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Preventative health care in the palm of your hand AND rewards for being proactive that offset uninsured costs at no out-of-pocket to consumers!
Shannon Balliet
Miami, Florida
United States
1 Team Member

According to Closing Bell on CNBC, January 18th:

Healthcare IT is where investment capital is going in 2013:


Not just any IT, but mobile and integrated technologies that contribute to personal health and wellness:



What is GoodnessMonkey™?

With your help, GoodnessMonkey™ will be a convenient, geo-targeted, online portal and mobile app connecting people with an integrated network of health and wellness practitioners through sales transactions, loyalty rewards, and sense of community. It is a credible, accessible, affordable, resource for living, learning, and achieving health and wellness goals.

Credible:    Providers are community rated and reviewed.

Accessible:    Platform is available anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

Affordable:    Comparison shop, access special offers, earn loyalty rewards.


How does it work?

• Register a credit card

• Search special offers/local providers

• Use a provider product or service

• Scan the QR code or tap NFC to pay

• Earn rewards

• View transaction/rewards summary

• Rate provider

• Repeat

 Mobile App Pay Screen

How do we make money?

• Pay for performance. Commissions paid by providers at POS by QR scan/NFC tap

• Provider subscription fees, in industries where pay for performance is regulated.

• Ad sales.

• No cost to consumer.


What is the purpose of GoodnessMonkey™?

GoodnessMonkey™’s primary initial purpose is to provide a central online hub for South Floridians and visitors to the area, to view, watch, learn and share the latest and most up to date local health and wellness products, services and information. An active and interactive, like-minded, wellness community, that enables people to take personal responsibility for health and disease prevention.


What need does GoodnessMonkey™ satisfy?

GoodnessMonkey™ aims to satisfy the need in the market for consumers to be proactive about health care and maintenance.  We offer solutions that combine all elements of a natural and healthy lifestyle in one space where customers and providers enjoy coming together to share, connect, inspire each other.


Why customers love it?

• Critical information customers need and want 24/7, online or smart phone

• Best-in-class providers

• Generous loyalty rewards and benefits [go bananas]

• Status: part of something purposeful, big/cool & proud of it

• Seamless payment process [QR code driven, NFC tap]

• Freedom to leave wallet at home [pay by phone]

• Security meeting highest merchant standards with quick PIN to transact 


Why providers love it?

• Co-operative marketing [true cross promotion not cannibalization]

• Providers are complimentary not zero sum

• Speeding up lines at payment [quick QR code scan, NFC tap]

• Decreased time between visits = non-dilutive offers that drive repeat purchases

• Increased average ticket through our cross-sell & up-sell capabilities

• Unparalleled customer insight and analytics that validate results


Overcoming Obstacles:

• We have overcome a provider's "fear of promoting competition" obstacle through true co-operative marketing. This is a pure cross-promotional model with little cannibalization within each business type.

• If we do not meet our Idiegogo fundraising goal, we will use the amount that is generated to proceed with the mobile prototype only. The near term strategy is viability - create a minimum viable product that will serve as a proof of concept. Once developed, deployed, and generating revenue, we will resume our fundraising efforts.

• If we are able to hit our goal, our strategy will still be viability, but with an added focus on scalbility and minimal rework as we scale. We are realistic and understand that we need to prove it works before scaling and we commit to using your investment wisely.

The story behind GoodnessMonkey™:

GoodnessMonkey™ was founded on a deep-seeded desire to share the formula its founder, Shannon Balliet, has developed for creating a happy, healthy and rewarding life.

Shannon, like so many others, was brought to this lifestyle by overcoming tragedy and the impact of catastrophic illness on her family. After both of her parents died prematurely, she knew she had to find a way to live better, longer. If for no other reason than to be around to raise her children and to be an example to them. She decided to become a humble student and later a teacher of the formula she developed, starting with the mind and following through to the body.

Her formula includes core components that must all be honed and nurtured on a daily basis. They are: proper nutrition, physical fitness, stress relief, natural medicine, along with a firm understanding of why we do the things we do. 

Now after 15 years of learning and practice, this 39 year old, single mother of three beautiful girls, embarks on a journey to live her passion. She has left her corporate job to focus on making her formula for living well consumable on a grand scale. Through this project she will leave a legacy her girls will be proud of and will be able to continue to change the lives of those who interact with GoodnessMonkey™.

Click here to see what people have to say http://goodnessmonkey.com/testimonials

GoodnessMonkey™ and its team of experts provide daily inspiration and motivation along with products, services, events, goal setting and tracking - that when fully leveraged will change lives.

At Goodness Monkey we practice what we preach. We learn every day. We are here to make a difference. If we weren't, then we would be fake, boring and commonplace.

Visit http://www.goodnessmonkey.com for more information.

The coolest thing you can do is… something!

Join us, pledge what you can and... Enjoy the goodness.

Can't give today? Please share and share and share! Post it to your facebook wall, tweet our link, email your friends, shout it from your rooftop. We need help in every way! Also looking for advertisers, sponsors and partners, together we can make a difference.

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$150,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on March 26, 2013
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  • $25USD
    Gratitude ROCKS.

    Get everything above and a personal thank you shout-out on the Goodness Monkey Facebook page along with a dedicated tweet in your honor.

    9 claimed
  • $100USD
    Monkey tee, monkey do.

    Get everything above and a kick-ass Goodness Monkey t-shirt ($30 value). Free shipping in the US.

    9 claimed
  • $500USD
    Go bananas!

    NEW PERK! Go bananas and get everything above AND $250 reward dollars to spend with national partners in the network. Because you're worth it!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $1,000USD
    Organic goodness.

    Get everything above and a fresh organic produce care package. Free shipping in the US.

    0 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Fit monkey.

    Get everything above and a personal training session with nutrition consultation from our partner Paul Led. In your town or ours. Flight, hotel and meals included.

    0 claimed
  • $15,000USD
    Get the word out!

    1 YR FREE AD SPACE. One Level 3 Package worth $27,000. Includes: (100k p/mo) banner impressions, (20k p/mo) rich media impressions, (20k p/mo) video impressions, 6x stand-alone email blast, 12x sponsored newsletters, 12x Facebook posts, 12x Tweets, and 12x Pins.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $50,000USD
    Angel Investor

    Angels are the elite and most courageous of investors. They are the first to believe and are the bedrock of every great venture! Get everything above and we will bring goodness to you! A presentation by, Q and A or kaffeeklatsch with, Goodness Monkey Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder, Shannon Balliet. In your town, with your guests, chatting about Goodness Monkey, living well, and overcoming obstacles.

    0 claimed
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