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When you buy a packet of our peanut butter, a malnourished child will receive an equivalent amount of therapeutic food.

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Alex Cox posted an announcement 10 months ago

Our silence has not been for nothing. Here at Good Spread we’ve been quietly expanding and diligently working on developing a system for shipping and in the process, some of you have not yet received your rewards! You who contributed to this effort are the only reason that Good Spread exists today and you deserve your reward two months ago! If you haven’t received your Good Spread please write to us at info@helpgoodspread.com. State your contribution level and current (or best) address. We want to make sure you all get a taste of the goodness.

Just so you know a little about what’s going on over here, we’ve included a new video. Enjoy.

- The Good Spread Team

Working Around the Clock
Alex Cox posted an announcement 1 year ago

As I write this I am surrounded by roughly 40,000+ packets of Good Spread. I have an equal mountain of boxes surrounding me and this Good Spread combined with these boxes = your rewards!!!

We expect to ship out rewards next week! So clear your shelves of all that mediocre peanut butter you have and prepare your bellies for a real treat.

As you begin receiving Good Spread and are able to interact with us and the product, we encourage you to give us feedback. We think we have something pretty special here but we’re biased and we’re also willing to enhance the product as we hear your ideas and dreams about what Good Spread can strive for.

Thank you all for making this happen.

Good Spread & MANA. Together at last. 20130313155455-photo
Alex Cox posted an announcement 1 year ago

Dear backers,
First off, we want to thank you for your patience with Good Spread. As you may recall, we estimated that we’d have Good Spread ready to send to you by the end of January. Well, we have just finished up the final details on packaging and boxes and finally got coordinated with the printers and the factory. It’s been a learning experience for us and we’re so honored that you’ve all been apart of the process.

Secondly, with all the finalization and coordination, Good Spread will be in production the first few weeks of February which means you should start seeing your rewards show up by the end of February and into the beginning of March. Sorry for the delay and thanks again for being patient.

You will taste the glory of Good Spread soon enough. In the meantime, help good spread.

The Good Spread Team

They're excited to meet you. 20130129104628-photo
Alex Cox posted an announcement over 1 year ago

Spreaders of Good,
Because of your help and the success we had with our campaign, the floodgates have been opened and tons of developments have taken place. See what’s new:

1) www.helpgoodspread.com

2) Pre-order is now available through our site – so tell you family and friends!

3) New update video and a specific way that you can continue to help Good Spread with your local retailers!

And don’t worry, we’ve been hard at work preparing your rewards and expect to have them mailed out by the end of January.

The Good Spread Team

The Good Spread Call To Arms
Mark Slagle posted an announcement over 1 year ago

Exactly one year ago, we lost our beloved 1971 Winnebago in an explosion off of the coast of California. Since then, we’ve been living an amazing story that all of you have had a hand in telling.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us reach our goal of $65,000. We are going to be hard at work these next few months finalizing our packaging, ordering ingredients, producing our first run of product and delivering all of your rewards!

If you’re interested in carrying our product in your store, coffeshop or dorm room, contact us at info@helpgoodspread.com. We’d love to see Good Spread everywhere!

Check out and share our new video too! Tweet it, Facebook it, record it to a VHS tape and send it to your grandparents!

The Good Spread Team

Good Spread Peanut Butter: The Final Update