Give the Gift of Music in New York City Homeless Shelters- Music Kitchen

Music Kitchen- Food for the Soul brings top artists and classical chamber music to New York City Homeless Shelters. Celebrating 8 seasons with Project 8!

                                    Final Campaign Update December 31st

                                      Success!!  We EXCEEDED our Goal!
                 Although most donations came offline and NOT through Indiegogo,
                                   Together we raised a total of $12,005$

             Whether you came with your credit card, checks, cash or Paypal,

        Thank you for contributing to this campaign and being part of our success!


“Just Three blocks from Lincoln Center…The concerts have an air of authenticity and directness that sometimes does not exist in concert halls.”

                                              The New York Times

                    Also featured on CBSNews.com and ABCNews.com

                           Give the Gift of Music this Holiday Season

                                           To Those Who Need it Most

  Music Kitchen’s Project 8: Festival of 8 Concerts for the 2013-2014 Season

“Thank you for your gift of music today as we endure some very hard times.  You were a breath of fresh air where hard times exist.  A temporary relief!!! Thank you for your care and concern!” - Sherry W., Shelter client

I am a professional violinist in New York City and also President and Founder of 501c3 organization Music Kitchen- Food for the Soul, which brings top musicians in concert in homeless shelters in New York City and beyond. Since 2005, I have presented 66 concerts (including 1 in Paris, France), over 100 top musicians and reached over 10,000 homeless shelter clients. Music Kitchen has been featured in The New York Times, ABCNews.com, CBSNews.com and the Hallmark Channel, among other media outlets.Music Kitchen is a creative project through which I present my favorite works with top players. To celebrate Music Kitchen’s 8 seasons and to bring even more great music to the community, we are launching Project 8, a festival of 8 concerts and 8 ensembles from solo to octet.  Music Kitchen audiences have called the concerts “Blissful” and “Awesome” so please help us reach our goal before December 31st and give The Gift of Music this holiday season.



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