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Adventure, comedy, time travel, and John Muir come together in this 22-minute children's environmental webseries pilot! Thesis for Maria A, Kate J, and Corin W.
WildShower Films
Video / Web
Washington, District of Columbia
United States
1 Team Member

What's the story?

To survive in the woods you need to do three things - stay alert, stay together and above all, STAY HYDRATED!

Ann-Marie and Gabe are looking for an 'A' in their 9th grade science class when they decide to investigate the laboratory of the Gabe's missing aunt, the brillant Hilda Averies. Neither is expecting to accidentally trigger a wonky little machine that transports them back to the year 1911! 

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, help arrives in the form of a spacey mountain man - John Muir!

With John as their guide the teens learn more about the vast and diverse landscape of the United States as they work to get themselves home. But, how is Aunt Hilda involved in all this? And how does John know their names?! And what kind of time machine runs on water?!?

Why the story?

Exploring 4th Grade environmental science concepts, "H2 Oh No!" is a celebration of our national parks and the preserved areas of the United States. Through famed conservationist John Muir and the misadventures of Gabe and Ann-Marie, we trek through the great outdoors to truly see what makes them so great. 

This will be a high production value web-series designed to get young viewers excited about the outdoors and to show the real world implications of 4th Grade science concepts.

"H2 Oh No!" is the culmination of our work at American University, but it is also a professional endeavor as we move forward with our careers. 

We have a top notch cast and crew and the backing of American University, but we need more resources, so we need your help!


For this trans-media project, funds will be used to:

1 -  Enlist help to establish a web home for the pilot, including interactive features, graphics, activities and follow-ups to the episode. 

2 -  Invest in period appropriate locations, wardrobe, props and effects.

3 - Allow us access to professional equipment to help bring the story to life.

4 - Help us feed our cast and crew as we trek around filming in the woods and in our science lab.

5 - Help us more easily adhere to the environmentally friendly sustainable filmmaking practices without have to compromise the quality of our work.

6 - Allow us to see this project fully-realized as we've envisioned.



Maria Arreguin and Corin Wilson and Kate Johnson: with their powers combined, they are a force for nature! All three women met as students at the American University in the Film and Video MA program and finish up their degrees with this production as their thesis project.

Maria is pursuing a directing career and has directed numerous shorts. She’s an actor's director with a strong understanding of tone and unwavering dedication to the creation of a high quality production.

Corin is working towards a career in television writing and producing. She's written and often produced numerous scripts including original dramatic shorts, a feature length dramedy, comedy spec scripts and an original web-series. 

We’ve collaborated on various projects in the past before deciding to explore our mutual interests in children's educational entertainment with H2 Oh No. Together we’ve created WildShower Films, a small production company and a powerful partnership.

Kate Johnson as our Director of Photography rounds out the creative crew. Kate is a woman who uses her technical expertise in combination with her finely honed aesthetic instincts to create camera magic. Add that to her personal sense of whimsy and love of environmental science and it's clear we couldn't ask for a better partner!

And with Angeli Gabriel on board as our extraordinary producer to help us wrangle all the various elements, we're good to go!

We hope to continue the series and work towards making this pilot as high quality as possible. There are a lot of moving parts in this production, but we're confident in our cast and crew.

Half of our shoot will be outdoors in an area where we aren't allowed to bring a car and the other half of the shoot takes place in the science laboratory of a mad genius.

A lesser team would balk at the challenge, but we smell an adventure and we're suckers for an adventure.

We hope you'll join us on this journey.


Check out Maria and Corin's joint reel!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmGNvKtht_s


You know what else you should do? You should 'like' us on Facebook. All the cool kids are doing it!



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