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We’ve made unprecedented progress in bringing the Great Bear Rainforest to life. Now, we need your help taking Great Bear LIVE to the next level.

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Update: November 19th

We're half way through our campaign and are so inspired by the extreme generosity of so many of you... 81 funders so far!

We still have a ways to go to reach our goal, so please take the time to share our campaign with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances.  Together, we can unlock the mysterious intricacies of the Great Bear Rainforest and learn more about the unique behaviour of coastal and marine creatures. Raising awareness about this coastal ecosystem is one important step in working to ensure its' protection.


Update: November 13th

For the remaining 21 days of our campaign, we are going to post one short video per day of phenomenal wildlife behaviour and interactions captured on our #GreatBearLIVE remote camera system.  These videos provide a glimpse of what we've already been able to accomplish.  

Imagine what we could observe if we reached our Indiegogo fundraising goal and were able to install night vision and underwater cameras as well! 

Check out the gallery tab above for our Captured on #GreatBearLIVE series!

Update: November 6th

Only two days in and Great Bear LIVE has been getting some awesome media attention.  

Check out the articles in the Huffington Post, Globe and Mail, Metro News and our spot on Global News to learn more about this awesome project and why we need your contributions to help it grow.

Great Bear LIVE

Pacific Wild Alliance is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting the Great Bear Rainforest and its wildlife.  As the largest remaining intact temperate rainforest on the planet, the Great Bear is under immediate threat from crude oil and liquid natural gas pipeline proposals that would go directly through the heart of the rainforest.  At Pacific Wild Alliance, we are dedicated to showing the world how truly unique this area is and what would be lost if these proposals were to go forward.

Great Bear LIVE is an innovative research project and conservation tool that transmits live wildlife video and audio streams from the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest to your personal computer anywhere in the world.  By sharing the hidden world of the Great Bear Rainforest, Pacific Wild Alliance can connect people with the region we are striving to protect and educate the world about the many threats this pristine ecosystem faces.  

This extraordinary wireless technology gives us unprecedented (and non-invasive) insight into wildlife behavior on a threatened coastline.  With two cameras and six hydrophones, we have live video capabilities in riverbeds and sea rocks and audio streaming throughout much of the Great Bear Sea.  In recent weeks , we have observed more hours of wolf pups successfully catching wild salmon than we have in nearly twenty years of traditional wildlife observation.  We have also watched killer whales hunting sea lions, oystercatcher chicks taking their first flight and sea otters sleeping in beds of kelp.  We now strive to push this technology to the next level.

Why we need your help

Our current system allows us incredible daytime remote observation of some of the planet’s most elusive wildlife, but we are not yet able to bring you the full picture of the Great Bear.  We need your help to advance our technology so we can observe never before seen wildlife behavior in challenging environments: in total darkness and underwater.  

Many animals in the rainforest are nocturnal, but our cameras can only capture what happen before the sun goes down. With an infrared camera, we would be able to observe this area 24/7, which would give us an incredible amount of insight into this ecosystem.  This night vision technology is now available, and without it we are missing the most active time when many species like cougars and wolverines come out to hunt and forage.

Our second challenge is observing the underwater world, which is where the true heart of the Great Bear resides.  So much of wildlife depends on these waterways for their food, so we’ll be able to see so many different activities, from capturing salmon spawning, to whales feeding, to sea lions playing in the waves.

With your help, we can bring the entire world a complete view of the Great Bear Rainforest.  Our live online streams of nighttime and underwater behavior of some of the planet’s rarest and most elusive animals will help deepen our understanding of the terrestrial and marine aspects of this unique ecosystem, bringing this region to life for the world to witness.

In order to achieve the expansion of our Great Bear LIVE project, we propose to acquire and install two pieces of equipment:  a night vision camera and an HD PTZ underwater camera.  This equipment comes with a price tag of $28,000CAD, which is our fundraising goal for this campaign.

Who We Are

Pacific Wild Alliance founders, Karen and Ian McAllister, have been involved in wilderness and wildlife protection in British Columbia for two decades. Initially, in the late 1980s, they worked on the frontline campaigns to protect Vancouver Island’s endangered rainforest. In 1990, the two moved north to begin efforts to protect the central and north coast of B.C.  In 2006, monumental negotiations secured 30% of the Great Bear Rainforest area in various conservancy designations.  We continue to work, with our expanding team, to achieve additional conservation designations in the world’s largest remaining intact temperate rainforest.

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What You Get: Unique and Personal Perks

Contributing to Great Bear LIVE comes with some great perks.  Check out the column to the right for details. Interested in learning more about the perks we are offering?  Check out our website (www.PacificWild.org) or get in touch (info@pacificwild.org).

If we miss the mark and don’t achieve our fundraising goal of $28,000, we can still execute part of our project.  $23,000 will get allow us to purchase a night-vision camera and $5,000 will buy us an HD PTZ underwater camera housing.  

We’ll match your support

If we reach our fundraising goal, we’ll match this sum with our time, knowledge and expertise in setting up these remote cameras and building additional capacity onto our servers so that you can experience the Great Bear, LIVE.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute, that doesn’t mean you can’t help!

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