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We're coming together to support John Kane, the 26 year-old Bay Ridge native who suffered a spinal cord injury on July 3, 2011.  With everyone's help, we hope to see that John has a full and speedy recovery.   

The event in Brooklyn we had was a great turnout - the love really shined through and John even made an appearance to show his appreciation!

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Our Story
On July 3, 2011, John Kane shattered his C5 vertebrae. He was rushed to the Jersey Shore Hospital where we found out the injury was so severe he had to have 3 surgeries to repair the damage - as well as help ease the strain, swelling, and possible damage to his spinal cord. During that time, he was in an induced coma with a feeding tube, and ventilators helping him breathe. Showing how much of  a tough guy he is, he soon overcame all the obstacles. He was fighting!   Slowly, he was able to breathe on his own. Once he was strong enough, they were able to move him to Rusk at NYU in Manhattan for continued care and therapy. There he was able to have the feeding tube removed, and devour all the yummy goodness called food NYC has to offer.

As John first begun this journey, he was unable to move his upper and lower body. With the intense therapy, amazing doctors, therapists, and his own zeal and determination, John regained mobility in his upper body and hands thus far. He has made some amazing strides for the injury sustained.  As his spinal cord's swelling subsides,his body heals - but we are still unsure of the overall damage done at this time. Our goal is to continue the therapy -  get him up on those legs and Makin Moves Like Jagger in time.  However there is a very long road ahead and your love and support are so very much needed. 


The Impact

We are very aware at how much worse things could have been. In injuries such as this, people have lost their lives. We are counting our blessings every single day that we still have John, and he is doing so much better than we could have ever expected... However - as time goes on, he needs to have hard core therapy. On October 15 John's time at Rusk ended as he no longer needed assistance from an acute facility.He is currently in a sub acute location in Queens for a couple of weeks continuing therapy.  From there, he must return home.  When he is at home, he will need to travel 3x a week for therapy as well as have a hired nurse at home with him most days - from morning til night. With your help, we hope to raise money for the in home care, medical bills, as well as possibly get him into a specialized facility  where he would not have to travel back and forth, and get the attention and care he needs for a quicker recovery.  

More info on spinal cord injury/ cases/ stories:

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What better way than from the words of those who love him....xoxoxo

Tom Riches � Friend
I have known john basically my whole life.  Words cannot describe what a good person he is.  One of the best examples I can give you is that when my brother was killed on 9/11 John was the first person at my house the next morning after he had spent all day there on the 11th. I didn't have to ask john to come back and hang out with me while we waited for news he knew that I needed him there. As the years pass by to this day John is the only person to pass by every anniversary with a six pack of beers and a pizza. Now john needs us and I hope we can all come together to help John walk again.  There are many other stories of how good John is to his friends but to me this one stands out above all.    

Drita Kane � John�s Mom
He is the kind of son any mother would be proud to have; he is kind, considerate, generous, always willing to help a person when they down, smart, handsome, funny and I am so proud of his resilience I just have to thank God and all the support he receives from his friends and family.

Kathleen Maxwell � John�s Grandma
Whenever I think of John Kane I smile; for he has that kind of effect on people; perhaps it�s his wicked sense of humor. John was a lovely wee boy with a shock of white hair which matched his sister Katie�s. When he attended St. Anselm�s school he became their number one altar server, rising early many morning to serve at daily Mass; he was serious about this responsibility and I admired him greatly for it. John attended Xavier High School in Manhattan & St. Joseph�s University in PA, once I called him there to say �Hi� and after a few minutes conversation he said with a sense of urgency �Grandma, I really can�t talk to you right now, I�m in the middle of a beer pong; can you call back later?� Not being familiar with the term, I assumed he was working on a difficult science experiment� but that was John, always totally honest. Along with his other studies he also learned to play rugby, a sport he loved. I guess he was a jock!

John has become a well rounded, educated, very nice young man who has many friends. However, the one quality I see in him is one that really very few people have; I believe it is a gift from God. This quality is the ability to immediately connect with people of any age, not on a frivolous level, but on a deeper, soul to soul level; when you meet John you immediately like him and want to hang out with him. John is really interested in each person he comes in contact with and he makes it a point to remember their names. While at Rusk, I noticed that he treated everyone with the same consideration, from powerful doctors to the people who cleaned his room, he saw the dignity in each person, tried to make them smile, thanked them for their services, and meant it. This is the quality that will continue to shape this young man�s future and bring him through this challenging part of his life, I know God is with him and will continue to lead and nurture him as He has in the past�this new journey may be difficult but it will also be exciting, for

               �I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.� Phil: 4:13

Katie Kane � John's Sister
The first few words that come to mind when I think about my brother are � funny, caring, personable, sweet and active. John and I have been so close our entire lives; he�s not only my brother but my best friend too! We played sports together growing up.. I taught him everything he knows, haha. If we aren�t playing a game we�re watching a game at the stadium or at the bar. John is very dedicated and loyal to his family and friends another admirable quality found in him. Although he�s my younger brother he�s always looked after me like an older brother would. John means the world to me and there isn�t anything that I won�t do to help him on his journey to a full recovery. I love ya kid!

Dan Gearity � Friend
"John is an optimist and, in a way, an artist. He's the type of person that can take a situation, however dull or negative it may be, and transform it into an enjoyable experience. It's his knack for conversation and perspective on life that help shape these situations and, in turn, entertain anyone within his vicinity. What would normally be a cumbersome ordeal for most people is only a minor setback for john�.

Jenna Volpe - Friend

John is a great guy. He is the type of friend whom you know will always be there if you need anything. He is generous and would do anything for his close friends and family. I've known John for 11 years and he's one of my closest friends. He has a great sense of humor, even throughout this entire healing process. He has made fun nicknames for his nurses and had inside jokes with everyone from Rusk. It was no surprise to me when I first visited him at Rusk and everyone working there knew him by first name and clearly loved him. There is just something about him that whenever you are around him he makes you smile. Every time I've visited him since he's been injured he's made me laugh, keeping the environment light and comfortable. He is the most popular guy in Bay Ridge with a line outside his hospital room door of people looking to spend some time with him. He is a truly special person with a kind heart and I know with his determination he will get better. I am so thankful that I get to call him my friend and I would do anything for him because I know he'd do the same for me!

Sean McCafferty � Friend

I've known John for nearly twenty years, since we were little runts in St. Anselm. I got my first job with John's help at the Canteena. We both went to Xavier together, and that's where you saw the best in him come out. I've never met anybody more loyal, resilient, funny, generous and wholehearted than John. No matter the situation, he always had my back. Whether I was right or wrong, he didn't care. That's what true friends do. We've spent a lot of good times together, and will definitely have better times in the near future. There is nobody I know that can battle through this challenge better than he can. He's had our backs, now it's time for us to have his.

Kristin Brown � Friend
John is the type of guy where what you see is what you get and that's what I love most about him.  He's genuine, funny and an extremely loyal friend.  I have known him for a long time and although we don't get to see each other that often, he still treats me like family.  If anyone can get through this, it�s him. 

Kristin O�Donnell � Friend
John Kane aka Daddy Buckets!  I worked with him in Canteena and those were some of the best nights ever!  Just sitting there and him telling me right from wrong, giving me the best advice possible!  Filling me in on the best wines of the week! He is quite the jokester!!! He is the most genuine, nicest, person, I think in the world, quite a gentleman!  I always tell Kate how if the world had a bunch of John Kane's in it, life would be fabulous!!!  He is the strongest person to me in the world right now!  & we all love himmm & are with him every step of the way

xoxo KO

Pam Walsh � Friend
I don't get to see John all the time, but every time I see him, even if it has been a few months, I know he�ll act like we saw each other just yesterday.  He has the ability to make everyone feel at home and can light up a room with his personality. If there is anything you need that John can help you with, he will do it in a second.  He will give you the shirt off his back in 30 degree weather, and I�ve actually seen him do it!  He is truly a great guy and I am not surprised at all by the amount of  people who consider him a dear friend.

Sean Breslin - Friend
Only one man could start up his own nickname, and have it be completely ridiculous, and end up having it stick� To the point where every single one of his friends refers to him by said name on the regular�. The One, The Only, Daddy Buckets!

Lindsay Sleeper - Friend
Johnny is truly one of a kind.  There is not one person I can think of that would or could handle this situation like John has  with strength, courage and determination�.probably helps that he is the most stubborn person ever, but in a good way.   Bay Ridge is a different place without Johnny boy around.  Looking forward to that day when we�re all in the bar together like old times.  I know John won�t settle for anything less, and neither will any of us!


Tom Stanziale � Friend

�The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend.� � Henry David Thoreau

John has been a close friend of mine for many years. I couldn�t ask for anything more. Thanks buddy. Keep working hard, we�re all looking forward to a full and healthy recovery.

Barbara Carbone � Family Friend
3 stories come to mind when I think of John�

1 ..The night he totally outsmarted my �wine snob� boyfriend- - when he was our bartender at Canteena.. John was working with southern and also taking a masters wine class. His knowledge of wines and grapes and regions and vineyards and years and his delivery of that information  was stunning.. I was so happy that he was able to trade stories and impart his wine knowledge on my �wine snob� boyfriend who had been studying and drinking wines for years .   John�s determination will be a huge part of what helps him get well.  

2. On his Moms birthday last year- John arrived at the party and began talking to my 15 year old son who attends Xavier (John�s alma mater). Watching John talk to Nicholas with that confidence and  poise  was so amazing�John�s the more (adult �big brother� )version- and Nick�s(  the beginner newbie) was like a Xavier  brotherhood.  Listening to John recall high school teachers and stories in such a humorous  way had the whole room laughing.    It is that Self Confidence and Strength that will pull John through this hard time.

3. My favorite time with John was after having some great wine at Thanksgiving at his father�s house with him and family  - he sold a case of various wines to his mom and I .When we arrived to get our new box of wine all excited . He carefully explained the wines to us and told us how he included 2 of each so we would not have to fight over who gets what �  His ability to laugh and joke will be a big part of his recovery.

Brad Gerardi � Friend
In my eyes, John has been and always will be a leader.  No matter the task at hand, his skills and confidence always place him on the top of the billboards.  As a friend, he will catch a bullet for you.  John will continue to be a leader, a genuine friend, and will ALWAYS be on top of the billboards. 

Dave Azar � Friend
What I love the most about john is his ability to entertain. He is always funny and quick with a joke but he is also an excellent host and it�s probably why he is such a good bartender and found success in the distribution industry selling wine. No one had a drink to you faster or was more accommodating if you needed a hand. I still laugh thinking about his beer pong antics. The meals we have had at his father�s house are legendary, No expenses were spared and only the best was ever served if john was throwing the party. John is an amazing individual and a great friend and with everyone supporting �Good Friends Making Moves� he will hopefully have an easier road to recovery.

Kaitlin Hertz - Cousin

John is basically like an older brother to me. I get my style from him and I love when we hang out especially in the summer!

Kristin Bergstol � Friend

John is more than a friend to me.  He is more like the loving, caring, protective brother anyone would be lucky to have.  I�ve had the privilege of knowing John for pretty much my whole life, and to say there was never a dull moment would be an understatement!  John has always been in my corner.  I know I can always count on him and I will always have his back no matter what!  I will do anything I can to see he has a full recovery!  John deserves nothing but the best! Fact or Fiction we need bathing suit Sundays back!  Love Ya Johnny Boy!

Matthew Palumbo - Friend

When you talk about a person like John, it�s hard to pick a starting point. This kid has been one of my closest friends for most of my life. I have never met a more thoughtful and less selfish person in my life. John has a genuine interest in people that many others do not share. He constantly puts others first and that is why I think so many people love him. I have honestly never met a person who dislikes this kid. He is the best person I know.  I am one of the thousands of people praying for a full recovery, I hope we can all come together to raise the funds necessary for that to happen.

Tessa Fleck - Friend
The first time I met John, I was immediately comfortable around him. From his personality to his smile- I knew why so many called him a friend. He adds instant fun to any situation, and a party or gathering is not the same without him. John has a such a great attitude and has maintained his amazing spirit through it all.

Eddie Moloney - Friend
I have known John since our grammar school days at the Surf Club playing the Annual D Court/B Court Baseball Classic with taped up wiffle ball bats and tennis balls. Ever since then when we aren't arguing about whose better: St Pats or St Anselm, Xaverian or Xavier, Yanks or Mets, Jets or Giants (we agree on Notre Dame and the Rangers) we have become close friends. John is a great friend who is always there for you, and now we all have to be there for him.

Joe Calvin - Friend

I first met John over 20 years ago in Mrs. Guyette�s kindergarten class. Since then, he�s been with me every step of the way through St. Anselm, Xavier and right on up to our so called adult lives. I consider myself lucky to have such a spirited person around for all these years. John�s loyalty to his friends cannot be topped. His quick wittedness and great storytelling ability always leaves us laughing uncontrollably. I have no doubt that his determination will lead to a full recovery and that before we know it, he�ll be right back in the groove without ever having missed a beat

Connor O'Mara - Friend
I�ve known John from working with him at Canteena. He trained me in the business, showing me the in�s and out�s of what I needed to do. Working with John we had many laughs and stories about different sports team and life in general. John has always been there for everyone in need and it�s our turn to support him back to good health. Keep fighting Daddy Buckets!


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