H3Dpro - 3D Body Scan and 3D Figurine Printing

A startup based on HD full-body 3D scanning, H3Dpro creates a detailed replication of any human being via 3D technology, converting them and creating figurines.
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H3Dpro – A Human Touch To Crowdfunding

For the first time humanity and technology harmoniously come together in H3Dpro. A new e-commerce startup business based on HD full-body and face 3D scanning, H3Dpro creates a detailed replication of any human being via 3D technology, conducting detailed 2D scans of human bodies or faces, converting them to web data and creating miniatures, figurines/ 3D replications that you can physically hold in your hands. For the first time technology will have a physical, human touch.

The timeline of our 3D body scan and 3D printing project


Technology is always reinventing itself because we as humans are constantly doing the same. We’re forever on the lookout for the newest, most groundbreaking idea.

You’ve found 2013’s claim to technological fame. H3Dpro creates figurines of people with the use of synchronized 50x HD cameras, providing the leading 3D scanning services available in the industry.

We have the ability to scan any human being and create a 3D image of them instantly.

The scanning process collects every minute detail of the human face--eyes, hair, face, body shape, skin color, and any other distinguishing features as well as the human body. Our technology then cleans up the original RAW data and converts it to a 3D Model through specialized 3D software (created by us!).

After converting the 3D model, the series of images are uploaded and converted to web data, and then optionally converted again into printed 3D figurines.

You start with a 2D image of a human, and you get 3D miniature of a human, microcosmic technological evolution, fast and accurate, in the palm of your hand.


To make this concept a reality, we will need to do several things (here’s where you come in!):

  1. Build a mobile studio in which to take snapshots of crowd funders/ clients.
  2. After crowdfunding has been successful, identify the common locations of crowdfunders and travel in 4 phases to 4 common/general locations: USA East Coast, USA West Coast, USA South & Canada.
  3. At each stop we will take photos of our crowd-funding clients who will be able to see firsthand the astonishing process of 2D reality being converted to a 3D reality. Once the stunning figurines are created, they will then be given to the crowd funders (you!) to thank them for helping us realize the project.

Crowdfunder's Road Map

Giving out H3Dpro, a one of a kind personal memento that the crowd funders can treasure for the rest of their lives

Target Market

The target market we envision for this breakthrough project includes but is not limited to:

  • Sports Clubs/ Enthusiasts
  • Pro Stars
  • Young Couples (weddings, engagements and other romantic events)
  • Parents (a child’s miniature, at birth)
  • Pensioners/Retired Persons
  • Pets
  • Anybody who would like to create a 3D figuring of himself/ herself or a loved one.


Participating crowdfunders will receive a variety of perks based on each funding levels, which include:

Rewards Given To Crowdfunders


Who We Are

Fred Paulus, software & web developer, and Phil Letellier, accountant and photographer—we were both born in Belgium and started a business in Delaware, hung out all the time, were best friends and after many years of playing around with technology, fell in love with the concept of 3D and began to take it to the next level by designing our own 3D printer. After much tinkering, had an epiphany: H3Dpro!

Providing 3D scans to human beings in real time—isn’t it genius?

H3Dpro presentation video

Our strongest desire is to take our ideas to YOU, the world, and start showing you who you really are, in 3D.


Take Action

By supporting H3Dpro, you are supporting the next technological evolution, 3D. We have done the thinking, planning and designing—now all we need is you!

By pre-ordering, donating or investing today, you will be funding a new image, a new thought, a new idea. 2D is quickly becoming a thing of the past, jump on board the new by funding H3Dpro, the human touch to technology, today!

Any Questions? Call Us : +1(302)309-9162

Or mail us : fred@h3dpro.com  or phil@h3dpro.com

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