Go'n Toxic Motor Simulator!

Make your child's bicycle sound like a Harley, Dirt Bike, and more. No need for playing cards or pegs in the spokes of bike wheels to make a motor sound!


Help take us from prototype to reality!


We bring you Go’n Toxic, and we promise this will bring hours of enjoyment to your kids.

Remember the days where you use to stick pegs, plastic, even cans on your push bike to give it the sound of a motor bike? I’m sure most of us at some stage in our life tried it.
Well we wanted to take this idea into the 21st century and give children the realism they were looking for.
With our product, your child can simply choose what type of motorbike, they wish to simulate.  Eg.. Harley Davidson, Dirt Bike, or other sound effects like UFO. 

The attached exhaust then plays real audio recordings of that bike. It increases and decreases in pitch and tempo as the bike changes its speed. It really does sound like you’re riding a real motorbike! No cheesy digital audio, just the real thing.
Your child can ride in style!


Latest Prototype


Before starting this campaign we have been working tirelessly to make sure that everything is in pace as soon as the money has been raised. So far we now have a provisionary patent on Go’n Toxic as well as other security measures in place.

Early Preliminary Design Stages

Much CAD work has been done and tested for us to give you the best first release of this product. Here is a sample of the levers used for supporting the toy.





Thank you for helping to make this a great product. We appreciate even the smallest amount given. It all helps, and please spread the word!

All the best from the Go'n Toxic Team

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