Gorilla Door Gym

Installs in seconds, fun for hours: swing, box, pilates, abs, pullups, yoga. Bring the playground indoors. Get fit and entertain your kids.
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What is Gorilla Gym?

Gorilla Gym - Family Doorway Gym

Gorilla Gym

Gorilla Gym Kiddo Special

Early Bird Fitness Package

Early Bird Boxing Special

Gorilla Gym Category A Attachments

Gorilla Gym Category B Attachments

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How you can help and how your contributions will be used

We have successfully tested the working prototypes which you see in the pictures and videos. Everyone who has tried Gorilla Gym loves it: not only family and friends but also total strangers at the Harvard Square Octoberfest. Next, we will finalize the colors, file expanded legal  paperwork, and generally get ramped up for production. Your contributions will help put the project across the finish line, help the production process preparations, and help fund our first production run. The more funding raised, the more funders will be the first able to get their hands on Gorilla Gym in early 2013 at a special discounted price just in time to keep all those New Year’s Resolutions!

Production Schedule:

  • Building production molds: December 16th
  • Building final pre-production prototypes and engineering samples   December 20th
  • Safety and agency testing: December 28th
  • Legal Fees: December 10th and January 22nd
  • Manufacturing services: January 5th
  • Final color selection: January 5th
  • Buying components and materials: January 5th
  • First production run: if we get more contributors, we’ll increase the production run! January 20th
  • Rewards Shipped! February 20th

How it works

(Disclaimer: The descriptions below are for information purposes only)

Your Doorway – One of the Strongest Structures In Your House

The old saying: “in an earthquake, the safest place in your house is under your doorway.” comes from the fact that your doorways are framed on all sides by sturdy 2 by 4s which can support hundreds of pounds.  

Self-Adjusting Cantilevered Design Supports Up and Down Motion

Part of our design is cantilevered just like the old-school pullup bars which easily attach to a doorframe and are able to support up and down motion by transferring the force to the wall above the door frame and to the side of the door frame.  See figure below:
How Gorilla Gym Works (Pullups)

Traditional cantilevered pullup bars, however, are not designed to support motion (swinging back-and-forth or sideways). This is where Gorilla GymTM comes in!

Our Patent-Pending Vise Grips Secure Gorilla Gym To Your Doorframe

Swinging motion or the forces that result from using an attachment like a boxing bag introduce lateral (across the wall) and longitudinal (along the side of the wall) motion. The Gorilla Gym Vise Grips are designed to counteract these forces and keep Gorilla Gym secured to the door frames on each side.

How Gorilla Gym Works (Swinging and Attachments)

Technical Specs:

  • Weight (Gorilla Gym): 8 lbs
  • Fits standard door frames: 24” to 36” wide
  • Size (assembled): 3 ft x 1 ft x 1 ft
  • Maximum supported weight
    • Gorilla Gym:  300lbs
    • Suspension straps:  240lbs
    • Pullup extender:  240lbs
    • Ab straps:  240lbs
    • Swing:  200lbs
    • Yoga swing:  200lbs
    • Fight station:  50lbs
    • Baby swing:  30lbs
    • Swing deluxe:  30lbs
  • Frame: Professional quality steel
  • Other materials: foam padding, injection molded plastic


About Us: 


Peter has over 10 years of experience commercializing new products as an executive in multiple startups in the Boston area. An avid multi-sport athlete, Peter was the top scorer on our MIT-Harvard soccer team, leading the team to many championships and post-game celebrations. With a Master’s degree in engineering and an MBA, Peter’s incisive inputs gave life to Gorilla Gym and his focus on results helped move this project along quickly. Owner of the top frequent Home Depot shopper card, he cut so many pipes in crafting the prototypes for Gorilla Gym that we started calling him “Piper” instead of his usual soccer nickname “Pepe”.  A devoted father, Peter enjoys exercising with his son Christo, who has a blue belt in taekwondo and scores even more goals at soccer than his dad.  Concerned with Christo’s safety, Peter worked hard to ensure that Gorilla Gym is safe and fun to use for all ages.


Kiril started his serial entrepreneurship during grad school by co-founding the national magazine The Boston Book Review which, in 1994, was the first national print magazine to also put its entire print content on the web. During that time period, he won the MIT $50K entrepreneurship contest & the Stanford Global Challenge while co-founding a biotech company Genigma (formerly Eyegen). Next, spinning the International Economic Alliance www.IEAlliance.org out of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with co-founder Van McCormick kept him busy until he started designing the world’s thinnest wallets on the side. That led to the creation of the Big Skinny line of ultra-thin wallets for men and women www.BigSkinny.net. In 2010, Big Skinny set a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Wallet which was on display in Harvard Square for 1 month during the Holiday season and helped raise money for 14 deserving local non-profit organizations http://www.bigskinny.net/wallet-large.html . He is even more excited about the Gorilla Gym prototype as it is helping him stay in shape while having fun with his 2 toddler sons and wife.


Will it fit in any doorway?  Gorilla Gym can fit a 24”-36” doorway which is the range that most doorways fall into.

What is the weight limit? The core Gorilla Gym is designed to support up to 300 lbs. Weight limits for attachments vary (see technical specs)

What colors will be available? We are currently finalizing the color scheme and would love to hear your feedback: please vote for your favorite color combination in our online poll on our website: http://www.gorilla-gym.com/poll.

What is the warranty? We will warrantee our products for 1 year for manufacturer’s defects.

What's the difference between the prototype unit in your photos and videos, and the final production unit?  Most likely, you will see little or no difference, except for the final color combinations. However, we reserve the right to make modifications as needed to improve usability and compliance with safety regulations. 

What is the final retail price of the core unit? Generally, the final retail price will be ~20% higher than the reward levels in this campaign. We want to show our appreciation for our early backers by offering them a special discounted price. The final price will depend on a number of variables including the success of this campaign and the number of units we produce.

What about the final retail price of the attachments? Again, that will depend on the same variables as the core unit. We plan to make attachments as affordable as possible.

What is the shipping cost? Our reward levels include shipping within the continental USA. Shipping internationally will involve additional costs based on location and size of the products. 

Is this safe for me and my children? So far, we have tested it rigorously and we’ve used it extensively ourselves and with our children. We are currently preparing for rigorous lab tests in order to comply with all applicable USA safety standards.  

When will it be ready? We hope to go into production as soon as we have adequate funding, perhaps even before the end of this campaign. We will give you updates as we go through the various design and mold stages.

How heavy is Gorilla Gym and how hard is it for a smaller person to install? Gorilla Gym is actually less than 10 pounds, and because of the cantilevered design, is easy to install by anyone. It should take you no more than 30 seconds to install.  You only need to  initially adjust the Gorilla Vise-grips to fit your doorway; the rest is just a snap. There is no need to hold it up for very long so almost anyone can do it easily and quickly.

What other attachments are coming out? We have more in mind and we’d love to hear from you what you want us to develop. If you have an idea for an attachment, please send us an e-mail at service@gorilla-gym.com. We will publish the best ideas and so everyone involved can vote and decide which ones come out next.

How can I try one out?  Many had the opportunity to try Gorilla Gym at the Octoberfest fair at Harvard Square. We are considering other open sessions in the greater Boston area, so stay tuned. If you have a suggestion, please write to us at service@gorilla-gym.com.

Ask a question. We want to hear from you!


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  • $10USD
    Gorilla Gym Decal

    We sincerely appreciate your support! As a token of appreciation, we will send you a big Gorilla Gym decal, so you can proudly display your support of this project on car bumpers or even your house. We will also include your name in a special thank you webpage. Add $2 to ship outside the US.

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    Gorilla Gym T-Shirt

    We will send you a Gorilla Gym T-shirt with our handsome, yet to be named, Gorilla. All contributors can vote for their favorite name for the gorilla. Add $10 to ship outside the US

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  • $50USD
    Gorilla Gym Early Bird Special

    Get your hands on one of the first commercially available Gorilla Gym at a special Early Bird discount. As a 'thank you' for your contribution, we will send you one Gorilla Gym. Shipping and handling to the continental USA included. Add $30 to ship outside the US

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $60USD
    Gorilla Gym Kiddo Special

    Fun for the kids right away. You get the core Gorilla Gym and a choice of one of the child or toddler swings. (but not the deluxe swing). Shipping to the continental USA included. Add $30 to ship internationally.

    20 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $75USD
    Early Bird Fitness Package

    Oh yeah, you get the core Gorilla Gym for pullups and motion exercises. Plus, you get the ab straps as well as the pullup bar extender for additional pullup exercises. Your home or office fitness gym is all set, this combinations allows you to do multiple exercises all day and night long.

    111 out of 120 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $115USD
    Early Bird Boxing Special

    You get the core Gorilla Gym plus the fight station extender plus you can choose either the heavy bag or the speed bag assembly so your fight package is complete and ready for Boxing or Martial Arts action.

    13 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $150USD
    Gorilla Gym Extra Choices

    Get one core Gorilla Gym and your choice or either 3 different Category A attachments; or 1 Category A and 1 Category B attachment; or 1 Category C attachment (see table in the product description for details about attachments). Shipping to the continental USA included. Add $70 to ship outside the US

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $200USD
    Gorilla Gym Super Choices

    Includes one Core Gorilla Gym and your choice of: all 4 different Category A attachments; or 3 different Category A attachments and 1 Category B Attachment; or 1 Category A attachment and 2 different Category B Attachment; or 1 Category B and 1 Category C Attachment Add $90 to ship outside the US

    10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $500USD
    Gorilla Gym Collector's Set

    Thank you for your support! In appreciation for your contribution, we will make you an honorary Gorilla Gym Master! You also will receive the full Gorilla Gym suite with 1 core unit and 1 of every attachment. Yes, this is for those that want it all! A great big thank you for your support. Add $150 to ship outside the US

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
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