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A solution of blueprints, fiscal intelligence & community brain trust for our nation’s homeless children and their families.
Breast Health Online
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
1 Team Member

As a health and education non-profit we've helped hundreds of thousands of women and their families live better and healthier lives with bright ideas since 2000. Now we're poised to help cities help thousands of homeless children and their families with our project, Habitat for Families.  


To install a specialized form of tiny modular houses in a ‘big box’ style warehouse (think Costco) that would give each family a secure place to sleep, read, laugh, do homework and bathe - privately and securely. Set up as a complete working community with resources for families with school children, everyone works or contributes in some way to the habitat. The focus is on families, their children's education and their parent’s advancement back into society.


To create a complete packaged, blueprinted and road mapped solution for cities, groups and investors to build and grow micro-community habitats in their cities. 


There are over 1.6 million homeless children in our nation. Not winos, drug addicts or cardboard wielding panhandlers, they are children and they are a part of our nation’s future.

Most of our homeless children are victims of the economy and housing meltdown. Surrounded by winos, criminals and drug addicts in mixed use cot shelters, many homeless families choose to take their chances in parks, abandoned houses and cars instead.


Frustrated by the impossible lives the 11,000 homeless kids are living in my own city, my teen daughter poignantly asked if there really were no smart adults who could solve this problem. 

Inspiration came to her one day in the form of a pink playhouse at Costco and grew from there. 

A well designed incubator warehouse could eliminate neighborhood restrictions that prevent adequate housing.  A success driven community environment within addresses the issues that caused homelessness to begin with.


 Tonight when you go to bed remember 1.6 million U.S. children needed solutions today.


Together we're the smart adults our children need.



Simple modular living quarters with bunks, a writing desk and personal storage is where families can safely and securely bed down with their children at night line the ‘streets’ inside the warehouse. Nice portable showers and lavatories, including handicapped accessible, are plugged into the back of the units for ease of maintenance and sanitation. Blue streets designated on the warehouse floor plan above provide service access. 

Rubber sidewalks and soft synthetic grass define the front yards. Bicycling around the neighborhood makes it the perfect place to be a kid. Holidays and celebrations have a place and meaning once again. 

A community kitchen and dining facility keeps food prep (a fire and vector hazard) out of the dwellings and provides space for meals, interaction and community involvement. Teaching families about cooking and healthy food choices is an important part of community education. 

The habitat houses educational and vocational resources for both students and parents. Well lit study halls, a library and computer lab creates a supportive study area for students to excel in school. 

The centers promote a safe environment and the ability to gain new life skills. Being an active and valued community member teaches children they matter, builds self-esteem and promotes better self-care as well as social skills that will last a lifetime.


Our mommas taught us to share as well as help others. Our perks are different in a good way. No one needs another t-shirt or coffee cup. As a non-profit we like to do good with our good, and your good, too. In fact we'll eke as much good out of your good as we possibly can. 

BASIC GOOD FOR EVERYBODY  All contributions make a difference. 

DOING GOOD We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so right off the bat, your donation is tax deductible. We say YAY!

HELLO? it is me you’re looking for? We’ll keep you updated with what’s going on with our project via our Facebook project page @ Habitat for Families.

SAY MY NAME You laid your name down in the street so a child didn't have to. Contributors can choose to be named on our Facebook project page. Otherwise we'll strictly follow our Donor Privacy Policy and keep your information private. 

CHECK OUT OUR PERKS  All of our perks involve paying it forward in your name to one of our listed charities or good cause recipients of your choice. If you have a non-political/non-conflict verified charity you'd rather we contribute to on your behalf, let us know. 

We've selected six charities & causes for the good they do and how they align with our own cause - helping people live better lives. They're mentioned in our perks and all are listed at the end of our campaign. 

Beyond the three basic perks, which everyone receives, our perks don't build upon one another, but each one extends your good to others, on average, by 12.5%. 


While the complete scope of our project will be several hundred thousand dollars, we're starting with $7500 to lay the groundwork. 


We’re raising funds in increments to meet our immediate needs and keep the project on track, moving forward in milestones as well as fiscal responsibility. 

We’ll continue working until we have a sustainable solution in every aspect for cities across the nation. 


From construction design to community empowerment and family management, the habitat embodies every facet of providing a safe, meaningful and fiscally complete solution for cities to help this underserved demographic reclaim their lives.


 According to the 2009 figures, homeless individual without supportive housing costs the public upwards of $3000 a month, and this doesn't include the life-long effects and costs on children forced to live under such circumstances. The typical public cost for residents in supportive housing, however, is approximately $600 a month.  

   Graph and info via Where We Sleep 

Public costs go down when individuals are no longer homeless. Stopping homelessness, not just through housing, but through better family education and support for our youths and their parents can only further reduce the short and long term societal costs.  Plus it's just the right thing to do. America should not have a single child sleeping in the streets. 

While the cost for a city to build these centers will be dependent on how they address the different facets, initial building costs spread over the number of people served over time should make it an attractive option. Factoring in the social education opportunity, the ability to employ the resident workforce as well as generate goods, services and energy can make this a very smart, cost effective option. 


We are looking for professionals, experts, mentors and collaborators 


If we can't raise a mere $7500 to begin to improve the lives of 1.6 million U.S. children, then shame on us as a society. Please contribute. You matter and your contribution matters. 

However, If we don't reach our goal, we'll take the funds we do receive and continue to find ways to reach the professionals we need to connect with to get the job done. If at any point we reach a deal breaking double jeopardy form of Murphy's Law, involving un-variance-able building codes, ridiculous government bureaucracy, an act of God, or a pandemic chocolate shortage, we'll use the funds to continue our daily non-profit work of helping women and their families all over the world live better, healthier lives. But don't expect us to give up all that easily.

MEET US!  We're the team leading this project for our organization


Annette has lifelong construction experience and an interior design (UCLA) background, so she drew the simple plans. In the PDF you can zoom in further explore the basic idea of the community. The dining and multi-purpose rooms are not correctly sized or placed. Those have to be determined by how they will be used and how many will use them at a time. The houses are drawn to scale and basic code, however, we need professional help with egress, safety and fire codes. The reason we are raising funds is to get to the bottom of all these aspects, develop a solid plan and go from there. Every great thing starts out as a great idea and builds from there. 


IntelliWheels  A campaign colleague, they are very good cause working to greatly improve wheelchair wheels through the use of gears. Awesome cause! 

Habitat for Humanity Believes that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. We could not agree more.

Kiva  As micro-lending organization, we'll keep re-investing your dollars over and over again.

Make a Wish Foundation  Grants the wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. 

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation  Raises money for childhood cancer, but also empowers other children to make a difference for children with cancer. 

Center for Neighborhood Enterprise  Transforms lives, schools and troubled neighborhoods from the inside out.


Are you still here? Wow. That's dedication. Please join us. Lay your name down by contributing in any number of ways and help get our communities children off the streets. 

How many homeless children live in your city? Find out! Have your kids find out. Post the city and numbers in our comments or on our Facebook Project page. We'll create a graphic with your first name and the number of homeless children in your city and add it to our campaign gallery and Facebook Project page. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” -- Margaret Mead


...more is coming! 


Beth Saltus Kalosky http://bnkphotography.com

       Habitat for Families drawings, concepts and materials Copyright © 2013

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    Contribute $25 and we'll give $5 in your name to one of our listed charities or good cause recipients of your choice, such as IntelliWheels Geared Wheels for Wheelchairs.

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    Contribute $25,000 and we’ll give $3000 in your name to one of our listed charities or good cause recipients of your choice, such as Habitat for Humanity. The next time you're in Louisville, KY we'll treat you and a guest or family to great dinner and a night on the town.

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    Contribute $50,000. After we faint, we'll give $5000 in your name to one of our listed charities or good cause recipients of your choice, such as the Make a Wish Foundation. The next time you're in Louisville, KY we'll treat you and a guest or family to really big dinner and a stupendous night on the town with breakfast the next morning. Say, noonish?

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  • $75,000USD
    Southern Comfort

    Cause for celebration! We'll give $7500 in your name then show you some real southern hospitality. We'll fly you and a guest to Louisville, KY from within the contiguous 48 for the weekend. Stay at a cool bed and breakfast, jump in the best limos south of the Mason Dixon line and tour our fine city with us. Churchill Downs, 4th Street, Blues, a river cruise? Catch our favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner spots and generally say thank you in as many fun ways as we possibly can.

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