Glasses TrackR - Locate Sunglasses and Eyeglasses using your Smartphone

Glasses TrackR helps you find your eyewear in seconds using your iPhone or Android device.

What is Glasses TrackR

Glasses TrackR is a small tracking device designed for sunglasses and eyeglasses. Once you attach TrackR to your eyewear, your phone will automatically keep track of where your glasses are located for you. 

The device has been designed to sleekly slip onto any pair of glasses and remain hidden behind the user's ear & hair when worn. Stop losing moments looking for lost eyeglasses and worrying about losing your favorite pair of sunglasses with Glasses TrackR.

How Does it Work?

The Glasses TrackR device slips on to the back of any eyewear frames & attached via a comfortable neoprene slip. The user then downloads the TrackR App onto their iPhone or Android. From the app, the user can track where there glasses are and find their glasses in seconds using TrackR's unique two-way finder system.


How Does it Attach?

Glasses TrackR uses a neoprene attachment to attach to virtually any pair of glasses.


The app for Glasses TrackR is available for both iOS and Android device (Please Check Compatibility below). The app enables you to customize rings for each device and can be used to track other TrackR devices such as
Wallet TrackR and StickR TrackR. The app can also track non-TrackR proximity tags. We have tested the application to conserve battery life. Click the links below to see the app for yourself.




iOS: iPhone 4s & later, iPad with Retina Display & later, iPod Touch 5th Generation & later

Android:  Android 4.3 & later, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android supports only 1 device at a time!)


November - IndieGoGo Campaign

January - Showcase Glasses TrackR at CES 2014

January - Approve Evaluation Build Samples

March - Approve Production Build Samples

March - Production

April - Delivery to Customers

Timeline is subject to change and we'll make sure you are updated of any difficulties. We've gone through the manufacturing process many times now and have accomplished delivering quality product to customers every time.


How long does the Battery Last?

Up to 6 months and the battery is easily replaceable.

What is the range?

The finding features work within 100 feet of the Glasses TrackR device. Outside of 100 feet, the app records where the glasses were left last & Crowd Source Tracking updates can be used to receive the latest GPS tracking info on your lost glasses.

How many people are in the Crowd Source Tracking Network?

Our Crowd Source Tracking Network is the largest out there thanks to our successful Indiegogo campaigns such as Wallet TrackR and Button TrackR.

How is Glasses TrackR different from other tracker devices

Glasses TrackR is the only intelligent item tracking device that has been specifically designed for glasses.  Besides beating competition in features, easy to replace batteries, Android and iOS app support, TrackR products have been already successfully released to customers and you can depend on TrackR to receive high quality products.

Is there a monthly subscription?

No monthly subscription required!

I am interested in Distribution.  Who should I email?

Please email sales (at) phonehalo.com.

I am interested in writing about Glasses TrackR.  Who should I email?

Please email press (at) phonehalo.com.

I have more questions about the product.  Who should I email?

Please email support (at) phonehalo.com.

I have questions for Chris.  How do I contact him?

I'm easy to get a hold of and look forward to hearing from you: chris (at) phonehalo.com.

Want to learn more?  Want images for your blog?  Visit http://www.GlassesTrackR.com

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