to use the Arri Alexa camera which will set us back a lot of money. We plan to shoot for 15 days so as you can imagine it all adds up and this will be where the majority of the budget will be going. Some of the other areas that the money will go on will be:

Hiring a london bus for 4 days... and a driver (£3000)

Underwater camera equipment


Post production- editing, grading and sound design

Travel expenses for all cast and crew for the duration (we are shooting mostly in Cardiff)

Food expenses for the shoot duration... and lots of tea!

Insurance- covering all hired kit and public and employers liability

Festival submission


What About Any Extra Money Raised?

What we are asking for is the bare minimum to get the film made – and most people are working completely for free! (I know some pretty lush people!) If we make more than our target we can use the extra to hire an experienced PR team get this story out into the world! If we get LOADS more than our target then of course it will go straight into The Tommy Fund. I pretty much want to start a Tommy epidemic.


Who's involved...


Isla Ure

Isla started out acting and her credits include Red Dwarf X, 'The Winterling,' 'I Have A Bad Feeling About This,' 'Candlestick' and of course the original cast and then onto the film cast of 'Territory' written by Reuben Johnson.She has always written short stories and scripts but finally made her debut short film 'Passengers' last year with partner Tom. It since won her her Best Actor award and BFI Future Film nomination as well as runner up in shooting people's FOTM. Her passion for writing and directing has grown and grown - actually it's kind of an obsession now...



John Robert Brown

John is co-founder of Just a Little, he makes shorts, music videos and virals. He love’s and lives for film. His last two short films have been screened in many festivals and have been nominated for many awards over the last year.  

After a brief flutter with acting he began his career with professional photography, although making films was always his ultimate goal. John’s start with photography gives him a thorough and deep knowledge of imagery, from framing through to it’s history. John quickly discovered his real calling and passion was in writing and directing. He has developed a unique, measured and hands on approach to filmmaking.



Danielle Harvey

Danielle produces films, commercials and music videos and her work has been screened at numerous festivals and events throughout the UK and Internationally.Danielle studied drama and acting for years before releasing her true passion in production 'behind the camera'! Her experience brings a huge amount of understanding and passion to every project. In 2010 Danielle begun a working collaboration with Writer & Director John Robert Brown and co-founded production company and collective Just a little

In 2012, Danielle was proud to present 'Mum Says,' a film she produced for director John Robert Brown, which has been most recently shown at London Short Film Festival 2013 and is currently in post production for their next short film, 'Promise.'

Victoria Brittain

In 2009 Victoria won the Best Producer award from the National Student Drama Festival. She went on to be the workshop co-ordinator for NSDF and work as a freelance producer at the Finborough Theatre, Lyric Hammersmith, Sheffield Crucible, Pleasance Theatre (London and Edinburgh), Old Vic Tunnels, Lowry Theatre Salford Quays and The Space Venues. In 2011 Victoria moved into film production with the feature film 'Territory.' She is currently working on short film 'Show Me a Sign,' feature film 'Wrecked,' comedy sketch show 'Fiddy Sketch' and the feature film 'Halcyon Heights.'


Leading man!

Reuben Johnson

Johnson's theatre credits include 'Word', 'Our Pals' and 'Flesh' at the Manchester Royal Exchange, 'Voxpop' at the Soho Theatre, 'Territory' and 'The Meeting' at the Pleasance Theatre/UK Tour, 'Wrecked' at The Lowry Theatre and 'The Proposal' at the Space Venues, Edinburgh Festival.

His film credits include 'Territory' (Fiddy West Productions) 'Weekender' (Momentum Pictures)', One Night in Hackney' (Just a Little), 'Mum Says' (Just a Little), Television credits include 'Prisoners Wives' (Tiger Aspect/BBC) and 'Casualty' (BBC).


The Impact

Apart from making us all really happy, we intend to create a kind of snowball effect, with this film building The Tommy Fund and, with that, us being able to put money into other honest and heartfelt projects by enthusiastic and passionate creatives!


Other ways you can help?

Whether or not you are able to donate, if you liked 'Passengers' and want to see 'Halcyon Heights' succeed, (and one day have a chance to watch it!), please share our campaign as much as you can by 'liking,' 'sharing', emailing...shouting from the rooftops! Whatever takes your fancy...



Also, we will be filming in Cardiff. If you are unable to donate but are able to offer some sort of support in kind, with locations, costumes, catering etc we would love to hear from you!!



'Don't Think Just Let It Flow' :)

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    Our thanks!

    A personal thank you on our twitter and Facebook page

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  • £10GBP
    Tommy's Poetry Book

    A compilation book of Tommy's poetry collected from his 25 years; will promise to uplift, intrigue and inspire you...the sky is not the limit

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    The magic of sound...

    Your very own CD of the soundtrack with film artwork! Plus Tommy's poetry book... And online thank you!

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    Pre release downloadable film AND soundtrack!

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    A personal invite...

    2 tickets to join the cast and crew at our private screening as soon as the film is complete! Plus the above!

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    A great BIG thank you!!!

    All of the above!... Poetry book, media package and invite to the private screening plus your very own 'Don't think just let it flow' badge and a THANK YOU in the credits!

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    You're an Exec!

    Executive Producer in the credits!!! Come and meet us all and discuss the film... Plus all of the above

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • £5,000GBP
    The Full experience!

    Join us for a day in the edit suite (give us your opinion even!), meet all the cast, come to a Dems gig with us and celebrate...and Exec Producer in the credits!

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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