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Amine El Fadl
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My name is Amine, and I am a filmmaker based in Paris, France. Having worked throughout Europe, North America and Asia, my credits include many commercials, video clips, short films, and feature films within the camera department and the post-production department.

I dedicated the last 8 years of my life to help others make their own films, and this year, I decided to take a challenge of writing and hopefully directing my first fictional film, 'Girls Night In'. 



Home alone, Robin calls her best friend, Jessica, to come over that night to hang out in her room. As usual, they watch TV and gossip when suddenly, the landline rings and Robin goes downstairs to answer it. Her friend Emma is in the other line and informs her that Jessica has died in a car accident. 
Is it a sick, practical joke? Jessica is upstairs in her room... Or is she? 

Ok, I'm intrigued. What's the story? 

We find one of our heroines on her bed, unknowingly left alone to tend the house whilst her parents are out. After lazing around for some time she invites her friend over to keep her company. They goof around and spend the next couple of hours doing their girly routine. Suddenly, the landline rings in the distance. She walks down the creaky stairs in the hollowing house and answers. Her friend, Emma, informs her of her friend's sudden and unexpected death. A sick, practical joke? Her friend is upstairs in her room. Or is she? That's when a flash news reports ignites the television on its own and a teen car crash is announced reporting the death of her friend. So, who is in her room ?
In this surrealistic "Scream" story, things aren't quite what they seem, and nothing seems to add up, but little importance because the tale plays with the linearity of facts much as a dream might and in the end we are exposed to the answer which leads to many more questions. The film doesn't search to explain nor complete it's sequences, yet one leads to another and they form a complete portrait.


Why This Film ?


" Girls Night In " is a psychological thriller that overlaps with horror and comedy.

The inspiration for this film began when I received an unsettling text message from a wrong number. Instantly, a story was born. 

Directors like Hitchcock, Spielberg and Scorsese are the reasons many of us fell in love with movies in the first place, and that is mainly because they evoke strong reactions and give us an entertaining ride. 

Pushing the viewer's buttons from careful manipulation is what made me fall in love with cinema in the first place, and that's what I want to experiment with in my film.

Like many of you, I have always been a big fan of horror films from the moment I watched my first around the age of 4. Over the past two decades, I have watched a countless number of horror films, and several of them impacted me. Movies such as 'A Tale of Two Sisters', 'Kuroneko', 'Marebito', 'Imprint', 'Shutter' inspired me to write the story, while and American films such as 'The Shinning' or 'The Grudge' made me want to approach it with a more modern Hollywood-esque style.




Visual references



 Cast :


Anastasia Varda : 

Anastasia is a Russian actress based in Paris. She has been acting, Dancing and singing since she was 6 years old. After completing a three-year course in the school of Olivier Belmondo  “L’entrée des artistes” in 2012, she had participated in several short films, Theatrical plays, video clips, and had several small parts in Feature films.









Fleur Chabaud :

French actress Fleur Chabaud started as a dancer before discovering a passion for acting when attending a theater school in Miami and the TVI Actors Studio of Los Angeles

Fleur Since then worked mostly in theater, shorts films and commercials while attending the Studio Pygmalion in Paris.









Morgan Lamorte :

Young French actor Morgan lamorte started by attending Acting International, the International acting school in Paris. Since then He has been involved in over 30 projects  where he played in short films, music videos, web series... 










Alison Bennett :

Alison is an Australian/English actress who arrived in Paris four years ago to complete the professional physical theatre course at the renowned Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Le Coq.

She began her career in Sydney Australia working in local theatre and television. She moved to Melbourne to follow a performing arts degree at Monash University and began writing and performing small scenes with local cabaret and burlesque troops.
She is now based in Paris and creates actor based theatre and film with her company Avid Théâtre.








Director of Photography : Patricia Grigorescu 


Steadicam Operator : Joel San Juan



Production Design :

Sophia Jacques & Martina Bragadin

A Production Designer is in charge of the overall look of the movie. They collaborate closely with the Costume Designer to ensure the film has a cohesive tone. They oversee all sets, set decoration, locations, props etc. " Girls night in " will be designed by Martina Bragadin & Sophia Jacques  


Producers :

Mikaela Bouzaglo & Lauren Brown 



"You had me at Hello," what do I do?

To become one of our backers, just click on the big Pink "Contribute now" button to the right of the screen. Indiegogo will ask you for your pledge, which reward you want, and how you want to sign up. Signing up is easy; you can even do it through Facebook. 


In order to have quality without excessive costs, we have managed to secure a Professional RED EPIC cinema camera, but the film requires more than just the camera - so therefore the funds we will be receiving will go towards transportation, production design, sound, location, catering, special effects, and make-up. We brought together a quality volunteer crew to achieve a professional production. The minimum budget to make 'Girls Night In' is set at 4.000 € and it goes as follows: 

Transportation & Accommadation: 500 €

Location: 600 €

Sound: 350 €

Equipment: 900 €

Production Design & Wardrobe: 400 €

Make-up: 250 €

Catering: 900 €

Storyboard: 100 €


Whatever extra we will make will go towards post-production, special effects, and distribution. 

Any contribution will help us move towards our goal, and what you will get will not only make you part of the project, but will also will guarantee one or several of our special perks.


Risks and challenges

To sum it up, Filmmaking is a crazy business, with a lot of unknown factors. We started with a script I'm really proud of. Then, we assembled the best team possible, got insurance, and made contingency plans. It's impossible to guarantee everything will come together exactly as planned, but in the end, we will have created a movie that hopefully all of us can be proud of. It's a great journey, and I thank you in advance if you can help make this ride possible.

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    Baby Perk

    Than you for your help. Your name will be in our news letter and you will get important updates about the project.

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    e-Thank you

    A thank you Email and a facebook 'thank you'. Your help is highly appreciated and you will be getting project updates

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    Say Hello to My Little Friend

    A thank you Email and a facebook 'thank you'. Your name in the closing credits of the film + Link the the film once finished.

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    It's Cheaper Than A Chainsaw!

    The previous perks and a link to download an HD copy of the final film once available to the public and on set photos + Link to the making of.

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    He-e-e-e-e-re's Johnny!

    Previous perks included as well as a signed DVD of the film and the 4 minute Making-Of video, which will capture the crew in action during the shoot.

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    It's Alive! It's Alive!

    All of the above perks with a full length Making Of and a signed copy of the script with director's notes.

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    Wait A Minute - Who Am I Here?

    Everything above and a link to the "undisclosed" animated version of the film before production with a chance to speak with the director and heads of departments with your feedback and thoughts before the shoot starts. You will also receive an invitation to come on set and visit for 2 hours ( Night shoot, Travel expenses not included ) Plus and invitation to the film's premiere and a special invite to our wrap party.

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  • €500EUR
    We All Go Mad Sometimes

    Same as above with a set guided tour by the film's producer, where you will get to meet and talk with the crew, actors, and the director. Also, you will be given an invitation for 2 for the premiere. ( Travel expenses not included ) and credited as an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER. You will also get to look at the rough cut and Final cut and give us your thoughts before it goes public. You will also be invited for drinks with The Director, The heads of departments and the main cast.

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  • €1,000EUR
    Welcome to Fright Night

    Our most exclusive Perk. All the above perks, Drinks with The director and the main cast, Spend a full day with me and the Editor during Post Production in Paris. We'll discuss what you liked and what you didn't like, You help shape the final cut of the film and get your name as CO-PRODUCER on the Credits as well as getting an incredible exposure all over the globe at international film festivals and prestigious screening theaters such as The French Cinematheque or Cercle Rouge in Paris

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  • €4,000EUR
    We Make Your Project

    You are a filmmaker, a writer, an advertiser, a Producer... and you are looking for a complete crew to deliver your film ? In this perk, our heads of departments, from Production Design, to Photography and Editing, all with of course a Director, will all work on your project to achieve your goal ( Fiction, Music clip, Corp film... ) with a maximum of 2 Days shoot, and flexible post production. *Equipment not included * Travel expenses and accommodation not included

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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