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God-i connects your real life with your social network. It's a wearable video camera - your friends can see what you are up to when you want.
Mr. Q
San Francisco, California
United States
1 Team Member

God-i : Share Life as it Happens !

God-i connects your Real Life with your Social Network. It's a wearable video camera - your Friends can see what you are up to when you want. They can even talk to you to give you advice.

Forget about missing your Friends. The GPS inside God-i will indicate where they are, ... but only if they want to be found.

God-i is a new Marketing Tool for everyone but it's been specially designed for Celebrities who love sharing some moments with fans.

  • Imagine enjoying a Concert from the point of view of Your Favorite Artist
  • Imagine enjoying a Sport from the point of view of Your Favorite Athlete
  • Imagine enjoying a Fashion show from the point of Your Favorite Top Model

God-i is a new form of Entertainment for everyone !



Enrique Garcia ( Mr.Q ), Master's Degree in Computer Science, is an Entrepreneur in the fields of Art and Technology. He is co-founder of SILVERSPACE, a 3D Animation Studio and CEO and founder of MAIN RESEARCH QUESTION a Startup specialized in Product Design.

He worked as Research Associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory    ( U.S. Energy Department Laboratory ) developing 3D image analysis and visualization software.

He's been awarded with 80 International Film Awards as a Film Director so far, and he's been candidate for an Oscar nomination twice with "Perpetuum Mobile" & "Daisy Cutter".

God-i is his latest Invention inspired by a sci-fi script he wrote a few years ago. God-i project combines perfectly Mr.Q's passions ... Art and Technology !


Industrial Design

Industrial design of God-i has focused on creating a very simple and easy to use multimedia device. There is only one button. Yes ... just a single button to power on the device and to connect it to your smartphone ( Iphone / Android ) to start Sharing Your Life as it Happens !

Press once and you are in ... press again and you are out !

From Concept Design to 3D Printed PrototypeFrom Concept Design to 3D Printed Prototype

Size matters, so the designing goal was to create a small device as thinner as a last generation smartphone and small enough to wear it.

God-i Measurements ( milimeters )God-i Measurements ( milimeters )
Size Comparison of God-i to a SmartphoneSize Comparison of God-i to a Smartphone

Building Prototypes

The manufacture of prototypes has been an iterative process to achive the final form of God-i. It´s been an exciting process to go from the Idea and some 3D Designs to the final prototype.

Rapid Prototyping MaterialsRapid Prototyping Materials
Triangular case parts of God-iTriangular case parts of God-i
Triangular case of God-iTriangular case of God-i
Building the Lense BodyBuilding the Lense Body
God-i before rounding cornersGod-i before rounding corners
The First PrototypeThe First Prototype
Customizing the Eye ColorCustomizing the Eye Color
3D Printed Prototypes3D Printed Prototypes

How does it work ?

There is only one button to power on and to power off. That's it !

God-i InstructionsGod-i Instructions

Once you have pressed the power on button God-i will try to connect to your smartphone through an Android/iOS app. God-i paires to your smartphone like you usually do with any other bluetooth devices ( Bluetooth Headset, Smart Shoes, Heart-rate Monitor, ... ). Once it´s been paired it will start to stream video and audio automatically.

God-i app will allow you to save videos to your smartphone in case of no 3G cell phone coverage.

God-i will be charged through a standard Micro USB connector.

God-i part descriptionGod-i part description

The Functional Prototype has been created using an Evaluation Kit to stream to a Ubuntu RED5 Media Server. Our goal now is to miniaturize the electronics to the size of God-i.

Functional PrototypeFunctional Prototype

We are planning to develop the iOS and Android apps to interface God-i with smartphones. Unfortunately God-i won't work with Blackberry or Windows Phone 8 at this time.

Concept image of the Android appConcept image of the Android app

Production Plan

We have finished Tech Specs, the Industrial Design, 3D Printed Prototypes and the Functional Prototype but there is still work to be done : Engineering ( Miniaturizing Electronics ), Apps development, Evaluation, Mass Production, Inspection ( Quality Controls ), Packaging and so on.

We know October may seem too far away, but building a new device from scratch is a time consuming task and we prefered to be realistic about the schedule. Our team is working hard to try to finish before that deadline. We will be posting regularly with updated information about God-i.

Production Plan : YOU ARE HERE !Production Plan : YOU ARE HERE !

Risks and challenges

The main challenges of building God-i are :

1.- Minaturizing the electronics to build a small wearable video camera

2.- Building a Bluetooth system to connect God-i to smartphones to stream video.

3.- Triangular industrial design of God-i doesn't allow to include any of the standard rectangular shape batteries in the market. We need to build a triangular Lithium-ion polymer battery with enough power for all electronic components of God-i.

We rely on 2 electronics engineering and manufacturing companies to achive these goals :

UVAX Concepts USA Inc. will be leading the production of God-i from the design phase to the final product thanks to its experience in quality management and electronic assembly production.


HC TECHNOLOGIES expertise in wireless systems will be crucial for developing the electronics to connect God-i with smartphones through Bluetooth, the wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances.



Are you a Celebrity ?

If you are a Celebrity from the Entertainment Industry ( Film, TV, Theater ), from Sports, Fashion, Industry, or even Famous for being Famous and are willing to be the very first ones to try this new Marketing Device, please order your God-i and contact us.

We will be posting names of Celebrities ( if they feel so ) from all over the world that support God-i


Celebrities that Support the "God-i" !

Yes, we have the first Celebrities that Support the "God-i".

· Raquel Ajofrin ( Actress, Writer, Director nominated for a GOYA Award )      



· Carlos Clavijo ( Writer, Director, Producer and stand-up Comedian )



· Jose Alba ( Independent Producer and Distributor )



· Frank Spano ( Actor, Producer, Director )




Don't be shy ... you could be the next Celebrity to use the "God-i" !



We really appreciate your support to build a new community of "Personal Broadcasters". 

  • $1 - SUPPORTERS of God-i !
  • $39 - FRIENDS OF God-i · T-shirt in your choice of size + credited at God-i site
  • $99 - QUICKEST BACKERS · 1 God-i · At $100 off of List Price + credited at God-i site
  • $149 - EARLY BIRD SPECIAL · 1 God-i · At $50 off of List Price + credited at God-i site
  • $189 - IndieGoGo SPECIAL · 1 God-i · At $10 off of List Price + credited at God-i site
  • $695 - OFFICE PACK · 5 God-i + credited at God-i site
  • $5000 - God-i GOLDEN SPONSORS · 10 God-i + credited at God-i site + Participate with our Team in the Development of the Next Generation of God-i

Please help us to build the future of "Personal Broadcasting" with this new wearable multimedia device : God-i

Magnet Prototype of God-i on the FridgeMagnet Prototype of God-i on the Fridge

Thank you very much for your Support ...

    God-i Team !


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