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Join us in fighting Honor Crimes in one of the most innovative ways!
Khalida Brohi
Small Business
4 Team Members

My Name is Khalida Brohi, I am 24 year old from a small village in the Balochistan province of Pakistan and I have a dream:

To save the lives of 1 million women from the hidious custom of Honor Killings. 

Unlike others I didnt see my dream in the dark of the night nor in my sleep but it happened to me in the wake of the day when I was 16 years old and just discovered that my friend is murdered just because she wanted to marry someone she liked. 

My Journey started there...

I am a very fortunate person. Life offered me much more then I could ever imagine, coming from a small village that I was, I still got my freedom, education, opportunities and power of decision making that no other girl in my family or community could get. In a way I lived my life distributed between two very distinct realities: one my original inheritance, the second my gained identity. 

My original inheritance is that I belong to a tribal community in Balochistan to a society where traditions fix the fate of each girl. But luck turned out that I became the first girl in my community who could get her education in Karachi, and I was provided every opportunity to grow and learn and encouraged to speak my mind. 

My freedom every second became the nagging influence on my choosing to step forward and try my hardest to change the lives of other girls in my community who still live the life of a slave to the negative tribal traditions like exchange marriages, early marriages, arranged marriages and even honor killings. And when life shook me hard with the news of my friend I began my own kind of a fight against honor killing through Sughar!

Honor killings – the murders of women who are deemed to have brought dishonor onto their families – have existed in Pakistan for centuries. Women have been killed for such “offenses” as refusing to enter into arranged marriages, or dressing “inappropriately,” or even being the victims of sexual assaults.

Official statistics show that about 675 women were killed in the name of honor in the first nine months of 2011: (Reference, NewsWeek Report Dec 2011)   While UN declares that more then 1000 women are killed every year in Pakistan, however which are only registered and reported cases, the cases of murders unreported are enormous!

Everyday a mother is forced to leave the world of her children, a girl is killed for mere suspicion or a woman raped and murdered in the name of so called Honor! A recent report declares almost a thousand reported cases every year! (http://tribune.com.pk/story/353572/nearly-1000-pakistan-women-killed-for-honour/)


What is the Strategy?

We decided not to fight. But to use our enemies as our enemies as our Allies, instead of fighting against the traditions, we decided to promote whats the best. 

Instead of fighting against the traditional ways of tribal villages, we at Sughar Women Program PROMOTE those traditions in order to end Honor Killings. We work directly with tribal leaders, influential men and mullahs in tribal villages of Pakistan to promote traditional customs such as MUSIC, LANGUAGE AND EMBROIDERY. 

Once we have established a presence inside the village, and we have the strong support of its leaders on our side, we create Sughar Centers where village women are recruited to join for six months to have 2 hours of sessions everday on enterprise development, self awarenes, life skills, basic education and value addition of traditional embroidery. 

What actually happens in the Sughar Centers?

In this Sughar Center, while going through their life changing experience of education and awraeness, women create beautiful embroidered products which have become a huge part of the fashion industry in Pakistan as Sughar is launched as Pakistan's first ever rural women fashion brand.

Upon graduating from the six-month course, each woman is offered a loan to start her own small business, thus promoting entrepreneurship, which greatly influences women’s power through ownership.

We are now working with 700 women in the Sindh and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan. Our goal is to open more Sughar Centers throughout Pakistan, one village at a time, to reach 1 million women in the next 10 years!

More Women and more villages need Sughar Centers. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

This year, we plan to train 400 more women leaders, by creating 6 more Sughar Centers in 6 Pakistani tribal villages where honor killing, along with child marriages and arranged marriages, are most prevalent. The funds we are raising will go to: 


One of the most innovative aspects of Sughar program is that we have launhed Pakistan's first Tribal Fashion Brand to help earn more income for the women as well as give them the space they need in this big growing industry. Here is the video of the Fashion Brand Launch: 


  • Mobilization meetings with the tribal leaders and influential men of the villages 
  • Establishing the 6 Sughar centers for 30 women in each village
  • Purchasing the modules, books, charts, learning material and embroidery material for women to take their 6-months course cycle 
  • Finishing and marketing the women’s embroidery products around Pakistan and abroad
  • Providing loans to women after the 6-month course cycle to start their own businesses 
  • Shipping our embroidery products to the UK, USA and Australia for sales 


Choose your fav Embroidery product created by tribal women in Pakistan and order on the right side by clicking on the same number of the perk. 

Product # 1:

Dancing Camel Clutch

Product  # 2: 

Water Pot Clutch:


Product # 3: 

Balochi Gaj Clutch: 

Prodcut # 4: 

Balochi Gaj Small Size

Product # 5: 

Sughar Party Wear Code 001

Product # 6:

Sughar Pary Wear Code 002

Product # 7:

Tribal Hand Bag

Product # 8:

Rili Hand Bag


Product # 0:

The Frog Clutch

Other Ways You Can Help

Can’t give money right now? We totally understand. But there are other ways you can help Pakistani women:

  • Send this link to three people who might want to shop at Sughar!
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else you are online
  • Help us spread the word, so that tribal women in Pakistan can lead lives of equality and security.

We thank you with all of our hearts for being with us in this fight. The impact we have been able to create so far – and the greater impact we are planning – wouldn’t be possible without people like you who believe in us, encourage and support us!

With Gratitude,

Sughar Team~

Sughar Women Program a TEDx Talk

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This campaign ended on February 28, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Become Immortal!

    Your name, along with the names of other contributors, will be prominently written on the metal door of one of the Sughar center. Your support and name will live with us forever!

    13 out of 1000 claimed
  • $25USD
    Special Shout out!

    You will be given a special mention on our twitter and facebook accounts!

    9 out of 500 claimed
  • $50USD
    Frog Clutch

    Clutch a frog from the Dessert areas of Umerkot where after monsoon the valleys dance with the sound of frogs celebrating the rain! [Story will be sent] (Price includes shipping)

    7 out of 400 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $80USD
    Dancing Camel Clutch

    Inspired from the folk story of Umer Marvi, where beautiful Marvi used to go watch the Camel dance in her village, this clutch gives you feel of what Marvi felt as a free woman! (Story will be sent) [Price includes shipping]

    3 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $80USD
    Water Pot Clutch

    From the Story of Umer Marvi, where Marvi daydreams about the time back home when she used to go fetch water with her girl friends and enjoy her time as a free woman. [Story will be sent] (Price includes shipping)

    1 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $85USD
    Balochi Gaj Small Size

    Balochi Gaj Clutch in Small Size (Price includes Shipping)

    5 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $100USD
    Receive a Folk Song!

    We promote traditions! One of the best thing about it is we have collected some beatiful tradtional songs, one of those would be emailed to you within three days of your donation!

    11 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $110USD
    Tribal Hand Bag

    Inspired by the wedding dress of the bride in one of the tribes in Sindh, this beautiful bag has surprises hidden in every stitch! [Story will be sent] (Price includes shipping)

    1 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $110USD
    Balochi Gaj Clutch

    The patterns in the clutch are used from the traditional dress of tribal women from Sindh. [Story will be sent] (Price includes shipping)

    0 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $140USD
    Rili Hand Bag

    Embroidered to reflect the traditional art of Rili in Sindh Province of Pakistan, this bag is the best daily use with unique style and comfort! (Price includes Shipping)

    3 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $190USD
    Sughar Party Wear 001

    Stylish embroidered party wear created by the tribal women we work with! (Price includes shipping)

    1 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $190USD
    Sughar Party Wear 002

    Stylish embroidered party wear created by the tribal women we work with! (Price includes shipping)

    1 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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