Giving these amazing species an opportunity

This little area has more species than the U.S. and Canada combined, but they are in serious danger.
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My name is Daniel Silva and I am the co founder of, an image bank from Ecuador, the country where I live, in which it's incomparable biodiversity faces a serious problem. We have met an easy way to Face the problem through photography.  

Firstly, it is important that you know that Ecuador is a small country located at South America where there are extensive areas of the amazon jungle, mountains, coast, and the Galápagos Islands. Thousands of animal species exist in these zones. In a portion of the Yasuni National Park, for example, there are more native species than in all of North America.  

But, we need your help

There is a serious problem in this magical place.  Many of these unique species are in serious danger of extinction, due mainly to the indiscriminate logging in forests, petroleum exploitation, unauthorized fishing, exotic animal trafficking, lack of support from the communities, expansion of the civilization, etc.  

For this reason, we need your contribution to impede the ruthless hand of man continuing to put an end to thousands of millions of years of evolution.  

What we need and what you get

The immediate goal requires a lot of help. We need to raise $150,000.00 that will serve to make the first steps.

Why is it so important to save these species?

There are 3 main reasons why these species should be saved.  

1. From the beginning of time human beings have been dedicated to invade, extract and finish with the natural resources without realizing the real risk to our planet.  Each time that we use skins or feathers, consume exotic dishes, acquire pieces of ivory, or simply run our cars with gasoline or buy furniture, we are generating irreversible damage to the planet, ending thousands of species of flora and fauna that come from these places where the resources are extracted.  To be realistic, we are going to continue to use those resources, and it is worth it to give back to the planet through an act of generosity and gratitude.  This act is only a small part of what we are seizing from the earth. 

2. In this small country, one will find one of the oldest biodiverse reserves on the planet, with species of flora and fauna that are unique.  These species contribute to scientific investigation, the development of vaccines used by humans, and of course for recreation and ecological tourism.  It would be a crime to permit the extraction of one of the greatest treasures because of negligence or not acting soon enough.  

Here are some examples of the species that declare this space as an ecological sanctuary: 

3. The third reason is because we can.  If we do not help, nobody else will.  Now finally we have the capacity for thousands  who worry about the planet to join to together easily using technology and social media.  We can create communities that didn't used to exist.  We can create consciousness.  We can generate change from our places of work simply making sure that people see what happens In the forgotten corners of the planet.  We can contribute seemingly insignificant values that sum up to the greatest help that independent hands have been able to generate.  This is our cause and our dream and you can make it a reality.  

What you recieve for your contribution? is filled with thousands of beautiful images of species from all over Ecuador.  For helping us to save the species you will be able to feel proud to own an incomparable collection of animal images, printed postcards, souvenirs and much more.  Depending on the conditions of which you are willing to help, you will be invited to visit our species, to have an indescribable experience.  You would go to the amazon jungle, go on adventures to one of the paradise hotels nearby and visit the protected zones depending on your gift.  

If we do not meet the total goal, we will still be supporting the cause with other types of fundraising such as the sale of our book "Amazing Species" or by means of donations online.  

We know that we will try but we are also realistic

We know that to get the required sum to begin is going to be hard work.  It requires the effort of many people willing to help.  However we also know how to reach out to these people, which is how the information has gotten to you.  

Our business is part of a small business group based on digital marketing strategies.  Over more than 4 years  we have created important brands and have developed various projects based on digital communication, social media, online publicity and all types of digital campaigns.  For this reason we are convinced that we will create an uproar so that many people unite for our cause.  

Other ways you can help

Our campaign of crowdfunding is supported with a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Adwords and email. But our main strategy to go viral is you and your group of friends.  We will be eternally grateful if your contribution is to help to spread the word about our cause by sharing videos, images or through tools you will find below.  Help us make an uproar!  

If you would like to see other options for collaboration, visit our website:

Purchase the digital book or print on Amazon (Coming soon)

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  • $2USD
    Thank You Post

    An amazing graphic post on Facebook with your name (if you want), to say thanks for supporting this cause!

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  • $5USD
    Special Acknowledgment

    We'll send you a full color digital postcard with the image of one of our amazing species and a special thank you.

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  • $10USD
    Unique Species

    We'll send you three digital postcards with different images of our amazing species and a special thank you.

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    One Amazing Specie

    You can download from our website the image of the animal that you like in high resolution and use this as you want.

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    Three Amazing Species

    You can download from our website three images of our species, the most you like, in high resolution, and use these as you want.

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  • $100USD
    Five Amazing species

    Download five high resolution images of any of our species and receive in your mailbox a physical postcard from the Amazon with special thanks from the staff.

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  • $250USD
    Beatifull Images in a book

    A collection of our best images in a beautiful digital book to enjoy on your tablet or PC, with your name at the end in the acknowledgments page.

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  • $500USD
    You will receive a visit

    Same as previous perk plus a printed version of our fantastic book in full color in your mail box.

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  • $1,000USD
    Meet this magical place

    All of the above perk plus t- shirt and your name on the website of the campaign. Also 2 nights for 2 people in one of the best hotels in the Amazon for you to come and meet our magical species. *The offer does not cover air transport costs.

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  • $2,500USD
    Come with your friends

    Digital book, printed full color book, t- shirt and your name on the website of the campaign. Also 2 nights for 4 people in one of the best hotels in the Amazon plus a guided tour by an expert for the Amazon rainforest. *The offer does not cover air transport costs.

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  • $5,000USD
    Leave an indelible mark

    You are invited to come along with 3 people for a week for a unique experience, to meet our magical species, where you will plant a tree in the Amazon. We will document the visit and post on our thank pages both of the book and of the website campaign. *The offer does not cover air transport costs.

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  • $75,000USD
    Your name will be remembered

    Receive all the previous rewards for 4 people and put your name to an area of ​​land where we plant several trees. Let the world know that thanks to you there is still hope for the planet.

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