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Today's masks cause pressure ulcers and other problems for babies. With your help we can do better!
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When a child under six needs to be ventilated in order to survive there is no device available today that will fit that child. There is only one size available and therefore it has to be fastened tightly to stay on. This is uncomfortable and presses the hard plastic facemasks, with humidified air, against delicate pediatric skin causing pressure ulcers. These pressure ulcers can result in pain, infection and disfigurement as well as increased costs and length of stay. The cost of these ulcers may amount to as much as $5,000 to $70,000 per child.

There is no mask available today that will fit a child’s face comfortably therefore what we have available is not just uncomfortable, it causes irritation and pressure ulcers. From preemies with Respiratory Distress Syndrome to toddlers with Sleep Apnea, non-invasive ventilation is required and involves a small machine that blows air through a tube into a mask worn on the child’s face.

Speaking for these children; as well as the clinicians and parents living with the child’s discomfort… we can do better!

We at Circadiance are the experts in making soft facemasks. Our line of cloth masks for adults is widely viewed as the most comfortable available. Doctors and therapists have been known to use our products “off label” for children and infants with excellent results and have asked us to develop pediatric versions of our products.

We are inspired and can design a pediatric facemasks that will fit and be soft to the skin of babies and children requiring non-invasive ventilation.

But why does a corporation need your help? This effort will require a significant investment. We are a small company and need to raise the funds to develop this innovation. When we tried to raise money from the investment community we found that they considered the pediatric market too small. 

Therefore we are coming to you parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, clinicians, caregivers and anyone who wants to assure that preemies, infants and small children are able to breathe comfortably when requiring non-invasive ventilation.

Your contribution will be used to:

As part of our campaign we will donate a portion of the initial Pediatric mask production in your name to the hospital that you, as a contributor, choose.

Invest in us and our ability to design and produce a new pediatric mask that will assure all the babies and toddlers will breathe comfortably and without discomfort or disfiguration. We hope we have inspired you to help and ask that you inspire your friends and family to help too by sharing our campaign: "I Inspire"

Innovations from Circadiance

My team at Circadiance and I thank you for your contribution!

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