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We are taking Education to the Streets! Guazabara Insights is organizing a Street Education campaign, our first season we are educating people on Health.
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Guazabara Insights Street Education - Health Education
“Raising Social Consciousness and Uplifting Communities” 

 Guazabara Insights, LLC Guazabara Insights, LLC is an Educational Services Provider founded in 2010 by Dennis Febo, MAH. It services education, labor, corporate and community institutions by educating on topics dealing with social consciousness, identity, culture, and self-knowledge by means of educational workshops, film, music, literature, and events. 

 The Project Social Justice! is a documentary series that details different social justice issues that affect poverty stricken and communities of color in the United States. While many of these issues are evident to the people that find themselves in them, most of the rest of our country is ignorant to these issues. Its vision plays on the concept of being “American”; being that this is a divided country, if we can highlight these issues as “American” issues, one could shine light on the importance for every “American” to take a stand for their fellow “Americans” and not let many of the injustices that are occurring, occur. 

 While the goal of many documentaries are to highlight a problem, Social Justice! aims at highlighting the problem, while also documenting the parts of our community that are taking action towards such issues, as well as driving movement and solutions towards such problems. This way, being it is being documented, other populations who face such issues can use Social Justice! as a blueprint for taking action themselves in their own respective communities. 

 The use of technology is so widespread that it is easier to document action as it is ongoing, so as to create a network of activists that can combine such footage to create a real-time documentary that shows the hard work and grittiness behind community action. 

 Social Justice! Will take both top and grassroots perspectives so as to show the effort put in by all components of our communities. We will begin the series with the exploration of what literally makes us…our food! Solving the problem of the lack of knowledge and availability of healthy food and healthy eating patterns can solve many issues across the board. Better health, better minds, and better spirits; are just what our communities need in order to move forward, prosper and live into our fullest potentials. We will explore what makes a healthy diet, how it can apply to us culturally, and its availability to our populations, especially those that are poverty stricken. 

The Game Plan 
Guazabara Insights will organize a health campaign in Jersey City, NJ. This health campaign will be composed of an army of youthful volunteers, which will hit the streets every week for 6 weeks. Volunteers will receive training on how to best execute an education program. We will send out health patrols to all 6 Wards of Jersey City to 1) educate community members on simple facts that can immediately increase their health, as well as 2) educate store owners on how to make healthier products available to their customers. Teams will be assigned per ward, and will be overseen by a team leader, whose responsibility is to ensure that our game plan is executed accordingly. All of our efforts will be documented, so as to show the execution and efficiency of organizing a health campaign, so as to increase the consciousness of our community regarding healthy eating habits and the availability of healthy foods. This campaign will be in conjunction with local universities, colleges and high schools, as well as other community-based organizations so as to create a mass discussion. 

The Street Education Program will begin on April 5th, 2014, and will run every weekend for 6 Weekends. 

Funding will assist with the purchase of T-Shirts for our team, flyers for community members and Posters that can be displayed in different stores around the city detailing a "Roadmap to Health" which educates people on the 4 Pillars of Health:  Sleep, Nutrition, Mental and Exercise.


Funding will go towards the printing of Artwork to be handed out to community members, as well as T-Shirts for participating Volunteers and Team Leaders.  

$1500 will get us around 7000 flyers, and about 20 Shirts.  

 For more information contact us or visit us at 

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