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An award-winning literary publisher needs a good website.

Who We Are:

Graywolf Press is dedicated to the creation and promotion of thoughtful and imaginative contemporary literature essential to a vital and diverse culture.

Larger, commercial publishing houses often neglect forms of literature that are less profitable, like poetry, translation, short stories and essays. At Graywolf, we value artistic merit over potential profit, so these are exactly the type of books that we publish, along with a wide range of literary nonfiction and fiction. As a result, Graywolf authors have been recognized with the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Pulitzer Prize, and the Laughlin Award.

With the merger of Penguin and Random House, five publishers now produce 80 percent of the books in the U.S., so independent publishers like Graywolf are needed more than ever to make sure bold new voices are heard.

Graywolf depends on contributions from individuals like you to ensure those artists get the recognition they deserve. Graywolf Press is lean and financially sound, having run in the black for the last nineteen years, and having a four-star Charity Navigator rating (their highest rating). But book sales cover only 50 percent of our expenses, which is why we are asking for your help today.

The Website: Breaking News, Blogs, and Books to Buy
Our current website is adequate, but very out-of-date. Graywolf’s new website will bring us into the twenty-first century.
Looking for insights from your favorite authors from Graywolf and elsewhere? Looking for a behind-the-scenes look at Graywolf and publishing in general?  Our blog posts will give you the inside scoop.
Want to be inspired? Each week we'll feature a new poem in our "Poem of the Week" section.
Want to improve your writing? Graywolf authors and editors will provide their expertise and insight in our "On Craft" blog series.
Want help picking something for your book club? Want ideas for books to use in your classroom? The "Resources" section will be the place for you.
Do you want to buy a book directly from Graywolf? Our current website is so outdated that the mechanism for processing credit cards couldn’t be relied on anymore. So, for the past ten months, we discontinued selling books on our website. On the new website, you will be able to buy books easily and securely.
What is the barrier to getting all of this done?  Simply put, it’s money. The design of the new website costs money. The programming that makes everything show up on the website costs money. The staff time it takes to create original content worth reading and to add fantastic reviews and recommendations takes money.

Help make graywolfpress.org a place where writers can hone their craft by learning directly from authors and editors and where readers can learn about the best new literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books being published. Make an investment today, and share this message with all of your friends who love great literature.


Fiona, Katie, Jeff, Steve, Michael, Erin, Marisa, Leslie, Casey, Josh, Kit, and all of the Graywolf Press authors

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