Everything has a price


How much of yourself are you willing to lose just to recapture what you once had?

Granted follows Avery, a once talented musician and artist, now struggling to cope with the sudden death of a loved one. His friends all offer help and advice, but one in particular offers him something better: a closely guarded secret that will guarantee he regain his drive and limitless inspiration. But everything has a price.

Money well spent?

Although this is a short film we are treating it like a larger production. Much blood, sweat and tears have already gone into pre-production of Granted. The money raised will help us with everything from hiring one or two specialized crew members & renting larger equipment, to filling the car with gas and our bellies with pizza.

Note from Tony

For decades Hollywood told grand stories. Films that make you laugh, cry, feel joy and pain all in one sitting. These are the stories that we are interested in telling. We have that voice. We have that drive to get it made.

We want to bring back traditional story-telling.  We want to bring back the excitement you felt by watching a film that truly moved you, one that stayed with you long after the final credit has rolled. 

Thank you for helping us achieve that awesome feeling of creating something new and exciting. 

Team on This Campaign: