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Architecture. New York. Challenges. Entertainment. Stunts. Sound like your typical series? Didn't think so, now let's get it made!
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This is our first design and travel series that has been published with the largest architectural publications Designmymuse (ARCHDAILY), e-architect, Mocoloco, Archinect, The New York Observer and more. Archdaily is among the top online publications in the world and we are beyond honored to have our videos featured with such a prestigious brand.



Great Spaces delves into the colorful history of design and showcases an offbeat celebration of the art of showing spaces, featuring super-spaces, extreme stunts and challenges, spaces reviews and celebrity interviews, as well as the eccentric adventures of its hosts with Great Space's customary wit and humor. Hosted by design lover Alexi Panos, architect Delaine Isaac, architectural enthusiast Oheri Otobo and UK architect Ben Nother. Great Spaces explores the history of America and abroad, one space at a time.



The most exciting factor about the web series medium is its ongoing interaction with you as the audience. You, the viewer, can effect the series as it progresses. We want to take this to the next level. Television. And bring you into the process by showing not just how we make films but why we make them.


Along with the 6 episodes (18 spaces) we will be releasing in 2013, Great Spaces will be uploading new spaces and behind-the-scenes videos every week from this fall of 2012 until the first season wraps. To stay up to date subscribe to our YouTube channel GreatSpacesTV for new space clips and facebook for behind the scenes clips.


Amsterdam Pavilion x UNStudio

Padia x FieldLines Architecture




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Right now, we are gearing up for season one and we need your help in order to continue production.  With the funds we raise, we will be able to purchase necessary equipment, complete new website development, and support our incredibly hardworking and dedicated production team

Your payment is processed through Amazon (and is as easy as buying a CD, Book or DVD from .  

Up to this point, Great Spaces has been completely self-funded.  We're doing this because we love design and travel, talking about it and sharing it with other people. It's been awesome -- but the only way to keep it going without sponsors or real advertising money - is through Kickstarter.  

Thank you so much for your support and we hope that the stories from each space will inspire you as much as they will inspired us.

Every penny goes directly towards production and contributor rewards. Before we can start shooting, we need to cover a myriad of production and post-production expenses including:

Cast - Presenters
Crew - Cinematographer, Production Designer, Sound Recordist.
Equipment - Camera Packing, Lighting and Grip Gear, Expendables.
Production Design - Set Dressing, Props.
Locations - Spaces that require permit fees.
Permits & Insurance - NY City Permits, Production Insurance (not cheap).
Craft Services - Meals, Beverages, Ramen.
Editing - VFX, Assemblies, Rough Cuts, Final Cut, Possibly Dissolves.
Music - Soundtracks, sound-effects, riffs and synths.


Delaine is the founder of Great Spaces, as well as a designer based in the New York Area. He created Great Spaces in the Spring of 2008 as a way to catalog his search for new ways to show spaces to the world through entertainment, humor, and intellectually conscious content. Educated at Rutgers University and NYIT. With office experience from Dattner Architects, Tronic Studio and on site experience with Isaac/ Associates and Jimmy Dumas Architecture, he loves everything about design. He is currently pursuing a design practice with the interests of social media, video and film. Being taught by professors from Columbia GSAPP, Harvard GSD and esteemed architects such as Elizabeth Terragini which so far has been good for his obsession with traveling to various countries to share spaces you.

Follow Isaac on Twitter at @delaineisaac

Profile in Mocoloco
Profile in Archdaily


Alexi has hosted various television projects, graced the pages of numerous magazines, walked the runways of Fashion Week, published a book, took the stage at Caroline’s Comedy Club in NYC, and lent her voice to two multi-platinum albums. Hosted E! News and feature'd her causes on MTV. She’s hosted numerous local and national television series, and took the helm at HGTV on their new series “Run My Makeover.” With all of her industry experience, Panos decided to create her own production company, LXE Productions, to house the various shows she’s created. See her in action on Great Spaces.


Oheri Otobo hails from a culture rooted in the West African region of Isoko, Nigeria, raised in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, born in Boston. A true pioneer at heart, often dabbling in creative writing, poetry and photography. Drawing inspiration from the surprises found in the extraordinary routine of everyday life.


Ben currently lives in Bristol where he studied a BA Architecture and Planning at the University of the West of England. He stayed in the city to find work, enter design competitions and established up a family business with his Father and Brother called Nother Associates combining the disciplines of design, surveying and building. He is currently applying to go back to university next year to get his part 2 qualification specializing in sustainable design. Ben also runs a design blog which features design from the UK and anything that takes his interest. Although passionate about architecture Ben loves music and video games. He currently blogs here.


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