Google Project Glass IRL In Real Life

I recently received an invitation to beta test Project Glass and become a #glassexplorer. I want to explore with you and share my journey with you all.
Jacob Bowen
Video / Web
LAWTON, Oklahoma
United States
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Who I am and why I am asking for help.

My name is Jake and I am a Captain in the US Army.  One of the reasons why I applied to be a glass explorer is because I understand the barriers that can be created while trying to connect with friends and family over long distances.  My main goal in becoming a #glassexplorer is to help Google tear down those barriers and make time and distance irrelevant in relationships.  

I want to:

  • Work on ways to introduce seamless sharing of lifes one time moments.

  • Work on improvements to how we communicate with new technology.

  • Give constructive criticism in regards to the simplicity and ease of use of the device so everyone can use it.

  • Develop methods of productivity so we can spend less time working and more time with family.

  • Give my parents the opportunity to see their grandchild grow up (personal goal)


What We Need & What You Get

  • I need $1500.00 (USD) funding to cover the cost of the device. (Selling this to the wife isn't so easy).

  • I will cover the cost to fly to San Fransisco to receive the device and training.

  • I will create an open group on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter to allow you all to share in the journey and take suggestions which I can pass along to #projectglass (crowdsourcing suggestions).

  • Anyone that contributes $100 or more will get invited to weekly Google+ Hangouts to discuss the progress of my review and have your suggestions and ideas highlighted when sent up to #projectglass

If I don't reach my entire goal I will use what money you all have funded towards purchasing Google Glasses. If I get overfunded then I will use the extra money towards taking my 18 month old son to Disneyland for our first Google Glass adventure!

The Impact

We can help create a product that will change the way we communicate, we will erase the gap of time and distance.    

My military experience will assist in my ability to compile organize and distribute relevant information to improve the project.  

My life in the military and 2 deployments qualify me as someone who understands how relationships can be broken, strained, or orphaned because of time and distance.  

I am fully committed to helping #projectglass get the best experience into the hands of the end user.  



Twitter: @jakebowenecu


Other Ways You Can Help

Get this Project Out to as many people as possible.  The threshold for this project is so low; that volume is the key.  If we get this out to 3,000 people and they all contribute .50 cents we met our goal easily!


Use these Hashtags to get the word out!




Don't forget to use the share tools at the top of the page to get the word out!

Thanks for helping!!!


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