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Help the progressive rock band Gran Turismo Veloce break the impasse of the music business. Be part of the adventure!
Gran Turismo Veloce
2 Team Members

Who we are

Gran Turismo Veloce is an Italian progressive rock band. We have been playing across Europe and in Mexico for the past two years after the release of our acclaimed debut album "Di Carne, di Anima". For our second album we prepared something special, and we need your help for it to become a reality.

How the music business went wrong

The hard truth is that if you are not distributed by a Major it is virtually impossible to grow a solid fan base. And today, without a wide fan base, the record labels don't take you into consideration. Rather a vicious circle, isn't it? And yes, this is the truth, because it is exactly what the chairmen of the two most important progressive labels in the world told us when we spoke with them during our 2012 tour.

An offer they can't refuse

We and you are partner in this adventure.

On our part, we are ready to record a new album at Sphere Studio in London with TesseracT producer Francesco Cameli on the mix; orchestral parts will be played live, by real musicians, and we'll have stunning session men from all over the world as well.

On your part, by showing how much you care about our second album, you will convince the record labels there is still a strong interest in new music.

What we need...

As we said, we are partners: the budget for our next album is around 25.000 €. We gathered around 10.000 € by ourselves and we hope the rest will come with your help. Don't worry: we will make the album no matter what, so you don't waste your money in any case.

Here is the detailed budget breakthrough:


Travel expenses to London 1.000 €
Orchestra tracking 7.000 €
Drums tracking 2.000 €
Guitar tracking 2.000 €
Piano and keys tracking 2.000 €
Voice tracking 2.000 €
Editing 1.000 €
Mix & mastering 8.000 €
TOTAL 25.000 €


Fundraising goal 20.000 €
Indiegogo fees (4%) -800 €
Credit card fees (3% rounded) -600 €
Cost of Perks (20% rounded) -4.000 €
TOTAL 14.400 €


GTV fund 10.000 €
Indiegogo fund 14.400 €
TOTAL 24.400 €

...and what you get

Not in the mood for charity? Then be selfish and claim our amazing perks!

Other ways you can help

Money is everything, they say. It's false! If you can't afford any of the above, don't worry! You still have many opportunities to help us:

        • Tell your friends about this campaign;
        • Share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter… whatever you prefer;
        • Share our video and help it become viral.

Bottom line is: SHARE! Help us spreading this campaing. The many you are, the better we can make our album and the more we can succeed. We are in your hands (and fingers - click - and mouths - talk!)


When will the album come out?

We have not announced a release date as of yet but will communicate that to you as soon as we get the deal with the label. Early 2014 is our best guess.

What if you don't reach the 20.000€ goal?

We'll find some way to gather what's missing to at least make a quality album. If no record label would greenlight our product, we will auto-produce the album. So, in any case, you won't loose your money and you'll get the perks you picked.

When will my stuff ship?

Just prior to release of the album (see above). Digital perks will be emailed to everyone at least 15 days prior to official release.

How do I pay for the shipping outside Italy?

After clicking "Contribute Now" and selecting your package, you can increase the contribution amount by € 6, 7, or 10 (please see perk description).

I forgot to pay for the international shipping!

No problem, just click "Contribute Now" again and make a contribution that is not for any specific package. Please make sure you make this contribution under the same email address as the original. 

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22% funded
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€20,000 EUR goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on December 19, 2013
Select a Perk
  • €2EUR

    Ocean is made of tiny drops. Drop your own here. Everything helps!

    11 claimed
  • €5EUR
    Tony Caciara Act

    Help the brilliant Italian/American entertainer to pay his bills and receive a personal video message.

    4 claimed
  • €10EUR
    Digital download

    Download the digital copy of the album two weeks before it's released!

    16 claimed
  • €20EUR

    Get an exclusive, limited edition Indiegogo campaign T-shirt, especially designed to thank you! (Please add 6€ for shipping outside Italy)

    9 claimed
  • €25EUR
    CD + Download

    Get your own physical copy of the album, signed by the band, two weeks before it's released! (Please add 6€ for shipping outside Italy)

    39 claimed
  • €40EUR
    T-shirt PACK

    Add the exclusive Indiegogo campaign T-shirt to the digital download and the signed CD! (Please, add 7€ for shipping outside Italy)

    9 claimed
  • €50EUR
    Love unlimited

    Receive 2 T-shirts for you and your loved one, plus the download, and the signed CD! (Please add 7€ for shipping outside Italy)

    8 claimed
  • €80EUR
    Fine art print

    Get a fine art print of one the album artworks, 35x50 cm, signed by the artist. Comes with PACK. (Please add 10€ for shipping outside Italy)

    1 claimed
  • €100EUR
    Your name on the CD

    Put your name on the thank-you list on the CD. Pick 5 of this and become a co-producer! Comes with PACK.

    20 claimed
  • €250EUR
    Original inlay painting

    Get one of the unique paintings done for the CD inlay, signed by the artist. Comes with PACK.

    0 out of 12 claimed
  • €300EUR
    Original red overall

    Your opportunity to dress like GTV. Useful for Halloween. 3 sizes available. Comes with PACK.

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • €350EUR
    Original cover painting

    Get the unique painting of the CD cover, signed by the artist! Comes with PACK.

    0 out of 1 claimed
  • €400EUR
    Carbonara Training

    Learn how to cook GTV carbonara with Massimo Dolce and receive a certificate. Yes, he will come at your very own home! (EU only). Comes with PACK included.

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • €600EUR
    A day in the studio

    You choose the day, you fly to London and be our guest during the album recording. We provide lunch, dinner and accommodation; travel expenses on your own. Comes with PACK.

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • €1,000EUR
    Blood sample

    No shit. We'll suck the blood out of our veins for your personal use (including cloning, blood on crime scene, etc). Comes with PACK.

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • €50,000EUR

    No caption needed. *not suitable for gay people.

    0 out of 1 claimed
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