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By proving what resources exist in hospitals worldwide, information can be used to increase access to life saving surgery for babies, children, and mothers.
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Fatima is a woman in sub-Saharan Africa who lost her baby because she couldn't get an emergency C-section.  Her remote village was 20 miles walking from the nearest health facility.  But the time she reached the hospital, the baby was in distress and there was no surgeon available to provide the emergency surgery.  Now, she can't have more children because of all the birth trauma she endured

What if you could impact the life of a mother and child today?  

  • Cesarean sections are not available in many countries worldwide.  In fact, in some very poor countries, a mother in need of a C-Section may only have a 1 in 12 chance of having access to one! And her risk of death during child birth may be as high a 1 in 8
  • But C-Sections are only one type of surgery that is necessary in developing countries.
  • Trauma is a neglected epidemic in developing countries,causing more than five million deaths each year, roughly equal to the number of deaths from HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined!
  • GSC is working to change this by cataloging the availability of surgical and pain services in low income countries

By revealing where the needs are, and partnering with those who can meet the needs for emergency surgery, GSC will change this reality

 Who We Are

  • The Global Surgical Consortium (GSC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to documenting the resources gaps necessary to build surgical and anesthesia infrastructure in low-income countries.
  • At GSC, we envision a world without barriers to safe surgery and anesthesia. The GSC Vision is to provide the data and improvement measures to insure safe and cost-effective emergency and essential surgical care to all who need it.
  • It costs approximately $10,000 to survey one low-income country for our database.  Costs for database creation will exceed $100,000 over the next year and then at least $500,000 to create an internet-based open-source platform over the next five years.

 What We Need & What You Get

We need $10,000 now to start building our database infrastructure.  Ultimately, this project will cost over $500,000 to complete all the surveys and build the open-source database.  This database will be instrumental in directing resources to low-income countries and avoiding duplication of efforts by nongovernmental organizations worldwide.

The Impact

This database is the first of its kind.   It is valuable to the world, global organizations and donors because it pinpoints the needs and creates awareness for the importance of surgery and the live’s lost when emergency surgery is not available.  We have successfully collected data in 7 countries, providing the information in an open source format to assist global organizations in targeting their programs.  YOU can impact lives donating to this project allowing us to continue the data collection needed today to provide surgery in the future

Other Ways You Can Help

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