Grace Skatepark

Help the Long Island skateboard community get an indoor skatepark! We're at the home stretch!

     I knew this was a risky project before I even started, so I did months upon months of research, projections, scouting, etc. That being said, the town can still deny me or take their sweet time until I run out of money. I could end up having wasted a large chunk of my time and a small fortune but I truly believe that this will work. The journey through the town's red tape has been a stressful and expensive one but we are starting to see the light on the other side. I have been bleeding money from paying rent without generating any income for the last few months (over $7,000 a month). I am here because I have bled quite a bit longer than I expected.

     I haven't set my goal number too high on here because I don't really expect anything. I know skateboarding doesn't owe me anything. I just figured I'd put myself out there and see if anyone wants to make this happen as much as I do. Check out the video I've uploaded for a bunch of info. Thanks so much for taking enough interest in my venture to finish reading this and hopefully I'll see you at the grand opening!

-Scott K

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