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  • $1USD
    Eternal Thanks

    Be the first to be updated on the progress of the film on our VIP fan blasts! (Pennies make dollars, dollars make movies)

    6 claimed

  • $5USD
    La La La La La

    Get a private link to a digital download to one of the songs off the soundtrack of the film.

    4 claimed

  • $10USD
    Roll Credits

    Be in the "Special Thanks" section of the credits for movie. (Finally a reason to stay to the end!)

    36 claimed

  • $25USD
    Naming Song

    Be thanked, by name, in a special YouTube Video. (Have you ever heard a song thanking 327 people?)

    18 out of 327 claimed

  • $35USD
    Digital Download

    Get a private link to a digital download to the soundtrack of the film. (Be the first to sing these songs aloud on the treadmill at your gym.)

    15 claimed

  • $50USD
    Watch it Every Night

    Get a DVD of the completed project with extra bonus features. (Memorize it, dress up as your favorite character, and perform it with your friends as we become a cult classic.)

    17 claimed

  • $100USD

    Get a signed copy of the script by the cast and a copy of the DVD. (See if anyone wrote nasty notes about their costars.)

    24 claimed

  • $250USD
    What's Your Last Name?

    Name a character in the film! (You can name him after your boyfriend. Or once you find out what the film is about, your EX boyfriend.)

    0 out of 3 claimed

  • $300USD
    Dr. Grind

    Screenwriter Zachary Halley will coach you catching attention on your favorite phone app or online dating site. (Zac met his fiance on his iPhone so he must have said something good.)

    0 out of 15 claimed

  • $500USD
    Living the Dream

    Join us on set and be part of one of the group scenes in the film. Must be a NYC local. Your schedule must match our shooting schedule. You'll also be credited in the end credits and on the IMDb page. (No animals or extras were harmed in the filming of this movie. Stunt people however...)

    0 claimed

  • $1,000USD
    After Party

    Walk the red carpet and be one of the VIP's at the premiere in New York City. (Be in the plushy booth in the back with the champagne.)

    0 claimed

  • $2,500USD
    Associate Producer

    Be credited as an associate producer in the credits of the film and on the film's IMDb page. (Immortality...digitally!)

    0 claimed

  • $5,000USD
    This Song IS About You!

    Derek Gregor and Selda Sahin will compose a song for you or a loved one and have a demo sung by a Broadway star. (Tell Carly Simon she can suck it!)

    0 out of 10 claimed

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