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Help fund Gloria's fellowship at the Polaris Project in D.C. (an anti-trafficking organization), where she will be working as their Digital Media Activist.
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Aug. 11 UPDATE

Thank you everyone for your support! My Indiegogo campaign may be finished, but my fundraising efforts are not. I am keeping this page up for informational purposes. After exploring here, you can donate by going to If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a note on the "Comments" tab here.

Thank you!


Slavery will be the defining issue of our generation…What will history say about us?


The Problem

As you may already know, human trafficking (also known as “modern day slavery”) has been a growing problem worldwide, but also within the United States and in Maryland. There are 27 million slaves today, and they live in your neighborhood. Baltimore and D.C. rank in the top three for rates of human trafficking in the country. On March 21, 2013, there was a major bust in Towson, Md., where a woman has been accused of running an prostitution and human trafficking ring for several years. Everyday, across the United States, there are more and more stories like this one.


About the Polaris Project & Gloria’s Fellowship

This Fall, I will be joining the fight against modern-day slavery full-time. Recently, I was offered a three month “Digital Activist” fellowship with the Polaris Project, in Washington, D.C.


This fellowship though, is a three month volunteer position. I do not take leaving my full-time job lightly. I recognize it’s a huge risk. This is a leap of faith I am willing to take, though, because I feel so passionately about this issue and about Polaris’ work.


As Polaris’ Digital Activist Fellow, my main role will be building awareness and educating the public, through Polaris’ Facebook and Twitter. Building awareness among everyday citizens is critical. Educating the public to recognize the signs of trafficking – and then calling in tips to the hotline – can be the crucial tipping point needed for many victims.



In order to make this fellowship a reality, I will need to raise four month’s worth of living expenses ahead of time. (Three months for the fellowship’s duration, followed by one month buffer to allow for job searching). This breaks down to $2,935 per month; totaling $11,740 for four months. In the spirit of transparency, I have made my budget available below.


Gloria’s Monthly Budget:

Housing: $820.00

Utilities: $247.00

Food: $350.00

Transportation: $541.00 (Commuting from Md. to D.C.)

Laundry/Clothing: $15.00

Medical/Health (Rx's, counseling, health insurance): $600.00

Personal (Household goods, toiletries): $162.00

Visa Debt: $200.00


Would you be willing then, to chip in what you can, to help make this wonderful fellowship opportunity possible? Investing in me will prove worthwhile – I will put my axe to the grindstone, each day of my fellowship, to do the “tedious work of justice” as Gary Haugen said. And by doing so, you will be joining in today’s abolitionist movement.


Other Ways to Help

  • Prayer. Please pray for this project, for myself, and for a world without slavery.

  • Spread the word far and wide about my IndieGoGo campaign page!

Thank you,

gloria shin


Please note: these funds will be going directly to me, not the Polaris Project, and therefore are not tax-deductible. If unforeseen circumstances arise, and I am unable to pursue this fellowship opportunity, your donations will given directly to the Polaris Project.


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