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"Are you losing your kids to the little screens of phones and tablets?" Green Schools for the Future' will be working with schools to make a difference.
Karen Maskall
Small Business
United Kingdom
1 Team Member
To be able to give in an unseflish way is a privilege. And when you inspire others to join you then everything is multiplied every day. That's just a mathematical equation of course.. but when it comes down to REAL people... that's A MIRACLE.

I know that children are our future. And I believe that we are in serious trouble if we cannot inspire them to be better citizens and advocates for our planet.

I need help with professional branding to help me fulfll my mission for "Greening Up" Schools globally. Please can you help?


Green Schools for Future: Getting Kids, Parents, and Educators Back in Touch with Nature


Why Green Schools for the Future?

If kids are our future, then why are we educating them in soulless environments where they are so far away from and detached from nature?

If we need ambassadors for the planet who will lead the way and save humanity, then why are we showing a whole generation that:

  • it's ok to cover up the earth with concrete and tarmac
  • it's ok to sit around playing games on Iphones, instead of interacting with the natural surroundings and getting healthier and wiser
  • it's ok to eat junk food and to think that meat and vegetables come from the supermarket
  • it's ok to keep using up the earth resources as we continue to consume then trash relentlessly
  • it's ok to just "BE" without considering the implications and consequences of our actions and the harm this will do to others



A bit about me

I am a sole social entreprenuer with a background of helping others as a carer in the community and a qualified primary school teacher who chose a different vocation because I was disillusioned with the way children were taught in schools.

Throughout my life I have always been concerned about nature and the harm that we as humans are inflicting upon this planet. This has now effectively transcribed into an ambitious project to generate much needed income for a grants fund that schools can apply for to "Green Up" and to get the kids,parents, communities and the educators back "in touch" with nature.

Green Schools for the Future is a "Not for Profit" venture. I am currently in talks with people to build a team of like minded individuals who are also passionate and committed to making this happen


Grants for Schools

With government cut backs on education and schools there has never been a more important time for everyone to contribute to helping schools "Green Up" for a more sustainable future for all.

Green Schools for the Future begins on a forum and network that is conducted on a membership subscription basis. And 92% of member subscription funds will build the "grants fund for schools" (as well as build a fund as a token reward for members (8%)who spread the word and invite more subsciption paying members )

Greening up costs money. Yes there are lots and lots of things that can be done for free and with volunteers from the local communities. But many things like excavating and redeveloping school grounds, or adding an eco green roof for example cost a lot of money.

This is where Green Schools for the Future will play it's part.


Schools can join the forums with a representive and apply for "Grants" when funds are available

They can also give feeback on their projects needs and successes by uploading videos, photos and blogging to the site too. All the videos they upload would be automatically branded with the Green Schools for Future logo and each school will be awarded our "Branded Badge" for greening up their school. The main idea is to help schools to motivate kids, parents and communities to get involved with hands on projects and help schools to build sustainable environments in harmony with nature and our panet.

Schools will also be able to take advantage of our FREE lesson plans and other resources (branded with GSF logo once again)

Member roles

Every member can bring much more than just income to the project. This might be:

  • contributing ideas and suggestions for school projects
  • sharing expertise and knowledge if they are professionals in their field
  • providing hands on volunteering in their local schools (always subject to health and safety and CRB checks)
  • inspiring everyone in local communities to come join us and help make change happen starting with schools in their area


Why Professional Branding is Important

With such an ambitious project there is a real need for "professional branding" to get the message out loud and clear and to inspire trust and belief that such a project is possible.

With professional branding this project will be able to produce branded products that are easily recognizable like:

  • branded introductions to all the videos that will be uploaded
  • branded covers for the e-books and lesson plans that we will produce
  • branded tee shirts
  • branded badges and logos which others will place on their sites
  • branded clothing and equipment for volunteers making them easily recognized and trusted

Professional branding isn't something that should be skimped on and it is one of the most important investments that any project or business can make. Unfortunately the cost of this is too much for me to pay for from my own salary as a carer and that is why I need your help.

So I am asking you to help me with this in return for some of the perks/rewards that you can see here and also because this is something that affects all us globally.

The reality of now.

Children are our future and more and more of them are being educated in schools and other places that are not in touch with nature. Our planet.

I find it heartbreaking to see kids wandering around concrete playgrounds. And I find it heartbreaking that they are learning to see the world as an isolated barren place that is only connected through tv, and other media like the internet and phones.

I also find it heartbreaking that many schools simply haven't got the support, resources or MONEY to make their buildings and grounds a better place to be.  Green Flagships schools can inspire a whole community to get involved. And that means that kids, parents, communities and educators will be getting back in touch with nature!

Our world is connected through everyone and everything being part of the greater whole. I think the message just got lost somewhere along the way and that was more than likely due to school environments and the lack of natural surroundings.

To me, being in touch nature means living lives of wholism. That is respecting all forms of life and understanding that we are not one without the other.

The last stand

This next generation might be our only hope to help save the planet and humanity so we really do need places of education to be totally aligned with nature so that all the kids, their parents, and the local communities can be holistically involved in creating and working and learning together in environments that are sustainable and in tune with the needs of our planet and all life therein.

Humans are spiritual beings. Today we have societies that are LOST in the world.

(Even modern day technology which could be conceived as a blessing for many, is being abused and controlling behaviour and attitiudes of everyone. Technology should be respected as something that can help us. Not to simply entertain and keep us detached from the real world)

I am truly passionate about making sure that schools are "greened up" and make sure that everyone gets back in touch with the natural world.

This campaign isn't just important to me. I believe it's important to all of us.


So please can you help to get this project off to a flying start?

I am asking for some basic funding to help me to pay for professional branding and logo.

This is very important and needs to be done to ensure the brand "Green Schools for the Future" is widely and easily recognized.

If you want to be subscription member to the forums that would be fabulous too.


Other Ways You Can Help

Please help me to spread the word with the Indiegogo share tools.


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    Forum and Video Credits

    All the above PLUS a Thank-You credit at the end of every video published. "Thank-you to all who helped make this vision happen" your name ( and business if applicable) Please let me know who you are so I can fullfill this perk and connect with you on twitter too.

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  • £50GBP
    Personal Family/Pet Video

    All the above PLUS I'd like to make a beautiful video about "you and your family/pets" to cherish forever, with our thanks for your valuable contribution to making Green Schools for the Future a reality. This video can be up to 5 minutes long and I will send you the ISO High quality version so you can eithier keep it stored for viewing on your computer OR download it and make your own hard disk copy

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    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • £100GBP
    Your Biz Rocks

    All of the above PLUS a professional video for your business which I will promote regularly through the web via all my social network accounts with many followers (subject to being ethical business only sorry) I recently created a video for a major solar and heating company and IT WAS A BLAST!

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    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • £150GBP
    Rocking Even More

    All of the above PLUS the tweets will be never ending and include a personal recommendation as #followfriday to get you more followers

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    Estimated delivery: March 2013
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    Major Stuff Going On

    All of the above PLUS listing on the Green Schools forum as Business Sponsor. This will be in a prominent position for 3 years. We will probably be friends for life too!

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  • £1,000GBP
    TONS of Gratitude Your Way

    All of the above PLUS: Permanent Business Logo listing in a prominent position On Green Schools for the Future for all time. More business perks on the forums and high priority for GSF to employ your business services/products subject to being relative to greening up schools AND As long as you are in the UK I will personally come and meet you in your local taverna and give you a HUGE HUG and pay for a few drinks. We would probably be friends for life too!

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