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Cleve Blakemore posted an announcement 3 months ago


1. There will be a new patched version of the super demo coming out in the next week or thereabouts coinciding with pledges getting their content guidelines for inclusion of their special elements in the final game.

2. There will be a third campaign on Indiegogo to accommodate people who did not pledge to the first two. There will not be a Kickstarter for Grimoire but there will almost certainly be one for the sequel when we begin work on it. The third campaign will feature the greatest video pitch in the recorded history of mankind.

3. After the IndieGoGo campaign ends we will probably apply to get Grimoire on Steam Greenlight.

The NEW DATE FOR RELEASE IS MAY 31st, 2014. Sorry we missed the first one but it was because we had to add extra special helpings of incline, win and excellence to make it worth the wait.

Thanks again for your patience, 

Cleve Blakemore

Cleve Blakemore posted an announcement 5 months ago

Pledge manager/ consolidator works!

I noticed in the output of the merged product there were pledges from people who had user names on IndieGoGo but had neglected to enter a full name in their account details. This could make shipping a problem as we have to print out your full name and address to send you your pledge goods like manuals and hint book. If you have not already done so, please log in to your IndieGoGo account and make sure your full name as you would like it to appear on your mailing address.


Cleve Blakemore

Cleve Blakemore posted an announcement 6 months ago

The Super Demo is now accessible for pledged campaign contributors only at :

Grimoire Super Demo Download Link 

Please note that after installation, the super demo activates your onboard webcam and then attempts to match your likeness to the NSA archives at the Echelon facility here in Australia. Failing to find a match to our list of contributors will mean you will immediately be invoiced for a million dollars worth of Amway merchandise that will be dumped on your door, most of it worthless garbage you will never even be able to sell to your own relatives like oversize cans of Crisco and huge bags of yarn fragments. Crawling through waist deep piles of greasy yarn in your living room that become increasingly tangled over the years you will rue the day you downloaded the Grimoire Super Demo without being a contributor. You have been warned.

Cleve Blakemore posted an announcement 7 months ago

My son Cooper has his hands full testing the superdemo and making up his excellent walkthroughs, so I have decided this week I will take responsibility for finishing up my program to sum up the pledges and determine what form letters get mailed out to who for fulfillments.

The program itself works now, it is just that there is no functionality to do a mass email with the results data. I found a web site that permits you to submit bulk email lists for customers I am going to use. I need to get some push button operations working on this so I can quickly dash off context sensitive emails to every person who has features they paid for to implement in the game.

Again, thanks for your patience. It is likely that just prior to the superdemo release there will be another update video, mostly for fun and to announce a new target date ... (possibly more). I hope your expectations for the final game are met when it is released.

Cleve Blakemore posted an announcement 7 months ago

Thanks again to everybody for their patience, I hope you will find it was well worth it when you get your copy of the game.