Give The Rainforest A Tree!

Help a community replant their rainforest through a Brazilian/American collaboration. 170,000 trees will restore 250 acres.
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Looking for a REALLY GREEN GIFT IDEA this holiday season? GIVE A TREE TO THE RAINFOREST!

Let us plant organically grown, non-GMO, native species tree in Brazil's endangered Atlantic rainforest for you, and give you a few tokens of gratitude: Music. Chocolate. Coffee. Cookbook. Scarf.

My name is Alana Lea, and I've found a way to restore hope for the future. With your help, I GIVE TREES to replant a tropical rainforest, where they balance global water cycles, make more oxygen and sink more carbon for the whole planet, than trees planted in cooler climates do.

We are literally giving the lungs of the earth, a transplant!

Five years into the process, I am absolutely confident that we're making a positive impact. Our trees GROW unlike many other projects, where baby trees die in the field due to neglect and poor conditions within months after planting. We do this without using ANY toxic chemicals, only human labor of love!

It costs $5 to plant a tree, $10 with the cost of organic field maintenance for two years.

Now I'm asking you to join me and my friends in an easy call to action, so we can make much more impact this year. Recording artists Michael Bernard Beckwith, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Niki Haris, Charles Holt, Marianne Lewis, Jami Lula, Ester Nicholson, Ben Dowling, Faith Rivera, Gary Malkin and Hayley Sales, are all giving you their music to help us replant an endangered rainforest when you donate to our cause!

We plant hope.

So far the iGiveTrees campaign has given nearly 6,000 trees back to an endangered rainforest just by sharing our story. And we can do hundreds of times more, if you'll GIVE TREE CERTIFICATES AS GIFTS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! Our goal is to replant 250 acres of rainforest with 170,000 native species trees this planting season. The people who receive the trees we sponsor, plant and care for these trees, for the benefit of all of us.

Meeting this goal will support an association of 17 small growers, a small Brazilian NGO, and 100 families, none of whom are subsidized by chemical companies!

Here's how it all began...

When I learned that 93% of the Brazilian rainforest where I was born had disappeared in my lifetime, I was shocked into action. So I found people who knew more about the land than I did, and together we started a reforestation project.

Over time, I discovered a grassroots network of small businesses: sustainable seed harvesters, an association of organic tree nurseries, small NGOs and subsistence farm families who live on barren land that was once a lush rainforest.

They are all challenged by the big name international NGOs who partnered with chemical companies, to plant genetically engineered trees and spray them with toxic glyphosate.

When we give rural families a gift of native trees, they renew the life of the rainforest to benefit us all.

Together, we are renewing the planet's precious natural resources for our kids.

Since our beginning in 2009, the project has attracted a global community of supporters: Michael Bernard Beckwith (featured in "The Secret" and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center), Rickie Byars Beckwith (founder of the Agape International Choir), Carolyn MacDougall (Teecino founder), DC Cordova (CEO of Money and You), Deborah Koff-Chapin (founder of the Touch Drawing Center), Katherine Woodward Thomas (author of "Calling in The One"), Marie Diamond (featured in "The Secret"), Martin Dunkerton (author of "Awakening Your Riches"), Ryan Eliason (creator of the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment series), George Kao (creator of the Enlightened Business Bootcamp), Steve Bhaerman (a.k.a. Swami Beyondananda, co-author of "Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future"), Vicki Robin (author of "Your Money or Your Life") and Natalie Ledwell (co-creator of Mind Movies) are among them.

NOW we invite YOU to join us...

Our reforestation project supports global cooling, the return of wildlife and Nature's biodiversity. And our hundreds of species of tropical trees have a better chance of growing to maturity, faster, able to sink more carbon than trees planted in the backyards of the Northern Hemisphere OR Genetically Modified trees.

Your non-tax-deductible "crowdfunding" donations make the purchase and distribution of these trees possible, at no cost to the recipients, through social enterprise and non-profit partnerships. We work directly with small, local NGO partners in the community who are focused on teaching organic agroforestry in targeted areas of need.

Thanks to you, we've been able to plant nearly 6,000 native species trees back in the rainforest without the use of toxic chemicals...

Just imagine if everyone who reads this would give at least one tree - we could replace hundreds of acres of rainforest this year. All without the use of toxic chemicals or the financial help of the companies who make them!

It costs $5 to plant a tree, $10 with the cost of organic field maintenance for two years.

Want to know more? Check out five years of blog posts about our project, starting on Day One in November 2008 when I was getting  ready for my first trip back to Brazil, all the way to the present.

Welcome to this global community of hope and renewal!

BTW - If you contribute on #GivingTuesday, our project will receive extra benefits from our friends here at IndieGoGo. Please share this page link on your social media to make your gift to the planet multiply!
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    Spicy Music Collection

    A spicy, upbeat, make you feel good collection from 12 recording artists who've each given a special song for this campaign. You'll get them all for your contribution. Look on the media page for a brief description of each. You'll receive an immediate download of the music and a Tree Gift Certificate.

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    Amazonian Organic Chocolate

    2 boxes of Amazonian Organic Chocolate Share the sweet tastes of the Amazon with organic chocolate that promotes rainforest conservation. Chocolate paired with three sustainably-harvested rainforest treats: Coffee beans, Brazil nuts or Goldenberries. USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Includes shipping within continental US + Tree Gift Certificate + Spicy Music Collection

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    Bio Dynamic Organic Coffee

    These coffee beans have been sourced from dedicated Biodynamic producers in communities across the globe, exemplifying agriculture that respects all aspects of the environment, from soil to human being. From family-owned farms these beans are gently tended, harvested, and hand-washed to produce a rich, flavorful coffee.. Organic & Fair Trade Specify French Roast or Mild, Decaf or Regular Includes shipping within continental US + Tree Gift Certificate + Spicy Music Collectio

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    Sacred Science Cookbook

    This is no ordinary cookbook. Authors explored culinary traditions that date back thousands of years to find some of the most potent and delicious healing recipes on earth. • 60 delicious time-tested healing recipes • Tips on recipes for specific health conditions • Guide on where to buy exotic ingredients • Exploration into mythology and ritual that underly these powerful foods • Full color photos Includes shipping in continental US + Tree Gift Certificate + Spicy Music Collection

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    Rainforest Print Cotton Scarf

    Coffee or Chocolate print cotton scarves feature textile designs by Rainforest ECO's founder, Alana Lea. They are printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks, sewn in a small facility in the USA. Please see our style sheet in the media section. Includes shipping within continental US + Tree Gift Certificate + Spicy Music Collection

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