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We like to refer to our plan for the building of Hackert0wn in the present tense as it is present in its conception and we find that in doing so we energize the project with positivity and motivation.

Hackert0wn is an epicenter for innovation and education to advance green technology.  By providing facilities and access to materials, hosting classes and hands-on workshops, generating fresh produce and providing radically inclusive community space, Hackert0wn benefits the entire local and global community.

Headed by Sean Auriti, co-founder of Alpha One Labs, a hackerspace in Brooklyn, Hackert0wn meets the demands to drive innovation forward by taking the magic of hackerspaces to the next level. Hackerspaces are physical spaces where people come together to work on projects. Hackers today are not just guys on laptops pouring over code; they are the tinkerers and inventors who can break it, then fix it, then add another feature to it and make it do something else. We've noticed that when you need a part, it holds up your project. Hackert0wn offers a solution to this problem by providing a retail marketplace where hackers can pick up supplies like circuit boards, hardware, chemicals, fasteners and all those special pieces.  There is also the option to print out what you need on one of our 3D printers, or cut it out with one of our CNC mills.

Using recycled shipping container architecture, Hackert0wn provides a modular, eco-friendly place to hack, play, learn and grow food. We're looking forward to a successful crowdfunding with your help.


We have a goal to raise an initial $1.5 million to break ground and get Hackert0wn up and running. Since the shipping containers are modular, this project can expand to include more space for each facility.

What have we done so far?  

1) We have selected a location that is properly zoned and culturally poised for a custom build of up to seven stories of shipping containers.
The bulk of our fundraising efforts will go towards the purchase of this property from a local family who delights in the prospect of a community centered project transforming their old chain fenced parking lot into an epicenter for innovation and education.

2) We are actively reaching out to our favorite suppliers to put their wares on the first floor of Hackert0wn.
 The retail area will start out a full seven container capacity and will provide the income to Hackert0wn to expand month by month until the goals in this plan are met.  We also have a Hackert0wn General Store for reselling top hacker related products like Adafruit products, Arduinos, and Digikeys.

3) On our team we have an experienced architect in shipping container design.  
He will also be acting as our general contractor and advisor to ensure that all permits and codes are processed correctly and swiftly and all opportunities for incentives, such as Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC Green Initiatives for Sustainable Communities cutting down typical permit wait times from 12 months to 6 months.

4) Community voices are being heard.
 Hackert0wn’s plans have evolved from the throng of men and women, boys and girls, who want a place to innovate and be a part of making this new world as it changes from grey to green.  You, the person reading this right now, are the one that is building Hackert0wn.  With your ideas, feedback and support, we are getting to the next step in making this ambitious project a reality.

Who will run Hackert0wn once it is built?

Hackert0wn is intended to be mostly self sustaining and require minimum maintenance.  A mixture of volunteers and hired staff will tend to facilities. A management team will work closely with the founders and Board of Directors as they are refined throughout the funding process.



What we need: water, seeds, fish, LEDS, containers, project manager, pipes, pool windows, tank refinishing.
How it works:
Eleven acres of produce will be produced and sold to the community, local markets and restaurants. LED and natural lighting, and aquaponic fish farming creates a closed loop system and optimizes water use.


What we need: sustainably produced or recycled office furniture
How it works: Small business rent private workspace and enjoy the view and natural light from the wall sized windows.

Hack Hall

What we need:  sustainably produced or recycled tables and chairs 
How it works:
Our Hack Hall provides seating for up to 250 people with the option to divide into separate conference rooms or classrooms.  This versatile space can be transformed from a conference hall, event space, classroom space, theater, lecture hall or concert space with stage.  


What we need: furnishings are customized for each vendor
How it works:  Each company leases space from Hackert0wn on a yearly basis. Hackert0wn also runs its own General Store.


What we need:  sustainably produced or recycled furniture
How it works:  Rent a desk, hourly weekly or monthly and enjoy an out of home, out of office, place to work.  

Tool Shop & Fab Lab

What we need:  5 axis CNC mill, full sized CNC router, a CNC mill, a table plasma-cutter, a water-jet-cutter, 3d printers and hand and power tools, pick-and-place, reflow oven, pcb mill.
How it works:  Members of Alpha One Labs have 24 hour access to these machines and tools. Visitors are welcome at open hours and a series of workshops and classes with take place here.  

Space Lab

What we need:  open space
How it works:  The hackert0wn Space Lab AKA Mothership is a 38ft. tall "silo" that allows space enthusiasts and scientists to test flying machines. 


What we need:  themed decor, soundproofing materials, minimal to zero furniture
How it works:  Themed rooms include a soundproof room for recording or sound isolation, a room with completely blank walls, a nature room with plants, waterfalls, and art studio

Crash Pods

What we need: prefab pods, mattresses, linens
How it works:
Rentable by the hour, you'll have a comfortable sleeping arrangement to power nap and then get back to hacking.


What we need:  exercise machine equipped with kinetic energy to electricity conversion system
How it works:  
A gym that is not only free, put pays you for the amount of energy you produce, the equipment in the hackert0wn gym is built so that when you exercise on it, it generates electricity back to the power storage system.

Fuel Cell

What we need: fuel cells totaling 1 MegaWatt
How it works: Our hydrogen fuel cell array combines the most efficient technology in electricity storage.  Using hydrogen fuel cells enables the power to last longer and is easier to maintain than conventional storage systems.  We estimate that the power stored is enough to power hackert0wn for five days . All electrical circuits in hackert0wn display the current power used and turn off when not in use.  This container also houses the water filtered recycled vegetable oil generator which provides heat as well as electricity.



What we need: building toys, tables, chairs, shelves, storage containers
How it works:
Builders of all ages are free to experience the joy of making by playing with interconnecting building toys.  


What we need: bio hacking starter kit
How it works: Sung won Lim, cofounder of GenSpace will assist Hackert0wn as we set up all the infrastructures for supplies and safety codes to get core equipment capable of handling everything you need for an iGEM quality project. 


What we need: vitrified clay pipes, copper pipes, liner
How it works: Our rainwater collection container holds 10,000 gallons of rainwater.  Utilizing the Vertical Implosion Cube system created Maurice Bey, along with an electrolysis process by solar panels, contaminants are separated from the water and produce hydrogen for the fuel cells.  Hackert0wn's water system also feeds our restroom facilities where no water is wasted, and grey water is used to flush. 


Green Roof

What we need: solar panel kits, wind turbines, seeds, soil, wood, copper tubing, vitrified clay pipe 

How it works:  The green roof harnesses the sun's energy using solar panels as well as the wind through vertical wind turbines and sends it to the fuel cells at estimate of 200,000 watts per hour. The solar panels also heat up hot water for usage.  Planter beds connect to the aquaponic system. The roof is also designed to maximize rainwater collection from every aspect of the surface. 

Hack App

What we need: IOS Developer
How it works:
Open doors, buy stuff, reserve space, play music in the building-- all with the Hackert0wn HackApp. Also, you can interface the Hackert0wn API with your web app.  


Finger print access to spaces that go on your account automatically linked to your credit card, Using recycled insulated containers. We're offering free space to all of the local hackerspaces as sharing our hack hall and hosting events in our event space. mixture of paid and free teacher.  Wifi carries blocks of radius, meshnet  node.  mostly free education everything is recycled all main spaces are accessed by membership.  All floors are ADA accessible through an elevator.  Back and front stairs provide fire evacuation safety.


T-shirt: Your choice of black & white or white with color:

Thermal mug:  Eco friendly and compatible with our automatic coffee system.

Tote Bag: Carry your new hacker warez in style


The cost of the lot is $950,000 and a rough estimation of cost from our architect is $150-$250 per square feet which includes bathroom requirements, fire safety regulations, plumbing and electric. We’re completing this project in 3 phases.

  • Each shipping container is about 320 sq. ft., and we can fit 11 containers per floor.  
  • Containers cost between $2,000-$5,000 recycled or new.  We are going for recycled containers.  
  • Container transport is $170 - $240 per container.
  • An 8 story crane to lift the containers up is about $500-$800 a day.
  • Concrete foundation is $120 per square yard.  It's roughly 5,000 square feet.  
  • Individual facilities will have estimations separately.  Labor is included in some estimates.

Our main goal is to raise $5,000,000 for all 3 phases.  
Our crowdfunding goal to get this going with phase one is $1,500,000.

Individual facility costs:

Farmland (phase 1-3):  11 containers to farm, 1 container to fish tank

Office (phase 1-2): 9 containers

  • $240,300 (9 x $26,700 per container Gacontainer)
  • $240,300 TOTAL

Hack Hall (phase 1-2): 7 containers

  • $12,000 (250 chairs at $50 each)
  • $5,370 (30 tables at $179 each)
  • $21,000 (7 containers at $3,000 each)
  • $112,000 (2,520 sqft at $50/sqft finishing / treatments)
  • $150,370 TOTAL

Retail (phase 1): 7 containers

  • $21,000 (7 containers at $3,000 each)
  • $112,000 (2,520 sqft at $50/sqft finishing / treatments) 
  • $10,000 (robotic coffee system)
  • $50,000 (dumpling shop, sinks, stove, equipment)
  • $10,000 (General Store shelving, register)
  • $5,000 (produce store shelving, register)
  • $208,000 TOTAL

CoWork (phase 1): 6 containers

  • $18,000 (6 containers at $3,000 each) 
  • $96,000 (1,920 sqft at $50/sqft finishing / treatments)  
  • $4,390 (10 Tables at $439 each)
  • $12,740 (40 chairs at $319 each)
  • $10,000 (comfort items, couches, beanbags)
  • $129,660 TOTAL

Space Lab (Phase 2):

  • $12,000 (4 containers at $3,000 each)

MeSpace (Phase 1):

  • $12,000 (4 containers at $3,000 each)

CrashPods (Phase 3):

  • $48,000 (16 pods at $3,000 each)

Tool Shop (Phase 1): 6 containers

Tinker (Phase 1): 1 container

  • $1,000 (Legos, KNEX, tinker toys, building blocks)

SciLab (Phase 1): 1 container

  • $5,000 (all equipment for iGEM compliance)

FabLab (Phase 2): 1 container

  • $2,500 pcb mill
  • $13,9500 pick and place
  • $5,500 wave soldering
  • $21,950 TOTAL 

Green Roof (Phase 3): top of 11 containers

  • $124,000   (Solar panels $1.25/watt at 100,000 watts)
  • $290,000  ($29,000 each Vertical wind generators x 10 10KW each)
  • $414,000 TOTAL

Rainwater Collection System (Phase 3):

EnerGym (Phase 3): 1 container

Fuel Cell (Phase 1-3): 1 container

  • $600,000 ($3/watt)

Hack app

  • $10,000




(first number is based on $1.5M goal, 2nd number is based on $5M goal)
6-8 months - Finalize plans and architectural diagrams and obtain building permits
2-4 months - Container acquisition and delivery to prefab site, concrete preparation of lot
2-4 months - Structural build-out including cutting, welding, bolting, installing floors, doors, walls and windows
2-4 months - Functional wiring, plumbing and HVAC installation including electrical to power generation facilities
1 month - Delivery and setup on lot location
1-3 months - Interior design and finish including furniture, tools, and machines and greenhouse windows
1 month - Preparation for grand opening ribbon cutting celebration

15 months to complete phase 1
24 months to complete all phases


Keep in touch:


We’re listening and responding to ALL feedback right now and after we launch.  We value it so much, please use the uservoice we have created and vote on other feedback as well.

We also have a google group that we’ve been using since the inception of the idea to get feedback from other interested people keeping with the openness of the hacker spirit.  Signup and join the conversation.

We’re @hackert0wn on twitter, follow us and say hi.

Additionally we’ve been keeping our research links on a subreddit.  You’ll find facinating information on green technology related to hackertown in great detail.


This project is open source hardware, you can download and modify the complete plans for the building in Maya:




Sean Auriti

In addition to being chief executive at hackert0wn, Sean Auriti is co-founder and member of Alpha One Labs, a community hackerspace in Brooklyn that has had steady growth over the past few years and chief technical executive of several new websites.

He expanded his programming skills at multiple web development firms before taking time to build out his own projects including a prototype for a totally innovative traveling machine.

Sean has always had a vision for building a green sustainable building and with the dawning of hackert0wn that vision has become a reality.

Maurice Bey


Maurice is an inventor and project manager.  He's been inventing for over 20 years, has 20 prototypes and 70 more ideas.  He's an open source advocate and is planning to open source his ideas.  He started the Real Alternative energy group and is currently working on a water filtration system, hydrogen processing and is the person behind the aquaponic gardening Farmland facility. 

Gennaro Brooks-Church


He holds several certificates, and is a Certified Passive House Tradesperson, NY Licensed Real Estate Broker, Certified EcoBroker®, National Sustainable Advisor Program and LEED AP. His is also an educator, lifetime builder and author of the Build It Forward green building concept.  Gennaro is the hackert0wn General Contractor and Architect.


Joseph Omansky


Joseph Omansky is a financial technology entrepreneur and with particular focus on alternative investments and social media and a hedge fund of funds manager utilizing a patented hedge fund ratings process.   He is an operating partner of venture-funded Trusted Insight, the fastest growing social network for institutional investors, now with 25,000 LPs engaging weekly.  





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